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  1. What are you up to these days? Haven't seen you around in forever.

  2. Understandable. I just got out of some technical training myself. We'll have to tag up at some point and shoot the breeze.

    How are you liking it thus far?

  3. Thanks, you are very kind. I just enhanced the one you posted to me. Nice work.

    Stay cool.

  4. I'm here, already getting hot and heavy in training. Looks like I'll be fairly busy until March. No sweat though.

  5. Greetings High Speed. Have you made it to town or still in a holding pattern?

  6. Yeah, it is definitely something to be aware of. Have a plan!

  7. Wendler's 5/3/1 is a great program! It is the basis for what I do, my program is obviously tweaked to my requirements but percentage lifting is the foundation
  8. Well first of all I train for a particular purpose. Secondly, I can easily do a "deep one legged squat" which in the weightlifting world is called a Pistol Squat. Regarding the one arm pull up, I am not sure if I can do I one, I haven't tried in awhile. But, I can recognize the value of being able to do either. I personally train weighted pull ups quite frequently, and I can do a set of 3 with 88lbs 2 seconds up 2 seconds strict. I wonder what motivated you to make such an odd statement? The deadlift is arguably the best full body exercise when it comes to your body's physiological reaction as well as overall muscle activation. And a one arm handstand push up with a weight pack? HA Man, I'd have to run that by my strength coach. Sounds really dangerous.
  9. *Too haha. Thanks Jane. HA! Indeed. Why thank you!

  10. Zeds Dead You & I