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  1. What was the former med and what is the current?
  2. This short quiz may help: http://www.celebritytypes.com/test/infj-or-intj.php From the information given, it's hard to say. Sounds like you have a lot of Fi which could cause the T/F dimension to lean F; however, INFJs have auxiliary Fe. I'd study the difference between Fi and Fe and decide which you utilize most. If it's Fi, you're more likely an INTJ, if it's Fe, INFJ.
  3. Yes, and I realize your response on that other thread was to an INTP having difficulty with an ESTJ; however, I have a very strong work ethic. When I am at the office I am focused intently on working and little else, so I don't think this applies to this particular situation between me and the ESFJ. And I would disagree that IN types don't understand business. I'm actually considering starting my own private practice in the next few years. If anything, TJ types have a lot of strengths for the business world. ...... added to this post 8 minutes later: Yes! It's the same dynamic. The problem is that I can't just simply walk away from the guy, block him and forget about it. This is ongoing daily. That's where I'm stuck. Yesterday I took a different approach. I decided to try to reframe this. Since I don't truly know her motives, I figured I would just assume the positive and that she's just wanting to be helpful and draw me out (certain people want to draw me out, think I need cheering up or think I'm shy and want to help me socialize-- a total misread). This reframe helped a bit. I'll keep at it and see where it goes.
  4. You are cracking me up. I can't figure out exactly who is who in the above scenario (my ESFJ co-worker, AOA (ENFJ), the sociopath or where I exactly fit in...but I appreciate the overall sentiment. There is something wrong to caving to this type of behavior so prominent in Fe dom types. I'm beginning to understand that they are mostly coming from a sincere place of "just wanting to help", but as a very independent person, I don't need help unless I ask. In other words, it will be obvious when I need assistance because I will directly communicate that need. Otherwise, I would really appreciate being left alone to focus on my job.
  5. Actually I didn't know she wanted to be my friend. This doesn't compute with me. Why would I make the assumption that someone works in the same office as me wants to be my friend? INTJs don't do this. Work is work. I'm going to be cooperative and friendly, but I'm not going there to make friends. If setting a boundary by "rejecting her advances" is going to hurt her feelings which then, in turn, will cause her to react passive-aggressively, that's pretty frustrating on my end. Setting a boundary and deciding I don't want to accept her advances isn't the problem on my end, the problem is her boundary violations and passive-aggressive behavior. To be fair, she has only committed the first, the latter is a real potential, though, from the feedback I've received on this thread and my intuition. This INTJ isn't passive-aggressive. I don't think it's a particularly INTJ trait. Exploding on her one day is simply aggressive. I won't end up doing that because I'm going to solve this before it gets to that point...which is kind of why I'm somewhat obsessed with this quandary at the moment. I appreciate your feedback. ...... added to this post 5 minutes later: All of the above is what I'm concerned about, too. I don't think this ESFJ is that unhealthy. But what if you hadn't gone to another program? You'd be stuck with her obnoxious behaviors and it would've stressed you out long term. I really don't need that. You're fortunate things ended up working out like that. She seems like someone I'd steer clear of altogether. I might think of being vengeful and cutting roses off the stems for about 10 minutes but actually following through with it crosses the line of craziness.
  6. I shop mostly at Whole Foods because they have the best selection (organic produce, gluten-free, natural cleaning products/soaps, etc.) for one-stop shopping convenience. There are a few items they don't sell so I'll usually buy those from other stores online and just have them shipped to the house. I'm not going to go grocery shopping more than once a week. I hate shopping!
  7. I read your response to that thread and highlighted this: "When you attract a suspicious amount of ES attention, it means that you're excessively wistful, ES types observe this as a threat, causing them to react." Will you, please, elaborate on this? ...... added to this post 3 minutes later: The problem I run into with some ESFJ's is the part in bold. I have a feeling that if I tell her firmly but gently (which I don't mind doing), I am concerned she will retaliate with passive-aggressive behavior for a long time. I could be wrong, but it's not a risk I'm yet willing to take because things could go from bad to worse. ...... added to this post 10 minutes later: See, this is kind of where I'm coming from, too. I feel as if to play any game is somehow enabling bad behavior. People who cross others' boundaries shouldn't benefit from doing so...in only causes them to think it's an appropriate and fruitful endeavor and the behavior will persist. I wonder how many people are annoyed by this type of behavior yet since it's couched in a "helpful" way with a cheerful tone and a smile they second-guess themselves. I'm going to figure this out eventually.
  8. Go for it! People thrive when they listen to their inner voice and live their lives with intention. I hope you will pursue what it is that utilizes your gift set to the maximum, regardless of whatever your country or culture attempts to push on you.
