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  1. Slowly wean yourself off it. Don't worry about how long it takes, as long as you're making progress.
  2. Some have trouble coming off it. I suspect it somehow interacts with GABA receptors as the name may indicate. I think it's mostly used to treat nerve pain but has a side effect of drowsiness and calm if taken in higher doses.
  3. ENFP
  4. ENTPs don't take what I say personally, they seem to naturally get my intent (which is rarely personal). This is refreshing as I don't have to walk on eggshells and make sure I present my thoughts in a "sensitive" manner. That's exhausting. There seems to be a natural give and take to the relational dynamic. ENTPs are typically willing to go along with any suggestion. They're usually easy-going. They are rational and reasonable types which makes interacting much easier on my end. ENTPs are one of my favorite types. I married one.
  5. Then you aren't accepting 100%. 99% "acceptance" isn't truly accepting.
  6. I agree with havest. Exercise stimulates the body, increases blood pressure and cortisol and respiratory rate. It's very similar to what happens in the body during a panic attack. So there is a reminder when you exercise and since you fear the panic attacks, it produces a "fear-adrenaline-fear" cycle. I'm a therapist and specialize in the treatment of anxiety disorders. The first step is to lose your fear of the bodily symptoms. You do this by facing them head on. When they start up, don't stop exercising, don't avoid it or run away or try to make it stop. Just allow all the symptoms to be there and accept that this is all a natural process that occurs while exercising. Don't fall into the trap of trying to do a different type of workout to make the panic attacks stop. Do any workout you want and allow the panic attack to come and "relax" into it. This is totally curable. I recommend reading Dr. Claire Weekes.
  7. ENTP/INTJ is good match. My husband is an ENTP. We both have vision and dream of possibilities, while he is still on that tangent, I start planning the execution and making contingencies. There is a lot to appreciate about this match, and the appreciation extends to one another, as well. Most INTJs are also hardworking if the vision fits. They will work hard at figuring out how to make it all come to fruition (for what good is a dream if it merely stays that way?). Good luck with your endeavor!
  8. Ni, Te and Fi are all very strong for me; however I am also in my 40s. I can appreciate how the Ni-Fi loop would cause a lot of angst for a teenager. Utilize your Te, get outside your head and away from analysis paralysis. Be with people and focus on your external surroundings. That tends to redirect the mind off self and away from the Ni-Fi loop.
  9. I completely agree with all that you wrote. Often times stress and anxiety disorders have a way of sneaking up on people because, when under high stress, like you said, the body produces more and more cortisol which can have a dampening effect on pain and other symptoms. Usually it is not until after a major stressor that people will feel the full on negative effects. I stress (no pun intended) the importance of self-care with my clients. People tend to brush off stress management, but pulling away from society's push toward more, better and faster is imperative. It's counter-cultural really and if one doesn't proactively design a life for herself in which she makes time for rest/relaxation on a daily basis, the culture's default will swoop her into a stress-laden life. Like you, I also live intentionally. My husband and I put our phones on do not disturb and in the bin when we come home and don't pick them up again until we are at work the next morning. We watch little TV and spend little time on our devices. We have no social media accounts. We meditate daily. We choose to spend time with healthy, positive people. This may all sound stupid, but it works, so I don't really care how different we have to be to feel well. The frantic, irritable, stressed-out status quo alternative isn't desirable.
  10. No, debate isn't always formal. I just really enjoy watching the pros. There really isn't an in between. When a debate crosses the line into ego/power/logical fallacies, I'm out. That's not enjoyable, in fact, it's something I try to avoid. There are a few posters here that have the ability to debate a point without devolving into insult, ridicule, mean-spiritedness...basically ego. They are the reason I come to the forum, to learn. I have no interest in the ego stuff, it's a time-waster.
  11. Searching for a needle in a haystack.
  12. Winner of most cogent response. Agreed. My brother (ISTJ) calls my aunt (ENTJ) the "dumbest smartest person" he's ever met. She has a little too much "N" for her own good sometimes. We get along swimmingly.
  13. I'm gonna say some type of ES-type, as well. It's definitely not my type for sure. I'm not and have never been a high fiver. *cringe*
  14. People with NPD and BPD or HPD often have intense attraction to one another. It's a volatile and unhealthy relationship dynamic with a lot of drama depending upon the stage of the relationship. I would avoid it.
  15. It depends on the person and the level of mania. I've seen some clients describe it as wonderful yet hate the crash that inevitably follows. Some clients have a lot of repercussions following their mania because they make a lot of really impulsive decisions they won't normally (sexually acting out, gambling, etc.). Some clients hate the mania state because they feel constantly energized or hyper-sexual in a way that is too stimulating and very uncomfortable. And some even reach a state of hallucinations in mania. It really varies from person to person. Some people with Bipolar disorder have very high highs and very low lows and vacillate between the two more rapidly than others.