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  1. Can't the supervisor order his own tie free just like you?
  2. Have you ever read some Friedrich Nietzsche, he'll teach why their like that.
  3. Wrong, take your butt to the hood/ghetto, they'll love you.
  4. Have you played daisenryaku before?
  5. You can watch/get more of the joker on the show Gotham to get more of his type.
  6. 15-45% for me.
  7. Jocks, they'll end in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL and make millions of dollars or atleast play college sports and get lots of sex, and Bill Gates isn't a real nerd he has autism, he is not that way because he chooses to be but because he's born that way.
  8. So what your your saying is make more porn?
  9. Where did you get this info from, last time I checked Black males had highest levels of T with Hispanic males right behind them when compared to others races.
  10. It's tied between 1 and 2.
  11. From what I can tell intj's and some are racist.
  12. Does he have Autism or an aspie?
  13. What if someone is more a loner?
  14. (Psycho)-path is someone who brain is missing parts of the frontal lobe that causes them to be who they are, while (Socio)-path is just treated like shit for most of their lives and is created. Psychopaths are born, Sociopaths are created, Sociopaths usually don't care or lack empathy because of how their treated, Psychopaths are just people that can turn off/on empathy when ever they want but choose to have it off most of the time.
  15. Right cause if your a racist already race-shaming anyway.