  9. Well...thank you? I don't think INTJ psychologists would be very well represented on this forum. This arena leans heavily college age and INTJs particularly struggling with social skills. I suppose the better question to ask the OP is in terms of his/her own level of maturity/social skills. While I'm not particularly adept with those skills, I can get by at least enough to do my job well. Like I was explaining to SM, I make up for weaker social skills by relying heavily on my strengths (in particular Ni, Te, Fi, in no particular order) to help me figure out how to solve my client's problems. If you're looking for a warm and fuzzy psychologist who will make you feel better after a good cry without helping you out of the struggle, I wouldn't recommend an INTJ therapist. But for many, we are a good fit because we use our intuition and analytical skills to fix the problem, for good. Below: NOT an INTJ therapist.
  10. I'm really not. My former practice had four therapists (including me), two were INTJ. So I was curious and then found this from Discover Your Personality: So who shows up most frequently as psychologists? If you guessed ENFP, you win! In second place were the INFPs, while third place was filled by ENTJs. In last place were the ESTPs, while the next two places went to ISFP/ESFPs and ISTPs. Here's how all the types came out: ENFP: 18.4% INFP: 14.7% ENTJ: 11.7% INTJ: 10.7% INTP: 8.5% ENFJ: 8.2% INFJ: 7% ENTP: 6% ISTJ: 3% ESTJ: 2.7% ISFJ: 2.5% ESFJ: 2.2% ISTP: 1.5% ISFP: 1.2% ESFP: 1.2% ESTP: 0.5% What jumps out looking at these numbers? First, the group is 85% Intuitives, which is quite a change from their usual low numbers in society. It's interesting that the split between Extraverts and Introverts is about even 51:49%. The Judger - Perceiver split is close to even: 48:52%. It's also not surprising that the group has more Feelers (55%). Intuitive Feelers made up the largest group (48%), while Sensor Feelers were the smallest (7.2%) on those scales (Intuitive Thinkers were 37%; Sensor Thinkers 7.7%). Likewise Intuitive Perceivers were the largest group (47.5%) while Sensor Perceivers were the smallest (4.5%) on those dimensions (Intuitive Judgers 37.6% and Sensor Judgers 10.4%). Dominant Intuitives came out as 42% of the group, while Dominant Sensors came out the lowest at 7.2%. Dominant Thinkers were 24.4% and Dominant Feelers were 26.4%.
  11. It's not relying on the INTJs natural weaknesses. Psychologists who happen to be INTJs get to use their strengths of Ni+Te when trying to solve people's problems. The intuition is vital for seeing the subtle patterns and extroverted thinking helps develop treatment plans/goals. Almost all jobs require people skills so it helps the INTJ to hone in on his/her personal reasons for choosing a specific career.
  12. As a therapist, I don't see my job as primarily dealing with people as much as solving problems. I've known a few INTJ psychologists/psychiatrists and they were pretty skilled with their clients/patients. OP: What are your reasons for wanting to switch?
  13. We don't want kids but our marriage is fine. I work just two hours a day so I have the house to myself while he's at work which is awesome! Sometimes I ask him to sleep in another bedroom not due to any argument, just because I miss sleeping alone and getting ready in the morning by myself. You definitely have to marry the right kind of person...someone who is very independent and won't take things personally. I wouldn't do well with someone who wanted to be with me all the time. I'd get grumpy, too.
  14. Benadryl is just an over-the-counter anti-histamine. It's safe; however, I'm not sure if it's safe to take with the other med/supplements. I wasn't thinking long-term, just once to see if you noticed anything different. It will make you drowsy, though.
  15. SM: I get what you're saying. I just realized I shouldn't have typed "coworker". We are all independent contractors. In this sense, there really is no team-playing at the office. We don't need to collaborate, etc. We all just simply share the same office building and have our own personal offices. Maybe that will help clarify the situation more. I would actually like to talk to another therapist to see if it's just me, but I don't want to talk behind anyone's back. Re: the situation with the ESFJ and the other therapist who is overweight: I know she wasn't making fun of her intentionally. I know the ESFJ well enough to know she was, in fact, trying to help her. But in her desire to help, she crossed a boundary since it wasn't solicited and this other woman is a functioning adult. Also, the two people I speak with most in my life, my husband (ENTP) and mother (ENTJ) are quite easy to get along with. We don't seem to have this back and forth, give and take you describe as common with Fe. It feels totally inauthentic and creepy to me. We speak directly with one another, ask for what we want or need and vice versa and grant the request if asked. It's a language I understand and am comfortable with...unlike this ESFJ mode. This is very foreign to me. Having to compliment someone just to keep them off my back seems bizarre.