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  1. - Best quote on this subject 2 - Could be worse
  2. I know 3 women that I consider as ENFPs, one is almost for sure, second is most likely and the third one is probably. The first one is my best friend and shes awesome and it seems like we can become more than friends. The second one is the first woman that made me dance with her and the first one to make me consider her as a good, close friend just in 1 day after meeting her. The few quick conversations that I have made with the third one has made just as good impression, she always makes a big smile when she sees me though she seems a little bit more introverted. So yeah, ENFP is what Im looking for
  3. Sounds like a Nice Guy Syndrome to me
  4. I think this video could help you: I find it very accurate and I think most of INTJs somehow follow this, male or female. First thing you need is to get her attention, if she will recognize that you are interesting/attractive she will start collecting informations about you, you can recognize that stage by seeing her observing you and paying attention to whatever you say about yourself but before this happen she must find you attractive/interesting and you cant help much for her to do so. INTJs value intelligence, personality test was probably a very good start. If you want to date her at your place I would say something like this: "I heard that INTJ females are very rare, I would love to meet one...". Surprise her with something about her type, if shes interested she probably has studied your type already.
  5. 5. Interpersonal Intelligence (People Smart”)
  6. Remember that he finds it difficult that you have a "full life". INTJs prefer calm and quiet life. As more I read ENFP stories as more I think my best female friend is one, she surely is ExFx. I can tell you that there is something that just makes us looks like a couple in eyes of our friends even if we are not (yet). I really like her but her life is such a mess, full of unnecessary people, unstable relationships etc. If she will make the effort to make some space for me I will be more than happy to take it, if you want him you must do the same and remember of his needs
  7. Yeah I used to do this often
  8. High extrovert - the only type I can have a sparkling conversations with, introverts are impossible, even those communicative usualy limit themselfs to answering my questions and almost never try to make the conversation going. Quite a few times I tried to approach introverted girls but it never works
  9. More like this: http://livingthefreeexistence.wordpress.com/tag/nice-guy-syndrome/ But since you are female it doesnt apply No it doesnt, Nice Guy is a men with no boundaries, I know one who paint nails for his female friends. Also here is something about it: http://www.attractioninstitute.com/recovering-from-being-a-nice-guy/ but it says the site is down at the moment
  10. What you described here is called Nice Guy Syndrome, same as me firstly you mistaked it with being INTJ but as for me both things are related, many Nice Guys are also INTJs
  11. Go and find out
  12. You are thinking way too much about her already and probably putting her on a pedestal. I have no idea about your age and experience but I think you should check out some of those videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/kezia2929 http://www.youtube.com/user/PUATrainingmedia http://www.youtube.com/user/SimplePickup http://www.youtube.com/user/VitalyzdTv It may feel awkward for an introvert since you are most likely not the kind of person who talks to strangers but you need to be that person. It always feels unnatural when a shy, quiet person comes and talk to you out of nowhere so you must change yourself to not miss any oportunity to say something. If you are at gym there should be some people there, start a conversation with preferably male, ask him how long does he do the exercises to get that muscles or anything, say something about yourself, if he seems like a friendly person you would like to get to know try to meet up with him at a bar, make sure shes around and hear your conversation than shout to her does she know any cool places, if she does than ask her would she like to go with you in a jokily kind of way, try to absorb her into your conversations to get to know her better. Just an idea, you must be creative and come with some ideas. When you approach her remember to not do this in a please-like-me kind of way, talk about something not serious and most important - touch her, if you are affraid about it, find a way to make her touch you first. Thats some of what I recently learned and what seems to be working for me to some point.
  13. I dont know how strong that fear is but if its too strong its the reason in itself for people to not liking you, if its not that strong all you need is one person to prove you wrong, find someone trustworthy, open up and see will he like you or not. How can that even happen? There must be some serious issue if it does. Unattractive personality or some issues I guess. lol what? Speechless or deaf maybe? Overly dominative, unintelligent Trust, intelligence, understanding, availability Not sure what exactly are you asking about? Getting to know certain person or overall?
  14. Yeah whats up with that? I recently observed such tendency on certain females: to make temporary, backup "boyfriends" or "mind mates" if you called them so. Im such a "mind mate" with one girl at work, we always help, care, protect each other and are really well connected, have common interests etc and she is closest female friend I have ever had but she doesnt want to bring our friendship out of work since she has a boyfriend. There is some misunderstanding here becouse if I do something for her at work thats becouse I want to have someone to talk to at lonely evenings (at work I have enough things to do and I dont really need her there) while she is completely happy seeing me only at work, never suggested to meet outside of there, always declined my invitations. Another one: I was working at a party for one day and there was a girl there, a bit older, barely physically attractive (very skinny) but from the first "hi" we catched good eye contact and she has nice personality, She was trying to get my attention, touching me, saying something like "its cold, you should warm me up", saying some flirty jokes. It occured that there is no transport home so we could stay for night at the hotel and I was like "cant be any better, lets give it a try". When the party was going to end she danced with me for a while (I cant really dance, it was first time I tried to dance with a girl) than she managed to get a transport, it was... her boyfriend. When she was saying it she was saying it like she wouldnt like him to exist and become single again for a moment and she was like "just dont tell my boyfriend". He gave us a ride home. 2 days later I saw her again with her boyfriend and their 2 childrens... Is that really normal? Is that me or them becouse I think something is not right here