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  1. I'm not misunderstanding family law. My point was simple and kept to the facts; no woman I get pregnant is forced to bring the child to term or forced to accept any fiscal responsibility of that child; 100% of the fiscal risk is on me. Furthermore, courts heavily favor women, as indicative of the fact that sperm donors and male rape victims have been ordered to accept fiscal responsibility, which is virtually unheard of for surrogate mothers or female rape victims. Yet somehow despite these facts, some feminists here still want to claim that anxiety regarding the effectiveness of birth control is somehow "far worse" for women than for men. Meanwhile, none of what you've said even comes close to contradicting these facts, to such an extent that it's difficult to understand why you're even bringing them up. While you bring up that some men may receive child support and/or alimony (I've never said or implied that they couldn't) as if to suggest that I'm misunderstanding family law, the disproportions between the genders here would be so astronomical that I'm amazed you even want to discuss the exception.
  2. Short or otherwise, it shouldn't be much of a surprise to anyone that wealthy celebrities can do well for themselves romantically. Some of the celebrities you've listed, on top of being wealthy, are also very well built. Either way we live in very different areas if you're constantly observing non-wealthy, short men doing amazingly well with women. I also never meant to imply that height is an end all criteria, but it still most certainly seems to be a criteria that (in contrast to weight), men have no control over. I honestly hope that you're kidding here. If I get a woman pregnant she will never be forced to bring the pregnancy to term, and if she chooses to do so anyways then she still has the option to legally absolve herself of any and all fiscal responsibility (note, neither of these options are available to men). Meanwhile, courts are so biased to favor women that we literally have male rape victims and sperm donors who have been ordered to pay child support. 100% of the fiscal risk here is on the man, and "pulling" or "bolting" -- if they mean what I think they mean -- are not the end all 'solutions' you're making them out to be. You may choose to live in this fantasy land where it's "way way way" worse for women, though I can assure you I've always been far more anxious when I've had partners tell me that their cycle was late.
  3. Well technically I shed light on a number of issues such as life expectancy, access to sex, violent crime, homelessness and suicide. Tom hanks is 6'0'' tall. Just the fact that you think that's short speaks wonders about unrealistic expectations regarding men and height. Either way I think you missed the premise of the argument entirely, which is that weight can be managed by diet and exercise but height cannot. And didn't a feminist in the other thread already openly admit that wouldn't want to be a man because the men in her family are short? Do people here think she is being unrealistic in her assumption that being short is a disadvantage? Because I'm starting to think that she didn't get the memo citing wealthy, 6'0 celebrities as proof that short men are just as capable in the dating world.
  4. This is essential. Even when taking into these factors (i.e. taking the life expectancy of men and women who reach age 30), women still live noticeably longer. This is because men are more likely to choose a method that actually works. If you're a fickle female constantly changing your mind or going back and forth on something, then you're not going to be as likely to follow through as someone who isn't seeking attention and knows what they want to do and how to do it. Being stereotyped isn't synonymous with being found "undesirable", though in this particular instance I was alluding to a quote that stated "women feel obligated to grow their hair out because they have to worry about being stereotyped and viewed as undesirable if they don't." I strongly disagree with this premise (that is , women are viewed as undesirable if they don't grow our their hair) and I don't understand the liberal tendency to harp on exceptions to general rules as if these exceptions are supposed to nullify or discredit the fact that the general rule exists in the first place. For an example, citing a male individual who lives a long time doesn't nullify the fact that women still live longer than males, and citing an article whose author prefers longer haired women doesn't nullify the fact that shorter haired women are still gorgeous. As for that article itself, I couldn't get through the first sentence because I'd cite the actress whose photograph I've already posted as a living contradiction of the author's claim that no woman ever looked better with shorter hair.
  5. You can blame all men if you want to, but the specific men that would directly inhibit the passing of this bill comprise not much more than .0000001% of the American population. It's also interesting how you say that trump supporters were responsible for opposing the bill when the fact of the matter is that very author of the bill (California republican representative) and co-sponsor of the bill (also republican) openly endorsed trump. If most feminists would support this bill then why aren't the voting for the party that's introducing these issues to congress? And why aren't the liberal democrats trying to introduce bills such as this one? I do realize this, but I still chose her as an example anyways because I sincerely believe she looks even better with shorter hair, and that's also why I immediately added afterwards that she wasn't a Hollywood anomaly. Honestly, if there was a non-creepy way to get photographs of the short haired women I interact with on a regular basis then I'd be using their pictures instead of hers. Firstly, it sounds like you're super desperate for a technicality here, and to this end I'll have to disappoint you because the photograph is taken from a TV show that covers her short hair from multiple angles throughout the series. Secondly, I never claimed that men are victims because they're petrified of being stereotyped. I literally just asked you a simple question: " Do you think it's possible that there's more pressure on men to succeed and acquire wealth...?" Somehow from your feminist logic you're able to take this simple question and glean whatever it is you wish to glean about stereotypes and victimization. Hypothetically, if men did feel more pressure to succeed, it could be because there's less of a safety safety net for them or that wealth plays a more significant role with the acquisition of romantic partners, and NOT because they're petrified of being stereotyped. Honestly I could go on and cover point by point everything you've said and why it's so ridiculous that only a feminist could understand it, but if you're going to *literally* make up things I'm saying then there's little point in furthering this discussion. I wish more liberals would take note of this though; if you have to make up things that people (who you disagree with) are saying then perhaps you're argument isn't a good one. I wonder if these polls are anything like the double digit lead Clinton had over trump in 2016.
