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  1. I don't have a FB account so I used some writing from my diary. I got INTP and this... "People who use language of this kind tend to be the epitome of masculinity!" Apparently this excerpt was 91% masculine. This was pretty interesting. I'll have to do this a few more times with various writings.
  2. I had an SUV years ago when I lived near the mountains. Personally, I prefer sitting up high like that after getting used to it. I no longer have an SUV since I live in a relatively flat area. My brother has a Range Rover that he needs for traveling back and forth from his home in San Francisco to his home in Tahoe. He needs the 4WD for the mountains. SUVs have their place in certain terrain but I hear you on the dope who buys it when it's not practical. It's like the guy who walks into a party wearing too much cologne. Unnecessary.
  3. Alcohol always me feel tired and ill so I stopped drinking. It just doesn't do anything for me. It never seemed to make me more outgoing or social or have much effect on my personality.
  4. Cognitive ProcessLevel of Development (Preference, Skill and Frequency of Use) extraverted Sensing (Se) ************** (14.4) unused introverted Sensing (Si) ****************************** (30.4) good use extraverted Intuiting (Ne) ************************ (24.5) average use introverted Intuiting (Ni) ************************************************* (49.8) excellent use extraverted Thinking (Te) *************************************** (39.9) excellent use introverted Thinking (Ti) **************** (16.2) limited use extraverted Feeling (Fe) ************** (14.3) unused introverted Feeling (Fi) ************************************************* (49.7) excellent use Summary Analysis of Profile By focusing on the strongest configuration of cognitive processes, your pattern of responses most closely matches individuals of this type: INTJ If these cognitive processes don't fit well then consider these types: ENTJ, or INFP
  5. You have a INTP "feel" about you. You're more playful and relaxed and less driven and serious than an INTJ (although we tend to be more relaxed internally, but that doesn't usually translate to others). Plus, there is the factor of mental/emotional health. A healthy INTP can overcome some of their weaknesses (difficulty with time management/organization) by sheer effort and determination. It's possible that with your abundance of organizing for your job, you're simply overcompensating for this weakness. But this wouldn't necessarily make sense with such a high Te score. Or, you could be an INTJ who has matured to a point where you're more balanced and relaxed. Your playfulness, I might attribute to Fe; however, you have a low Fe score. I think either INTj or INTp could be your type depending on other factors like age, cultural background, mental health, etc.
  6. I like ESTPs for the most part. I have trouble with Fe doms, which would include ESFJs. A little Fe is fine, but in abundance it's overkill. I don't dislike sensors, we just don't have much to talk about. My brother is ISFJ and his wife is ESFP. They are nice people, but, eh, they're always doing some kind of physical activity. I'm not into sports so we just don't connect on that level. So it's not dislike, more like disinterest.
  7. So this leads more to J than P. My husband is an INTP and he says he keeps his schedule in his mind trap. He has never used any form of calendar. I don't know how he does it. The bitch face is an INTJ thing. This is my default face. INTPs tend to have a default blank expression face...neutral. ...... added to this post 6 minutes later: I don't think so. The need for closure is more INTJ. INTPs tend to not be bothered, let alone pissed, about topics veering off course as long as they're intellectually stimulating. INTJs are more intense about solving problems, INTPs seems to enjoy playing around the ideas. Now an INTP will get pissed if even one iota of the idea isn't logical. They get insane about logical consistency in every square inch of a debate point. I see why you're confused about your type. You have a lot of Ti and Te making you a strong T overall. But you have more Fi than Fe and more Ni than Ne making INTJ a better fit, yet you're a clear Ti dom. Confusing. I'd read profiles of both INTJ and INTP and see which one resonates with you more.
  8. That's it. It's almost as if SWJs have nothing else to do with their time than seek out opportunities to be offended. There is a certain element of gleeful, indignant self-righteousness that gives them purpose and identity. It is too far beyond the pale to entertain the idea that they can be worthy simply because they exist. That isn't enough. They must prove with their identity politics that, not only are they worthy, they are somehow more worthy and deserving due to having a minority status. They demand certain rights regardless of whether or not it infringes others' rights. Then they take it a step further by insisting everyone else must adhere to their special unique minority status...or else. The irony of these "tolerant" folks position is that there is no real live and let live ethos at all. They are tolerant AS LONG AS everyone holds to their position, intolerant of people who don't.
  9. Every INTP I have known doesn't use a calendar. Now that's anecdotal evidence, there may be INTPs that do. My experience has been that even if you buy them one it will end up unused somewhere. Having said that, now that I see your functions results, I see why you're confused. You're definitely an INT of some sort. With Ti at 97%, that leans heavily in favor of INTP; however, you have strong Te, as well. I haven't read through all your posts in this thread, but you seem to have an INTP vibe over an INTJ vibe although your extroverted feeling score is rather low and Fi is higher, which leans towards INTJ. If others were to look at your face at random moments, would they see a scowl or a blank stare?
  10. Do you use any type of calendar?
  11. I gotta give you credit. Calling it a red herring is a pretty supreme euphemism. I call it racism. And she's answering the OP's question in the affirmative indirectly.
  12. Actually, you start the exposure by thinking, visualizing and talking about the fear first.
  13. Phobias are learned fears, so the good news is, you can overcome them. Fear exposure is part of the recovery.
  14. I was a night owl from birth to my mid-30s. Then it gradually started changing. I think it's because melatonin starts to decrease as we age. Regardless, I enjoy being up with the sun now and asleep when it's dark. Never, ever thought I'd be one of those people up at 7 am on a Saturday morning walking the dog. So, yes, it is possible to reverse the habit.
  15. There is an objective definition of racism, which is what I'm using. There is no need to distort it. It only complicates the issue.