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  1. Engage her mind, engage her mind. We INTJ women think smart is sexy. Don't expect us to flirt, or be girly, or to cling. Lighten her up, make her laugh. When she makes up her mind to connect with you, you'll get quiet but spectacular fireworks. Persist, but gently, and with no playing games.
  2. Product management/marketing in a tech-driven industry like financial services, consumer banking, media, etc. A company big enough where you could round out your skills, find new opportunities, and learn from a workforce that spans multiple demographics.
  3. I just got back together with someone after 37 years.....guess that love didn't go away!
  4. Yes. Kept it secret for a couple of years, then I found a new job. Was time to do that anyway. Stayed together for 30 years ( until he died last year). He was a keeper!
  5. All the time. I don't talk about personal life at work, and don't share info about my partner. It's actually easier that people assume I am gay. They are less likely to ask personal questions.
  6. 17, and did it just to get it over with......guy was surprised that I was a virgin and more surprised at my clinical approach. Classic INTJ approach! And didn't even know I was one, or what it meant!
  7. 58, no kids, no regrets. Like kids, just didn't feel compelled to have my own. I like being a PANK. Professional Auntie, No Kids.
  8. Now there's something worth believing in.

  9. An intuitive sense upon meeting, that this person would be very important to me. Love came later. Happened twice. Intuition at first sight.
  10. Opaque Unreadable Neutral
  11. Hire good people.
  12. Your Expectations seem awfully high to me. I rarely respond to texts during the work day. Don't have the time and don't want to set an expectation that I would reply that quickly. No one I know would expect me to, for that matter. The same way people know not to call me after 9:30 or so, they know not to expect quick texts.
  13. I am the fourth of six children, four girls and two boys. Five oldest born within 10 years; the youngest 11 years younger than the second youngest (lie an only child). Love them all, closer to one brother (3 years younger) and one sister (13 months older). In times of crisis it is to my siblings I turn. We are all quite different but the bond is very strong, even though we are geographically distant. Our parents raised us right. I feel very lucky to have this family.
  14. I match your criteria. Childless by choice. Love kids, come from stable background. Just didn't feel the need to have my own. Successful career, successful relationship with a man who had children from a prior marriage and did not feel the need for more. I have several female friends with similar stories. One who upset her family in a major way by getting a tubal ligation at age 28. Not sure exactly what you want to know? I've lived in suburbs and big cities. Always had jobs where I could travel on demand.
  15. Hated the idea of a label so much I've been in a happy unmarried state with the same guy for 30 years. Commitment is there, but I hate the idea of being labeled a married woman and defining that way. Separate homes, but together usually four nights a week. No logic, I admit......