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  1. Hmm, my question is if you are vorn Wirth Tour personality(genetical Disposition, Hormons During pregnancy). Art least my und er standing for the introversion/ extroversion is that this is based on the physical design of the brain. Therefore your question based in beliefs sounds similar Tod the question: is the combination of beeing small, blond, male With a big nose influenced by an abusive mom. So legt US first restate the question: does anybody know ab out scientific data how personality is created? Genetically, pre birth, socialisation? Might also be a combination given we speak ab out 4 dimensions.
  2. Acts of Service, the only behaviour I have shown so far. Physical Touch, I never did that, but if a I ever have a relationship that goes that far, sex/physical touch would be next on the list Words of Affirmation - As an intj honesty is key of my personality. Though that could include saying positive things about a partner it would be considered "stating the obvious" rather than complimenting. Quality Time, the Introvert part in me prevents that. I consider being alone quality time. Gifts, I am anti materialistic. So I do not do material gifts. My gifts are acts of service. The only material gifts I would consider okay are foo, shelter, medecine and basic dress if the benefiter does not own any.
  3. In my opinion it does. For me and I am explicitly saying for me as I do not know how other men would feel about this, the emotional hurt that would cause would be extreme. I do not want to hurt the feelings of any raped women, but I meditated about the topic. And based on my understanding of female feelings and my understanding of my(maybe manly) feelings. What rape is for a woman in terms of psychological harm, being cheated on my genetical fatherhood seems equivalent. But that is just my core feeling about it. I also could imagine there is some reasoning behind this. Being raped for a woman means, she can not pick the genes she wants to combine hers with and spend all her energy for. That translates into spending effort in genes that do not seem to be the optimum in terms of survival of her own genes. For a man raising a kid that is not his own(unknowingly) compares as he is thereby forced to spend his effort in genes that do not at all support the survival of his genes. I do not know if my observation and feelings are correct. But they definetly apply to me.
  4. There are two standards and my explanation for it is as follows. You all heard those explanations about men and women right? In terms of evolution it is benefitial for men and their offspring if they quickly agree to have sex without a relationship= spreading their genes broadly without taking care of their offspring. So assuming this is a correct observation and it indeed is a + in terms of survival of the fittest, the assumption would be that something in the well developed man is just wired like that. Ergo it is normal. For women, because there can at max be one baby in 9 month(not talking of exceptions like twins) it is benefitial in terms of survival of the fittest that as many kids as being born will survive. So quality is they female goal. Again the assumption would be that a well developed women will be wired up like this. Now we live in a society where we can have sex as much as we want without having offspring. So in theory women can have quantity of sex without reduced quality in offspring. But evolution is not that quick. Based on that my conclusion is that the differences made do have a reason behind it. For men it is a sign of a normal developed man to change partners frequently, for women it is a sign of not being developed normally. Therefore the positive/negative attribution. Unfortunately the universe is not designed to please us. The biggest lesson to learn is that live is great even if not perfectly designed for us;-)
  5. Question, why is it desireable to Fall asleep in first place? And drugs are not a solution but an indicator for a Problem.
  6. I think There is no harm done by discriminating people(in its original meaning, in the sense of detecting and naming differences). I think the Problem is when it is abused by making generalizations that are not true. And even worse if people See difference AS a reason To dislike/alienate and so on. Difference makes US Richter and i do not fear naming difference.
  7. OMG, what speaks here is not the INTJ but some frustrated person hiding behind pseudo logic. Sorry for judging with as little information as provided, but hell it's obvious there is nothing wrong with the world but with your perception.
  8. True words spoken. I would like to rephrase it and express in an exxagerrated form what I think about it. Think of a car race. The laboratory: If you want to have the perfect lap, thinking a lot and planning ahead every single corner will bring success. How much fuel do I need? What is the perfect line to drive, at wich speed, where to break, can an assistent help me to optimize the way I drive? The playing field: You are facing a new secret track, no time to prepare... Now what counts? thinking or skill and experience, the living in the moment and just do what the immediate situation demands? The art is in identifying what race you are driving. And for us INTJs to accept that there is the playing field type of race and conciously decide it is good and correct to play it that way.
  9. Absolutely yes. She is a dream. In the beginning I thought she would be the perfect match for Sheldon. I do not know why, but somehow I was always a fan of extreme opposites falling a love...
