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  1. You asked. I answered. Whatever...

  2. "Sexual Surrogate -- Come in, the Door is Unlocked."

    "Sexual Surrogate -- Cum in, the Door is Unlocked."

  3. Bucky, I'm with you, I agree 100%. I was always terrible in those classes where success involved simple memorization -- foreign language (Spanish, in my case), history, most math classes. In college I double-majored in English Literature and Philosophy (and did quite well), where the goal was not memorization, but was the ability to read a poem / novel / work of philosophy, and then analyze it, and give my interpretation of it. In college I truly learned how to *think*, not just to memorize; and I genuinely learned much more by thinking than just by memorizing.
  4. I was in my 20s, and have always regretted (even these 30 years later) that I didn't "make the move" with my high school girlfriend when I was 17. My advice to you teenage INTJs: if the opportunity is there, seize it.
  5. Boy, oh, boy, are you sorely mistaken.
  6. Maybe you should just wait for the right moment, place one hand on his knee (or better yet, his thigh), the other hand on his shoulder, and lean in toward him while looking him right in the eye, and just frickin' kiss him, for god's sake. If he is attracted to you, he will kiss you back, with passion. If he's not, he'll give you a quick peck and then turn away. There's nothing wrong with a woman making the move for the first kiss. In fact, I think most "I"s would prefer that (I know I would).
  7. He wasn't using the word "man" to denote a "male," he was using it in the sense of a "human being" (i.e., mankind). He was saying a PERSON does not interrupt another person while that other person is speaking -- he wasn't saying a "female" doesn't interrupt a "male." He was simply John Lydon morphing into heavy "Johnny Rotten" mode because he was annoyed (most likely, as others have pointed out, because the volume in his earpiece was too loud, and the lovely lady had a shrill voice that accentuated the loudness.)
  8. Well, the Buddhist "solution" of oblivion only works if one has found enlightenment in this life. If one has not found enlightenment, the sought-after oblivion will not occur. Rather, one would simply be reborn. And, according to Buddhism, if this life ends without enlightenment, one will be re-born in one of two directions. If one lived life without harming other living beings, he/she will be reborn as a human to "try again." But if one lived life harming other living beings, he/she will be reborn as a lesser life-form (an animal of some sort, most likely). And animal beings will find it very, very difficult to be reborn as a human, because animals don't have the opportunity to choose to live a non-harming life -- an animal's only instinct is to survive, all other living beings "be damned." Whereas we humans can choose whether to live a life of harming other beings or not harming them. I'm sure, based on your posts, that you've lived a life of not harming other living beings (aside from, perhaps, eating hamburgers, which I'm sure you'd be forgiven for, given that you didn't intentionally choose the life of misery that the factory-farmed cow you ate suffered through; rather, you were ignorant of that poor cow's suffering. So that transgression will be not be considered in your re-birth, given that you had no intention of harming that cow). Buddhism can certainly be looked at as just another human-created religion whose beliefs are nothing more than fantasy / allegory / man's desperate grasping to find meaning in this life. But since you obviously know a bit about Buddhism, I felt compelled to point out a flaw in your argument. (And I must add that I'm no expert in Buddhism -- but I do find it the most "pure" form of organized religion, with the least amount of dogma, and the most amount of simple wisdom.) So, once you've solved your sleep problem; and have determined which psychopharmaceutical best helps to enhance your ability to not be miserable (and I'm a believer in the benefits of psychopharmaceuticals, having been greatly benefited by an SSRI over the past 20 years); and you're ready to start really enjoying the wonders of life, I hope you'll explore Buddhism, because I've found it to be very beneficial to my own life, so can vouch for its value and benefits.
  9. The avatar is from artgerm at deviantart. :)

  10. I'm also horrible at understanding all those "grammar rules." In fact, when we had to learn the differences between verbs and adverbs and adjectives and all those other "types" of words back in grammar school, I always failed miserably. And yet, somehow I learned to write very well. To the extent that I've had jobs as both a writer and a copy-editor. (I'm no longer in a "writing profession," but I'm known to comment on the poor editing or writing of news stories on the reader-comment sections of newspaper web sites.) So there's definitely a difference between understanding the "rules" of grammar and simply *knowing* (intuitively) how to write well.
  11. Why do you assume that all sexual surrogates are women, servicing man-patients? (Just kidding. Of course they are. Otherwise every man on earth would hang out a shingle saying "Sexual Surrogate -- Come in, the Door is Unlocked.")
  12. Hi, Luanne. I'm also an early-50s INTJ. I see that you're from Long Island. Did you know there's a New York City INTJ Meetup.com group? I've never been to their Meetup, 'cause I'm from Philadelphia, which is a 90-mile trek from Philadelphia. But from most of Long Island I assume it's a much shorter trip. You ought to check them out: http://www.meetup.com/NYC-INTJ/