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  1. We disagree on all P and J then. I don't see Rick as ENTP. Zero people skill, don't engage people, and he get so much done. You got X problem, this will fix it. Now stop bothering me. J for Morty and Jerry? How
  2. I randomly watched one episode of Rick and Morty yesterday, and ended up watching the whole series. The show is fun in a twisted way. Anyone who watched it want to type the character? Rick - INTJ Crazy alcoholic narcissistic genius scientist. Create gadgets to fix problems right away. Have zero respect for society. Morty - ISFP Good nature, shy. Cannot plan or think logically. Do not get things done. Have problem saying no. Jerry - XSFP Insecure. Live in the present. Stupid and refuse to admit mistakes. Can't think logically. Beth - EXTJ Logical, aggressive, self assured. Summer - EXFJ Want to be liked above all things else. Meeseeks - ESXJ Look at me, I'm Mr. Meeseeks. I am here to solve your problem. Existence is torture for a Meseecks.
  3. What type is your friend? Some inferior functions are worse than others. I have not look into other types, but for INTJ under Se grip, substance abuse is not uncommon. I was reading a book about heroin addicts in scientology rehab. They ask the patients to do something physical, repetitively, for hours at times. That sounds to me like they are trying to make another unhealthy Se activity take over, something healthier than heroin. Auxiliary function is a supporting function because it doesn't work alone. Actually, I don't think any function can work alone. In very weak state, people try to hide from tertiary function by exercising inferior function (poorly). In a less weak state, still not quite healthy, there is the dominant-tertiary loops.
  4. its the same with me

  5. INTJ: Ni Te Fi Se ISFJ: Si Fe Ti Ne ENTP: Ne Ti Fe Si ISFJ and ENTP's order is reverse. I find the order of functions has to do with how we get along initially. INTJ and ENTP are great together, but they don't share a single functions. However, when they go through a problem, they go through exact order of reasoning, at completely different angles. ISFJ, on the other hand, will remind forever perplexing to me.
  6. Some nutrients enhance the absorption of others, some inhibit them. People did an in-depth research, with good enough science backing, about these kind of things, Optimal Micronutrient Ratios. Sintax actually has a diy recipe that is more balance than the official soylent. Commonly, people think Calcium block the absorption of iron. That is true in large dose, like a day's worth of vitamin in a pill. In small dose, like in a regular meal, the blockage is minimal. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1600930
  7. ESFP doesn't represent our shadow functions. We actually shared the exact same functions in reverse order. INTJ: Ni Te Fi Se, and ESFP: Se Fi Te Ni. We get along ok. ISFJ, on the other hand, has all our shadow functions (along with INTP, ENTP, and ESFJ), and in reverse order too. There are very little topics about them here.
  8. I find that along with the thinking "children are your world and your everything" disturbing. It's as if you are nothing. So many people think their children will change the world, but if you are not active trying to change the world now, what are the chance your children can change the world. I guess what I am trying to say is, having children will not increase or decrease your value to yourself or to the world. If you are nothing without children, having children will not make you something. Why would that impose guilt? What impose guilt is that you are not suppose to feel anything negative about your children, or else you are a horrible monster. How many people say they don't like their children, vs, how many people neglect their children. You don't have a child just in case something good is coming out of it.
  9. Be nice until they give you a reason not to be nice to them anymore. If they start treating you like a doormat, it's time to stop being nice.
  10. Piggyback question, if the right person comes along, would you marry again? For simplicity, remove children from any decision making. From the title, I thought this was being ask. It's not, but I am still curious about the answer.
  11. Op is entp. ENFP are sterotypically flaky, and INTJ sterotypically hate flaky people. Somehow, INTJ often paired with ENFP. I don't want to assume that you react to things like a typical INTJ would. Do you really have problem with flaky people? You don't necessary do. To my limited ENTP encounters, ENTP tend to be procrastinator too. Maybe you are having problems with rejection. You are inviting her to join you. She, for whatever reason, reject the invitation. INTJ tend to be ok with rejection, but hate flaky people because they are wasting our time. In a same situation, INTJ and ENTP can react very differently, or they are react the same for very different reason. I see many answers that I find perfectly reasonable, but probably don't apply to you too well, but you are asking a bunch of INTJ.
  12. Even if you get by your sister, it's time to begin thinking about other options. I don't know how old you are, but let start by finding a job, even if just a part time. You don't want to be completely depend on someone who will cut you off at any moment. Find some friends that you can temporarily stay with, just as a backup plan if worse come to worst. Deny all accusations. Your sister cannot prove anything, and your parents will have to be bat shit crazy to believe her without hard evidents. Don't over think it. Your sister is not capable of making your life a living hell. You, on the other hand, has that ability.
  13. I think the question is more of, would you risk being alienated by others to befriend another awesome INTJ/person. Befriending this person does not require you to alienate others at all. My answer, of course. I did. Among my coworkers, only one person I would call real friend, and she's an ENTJ (the female variety is very rare). She's intelligent, outspoken, logical, and strong. She was also bullied to a horrible degree by the middle-aged women in the company. The way they bullied her was insane, absolutely insane. Taking her stuff. Spreading crazy rumors about her to everyone, boss, coworkers, clients who don't even know her. Blaming her for all the mistakes. Saying her husband will leave her. Cursing her to have a miscarriage. Saying her baby would be retarded. I don't know where their hatred come from, except maybe jealousy, but it was just crazy. I was in good term with all the coworkers, still sort of am. When I befriended her, people start telling me to stay away from her, even half threatening. They start alienating me, and complain me to my boss, making up things as they go. They stop alienating me after a while, but every conversation is like a trap. They still lie about this ENTJ to everyone. If they are not so obviously evil, I may have dilemma choosing. Over the years that I know this ENTJ, she's proven to be a good friend.
  14. Seems like a well rounded plan. The only issue that I can think of is, can you keep it with it, for years. Blind faith is a powerful motive. She can probably continue this until she dies. Also, going to a religious building every week seems like a torture for the children. If your children are feelers, the relationships they formed from going to a fixed place every other week will be enough to turn them religious, which is good thing in some sense. One thing that really grind my gears, even from a good intention Christian friend, is the saying like, "it's the god's will", "I will pray for you", "everything happens for a reason", "god will not give challenge to you that you can't handle". They will subtly try to convert you, especially when you are vulnerable because they think it's the right thing. This bother me a great deal, but may not for you. Then, of course, there are dick heads, like every religion and everywhere. As long as the both person is open minded, I think it can work out. If one party try to change the other, then I see problem.