  10. Attractive in terms of being lucky with the other gender? No. But I like the way I look and especially how reliable my body functions. And though I thinnk I am not attractive, I think I am good looking.
  11. I disagree with that statement. IQ is what helps you to react to a new environment. Well this is exactly what helps you through the day in a fast paced world where knowledge doubles every 5-10 years? Anyhow the difference between a high school graduate and a professor in university is not intelligence either(at least intelligence is not a predictor). The only thing that can predict how likely you are going to be successful in life is willpower. Measured in little kids it gives pretty accurate predictions. You might want to read the boll Willpower if you are interested. It is worth a read.
  12. There are multiple reasons for that. And yes, its really a brain thing, not a feeling thing. - firstly I would not like the mother to be older than 30 when having her last kid for the negative effects of age to the kids health. (same would be true for the man, but I cannot change my age:-() - I think it is a natural aid to keep a relationship stable to have kids not instantly but early in a relationship. I cannot prove it, though I think it matches my observation. And I would also have a good reasoning. In terms of evolutionary intelligence, it would make sense to quit a relationship that does not create offspring in a reasonable time. Man and Woman does not want to waste the worthy time in a spouse that is not able to generate kids. For nature all that really counts is offspring. So a mind that evolved a protection mechanism towards kidless relationships would be more likely to create offspring and therefore be dominant. - I also think younger parents grow better offspring in terms of psychological health If my partner could not have kids, that would be a reason for me to change the relationship from a romantic one to a platonic one and search for a new partner. A relationship without kids does not seem worthwhile to me. I personaly am not a fan of desire driven relationships but a combination of reason and desire. May there be desire in the beginning, but then make a concious decision to stick together for the rest of your lifes to provide a stable environment for your offspring and your own wealth. I would not mind my partner to have other sexual partners over time, as long as this does not mean a split up and as long as while having sex with other partners I do not have sex with her. Before having sex with her again I would insist in a health check towards HIV and co. Intimancy of mind and body are two pairs of shoes for me.
  13. High Gap, too high for me? No I do not think so, but from my perspective I usually see more of a problem of a to low being a problem. So it might be more of a problem from the highly educated woman. Intimidated? No Should have lower education? Not per se, but by my experience high education causes women to talk about things like a man. And that is not sexy to me. ---------- Post added 02-20-2013 at 01:26 PM ---------- I do not mind as long as it does not affect family planning. For me it is essential for a relationship to have kids within the first 5 years of knowing each other. If the womans carreer does not allow that(postponing kids for later) that would be a no go for a relationship. Then I would declare it an affair.
  14. Hapiness is relative. If you study how happy poor people are and compare it to richer people you will detect the level of hapiness stays the same. Money can buy you material goods that support you in staying healthy(shelter,food, medicine...) and you can buy services(partying, fun sports etc.). category one does not really influence your level of hapiness but your level of health. If you are interested read about the topic, a lot of information is out there. Especially interesting, if you lose a leg for example you will be sad for a while, but after a while you are just as happy as if you still had your leg. This is a psychological mechanism that works in every human. It helps us to stay alive under the worst cicumstances increasing the chance to reproduce. The second category is short term happiness, it will not last long. But you have to work hard for it to earn the money. Imagine you would invest that time to build valuable relationships. I challenge everyone in saying this would lead to more and long lasting happiness.. Based on the information I gatheres there is only one thing you can buy that provides long term hapiness. And that is a beauty surgery. Sounds weird but makes sense. Firstly when you see yourself in the mirror you will be happy about what you see. But the other effect is that the reactions of random strangers will be better. They will be more friendly, flirty and helpful. And that is what causes the long term happiness effect. In a sentence, you can buy short term hapiness but it is only hot air. Based on my observation most people with a healthy psyche figure out this is a ying and yang thing. Having no money has an impact, having to much money has an impact. You are best of being somewhere in the middle. By my experience on the lower end of the middle is best.
  15. Wow, I made the same observation as well. But I actually thought that a bit further... All other animals I know of, the more attracive sex is the one showing the more active courtship behaviour(displaying beauty, singing, dancing, fighting and so forth). So why is it that it seems to be the other way around in us human? I wonder if this is natural or some kind of cultural invention that actually works against our nature.