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  1. A bit, but both the boys were a bit behind from public school. So we are going to a little bit of math and reading a couple days a week. Nothing too involved.

  2. Lovely thanks! The kids have four more days of school, they are super excited for their summer break. I am too ;)

    That's awesome about the home schooling, are you doing a longish break too?

  3. We are, thank you :-)

    Finishing up our first year of "all in" homeschooling..so..a LITTLE crazy here but still good :-) How are you guys?

  4. Hi!! :hug: Hope you and your little ones are well ;D

  5. Trying to learn Russian right now.
  6. ((hugs)) thanks :-) Life got a wee bit hectic and such. Summer time is almost here and I will get a little less chaotic. Looking forward to packing the kids and a book,reading whilst the kiddos tire themselves out ;-)

  7. *hugs* No worries; just glad to hear from you. ;)

  8. Hey there :-)

  9. well.... I guess I've been gone for a while, judging by the date you wrote this... sorry.

  10. HEY!!!!

    *hugs*..I'm doing okay; took a short vacay and recovering from the travel bug, but overall, pretty good.

    Hows you?

  11. Could be better ;D


    I hope you are doing well toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  12. Hey friend, just popped in to say hi, I checked out chat for ya....but mostly I've been MIA...sorry :-( I hope all is well for you guys :-)

  13. I get this one from my hubby when I try to politics or personality types with him...
  14. Thanks.... I get it...someday...I hope.

  15. I restored your post and changed the url tags to image tags.