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  1. Love that dream, lol! Gay Gary!

    Because this is Ohio, my Dad keeps trying to scare me into voting Trump, my friends Clinton lol...

  2. I had a weird dream about him last night. In my dream he was gay and an interviewer asked him about his sexual orientation because, up until that point, it hadn't really been an issue. And Johnson said, "Make no mistake about it, I am very, very gay." And he rocketed in the polls and people were wearing t-shirt and had bumper stickers that said, "I'm 4 very gay Gary". And he ended up winning. LOL. I have no idea why I dreamed that. My husband is voting for him, btw. I guess I'll vote for Trump. We aren't in a toss up state so it's not all that important anyway.

  3. Either you're naive and idealistic or I'm pessimistic and cynical but I don't have that much faith in the general public in this regard. I think the human psyche tends to bow a knee to its emotional, gut instinct much more often than we assume. Although I'd like to agree with you on this point, I think one feel good shot at Hillary in an upcoming debate could seal the deal. Only 11% of people find her trustworthy. People enjoy seeing liars get taken down. If Trump can reign in his blowhard attacks and throw out a simple, succinct one-liner effectively wrapping up Hillary's lack of trustworthiness, that will be enough. Similar to a Reagan's "There you go again" vs. Carter in 1980.
  4. Good analysis. I agree.

  5. ^ I didn't understand it in the primaries, either. I think, this year, it's that people prefer the un-politician. In a way, Trump can come off as the semi-annoying, cocky class clown and Hillary as the schoolmarm. In the end, even if the class clown is obnoxious, the class secretly begins to root for him to take her down because...well, she's a schoolmarm and has a stick up her butt. And that's just fun. Objectively, I give the win to Hillary. But think about it. Did the nerd in middle school with the best policy win class prez? Nope. The dumb jock did because he offered better cafeteria pizza. I don't think adults are all that different as much as we claim to be. This election will come down to who is better liked...period.
  6. I can't tell who won and I don't think the pundits can, either. The only way we will really know is who, if anyone, gets a bounce in the polls this week. In the primaries, every time I thought Trump lost huge, the internet polls said he won by a landslide and, sure enough, the later scientific polls proved that to be the case. The problem is that these pundits, like myself, are high education/income. They don't rub elbows with the general public Joe. Only 25% of the general population has a college degree (which I find really hard to believe). These pundits don't make up the majority of voters. There is a whole swath of America out there that sees something different during the debates than wealthier, more educated people are seeing. The perspectives are totally different. In other words, the political class/elites are woefully out of touch with Main street. I was just as shocked that Trump took off with the GOP nomination. I wouldn't be shocked if he won the general despite how confident the media seems to be about Clinton's debate performance. Oddly enough, I had a weird dream last night that Gary Johnson was asked about his sexual orientation in an interview. In my dream he was gay. His response was, "Let me be clear about this, make no mistake, I am very, very gay." After that he rose in the polls and people were wearing t-shirts that said, "I'm 4 very gay Gary". And then he won the election.
  7. Johnson. So tired of that arguement, TBH.

    Beelzulbub and Astaroth are both princes of hell, and regardless of who you choose, you're still voting for a demon.

  8. Hey have you decided who is the lesser of two evils, yet?

  9. Mhm. The more I studied the less I could determine an answer. Finally I just gave up and live with "I dunno". It's too complicated for me to figure out. And I think there are some things God is fine with us not understanding. But I will ask for the correct answer when I get to heaven. Because I still want to know.

  10. Yeah, I'm glad they're both accepted too. I balk at Limited Atonement myself.

  11. In my household, I'm voting for Trump and my husband is voting for Johnson. It's not an issue between us at all although I suspect it might be if we lived in a toss up state.
  12. Wow. Good point.