  6. Not exactly. Witnessing firsthand the brutalities of war, being the sole survivor out of an entire platoon or squad, witnessing the slow and agonizing death of a fellow soldier whom you revered as a brother, not being able to sleep due to PTSD and flashbacks... first and foremost people are biological animals, and these types of events tend to induce "feral" states within them. Within these primal feral states, empathy, compassion and forethought is impaired while primal urges and instinct kicks in. And while it may not be the most apt of analogies, it almost reminds of what it's like living with a cat. One moment it's the sweetest, cutest, most loving and cuddly creature you could hope to encounter, then it sees a squirrel and suddenly it's a ferocious hunter that hungers for blood. Again, think primal states. If you think that being alive in the present moment is a sheer miracle (i.e. sole survivor of a squad or platoon), and for all you know you'll be a goner within a fortnight's battle, it does make logical and evolutionary sense to seize the moment and engage in whatever pleasure seeking activity that's available. Rape is so commonplace within the evolutionary roots of mammals that in all probability we wouldn't even be here today without it. This theory would be further backed by research findings which conclude that rape drastically increases the chances of conception when compared to consensual sex, even when other factors such as use of contraceptives are taken into account.
  7. Ischulte, your overwhelming argument seems to stem from the notion that speculative "reasons" explaining why these discrepancies exist in the first place somehow undermines or discredits their significance. For an example, women live longer and are less likely to be victims of violent crime, and you attempt to discredit this advantage altogether by a vague, blanket statement pertaining to "products of decisions men do not have to make", as if implying that this undermines this advantage altogether. I would be curious though, do you also believe that being a rape victim is also a product of choices women are not forced to make, and would this too make this "disadvantage" less significant? I haven't a clue, perhaps you can tell me. You can think that third parties who are somehow inhibiting the solution is significant here (and thus undermines the disadvantage altogether), but as a person who wouldn't have wanted to die as as draftee in Vietnam I'm much more concerned that the problem exists in the first place, and that even at this moment I am living with the risk that it could happen to me today. I'm not going to be cute by saying that these issues all seem like products of decisions women do not have to make. I will say that rape is included in the much broader category of "violent crime," which men are significantly more likely to be victims of. And I'll never understand liberal logic, as all I'm getting from your post is that it's far worse to be a victim of domestic violence as opposed to violence in general. Sure, the guy you're dating might be a serial killer, but if it's any consolation at all you're still 5 times less likely to end up a murder victim. You can sensationalize this fact by attributing it to reason reason X, Y or Z, but you're still 5 times less likely to be a murder victim. Furthermore, as a guy I take proactive measures to not be a victim of violent crime everyday, and I hope women do so too. Also I've never left a drink unattended in public. It's not that I seriously think that the people around me harbor malicious intent, so much as the simple behavior easily passes the risk/ reward analysis. Keeping watch of the drink isn't any trouble at all and poses zero risk, and it significantly hinders any possibility (however remote) of someone that would want to take advantage, either through theft or another motive. It's also really quite mind boggling that you seem to think that the anxiety you've described pertaining to appearing attractive or efficacy of birth control is somehow exclusive to gender. Another interesting meme, it implies that weight is the prime indicator when assessing ideal female body image. If there's even a tidbit of truth to the theory then it's interesting to note how the source of the calorie (i.e. eating 80% vegetables) or time spent in the gym (7 days a week or zero days a week) are not remotely necessary in order to meet one's ideal weight goals. Meanwhile to look anything like the guy in the picture will require a perfect diet and years of hard, dedicated work in the gym (that is, barring the use of illicit or dangerous hormones). I wonder this too and would be curious about your opinion. Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in america, which is directly correlated with high stress. Do you think it's possible that there's more pressure on men to succeed and acquire wealth (when compared to women who historically have been rather content to sit back, have kids and marry wealthy), and that environments associated with high risk/ high reward fields increases overall stress levels? To illustrate the culture I'm referring to, longevity studies tend to focus almost exclusively on women like Jeanne Calment (frequently cited as longest ever living person) who opted to get married and let her husband provide for her as opposed to ever once having to do any real work in her life. Such sensationalism. There are limits to how much weight women can lose, but I've never met a guy with an expectation that women need to go beyond this limit in order to achieve an ideal weight. Men find women with BMI's within a normal/ healthy range attractive (every guy i've ever spoken to does NOT find model thin attractive), and nothing about this preference requires coming remotely close to starving to death. For an example, the women in both photos would probably be on the lower spectrum of the healthy range on BMI charts, but still within a healthy range. Feelings of obligation or not, women still willingly and of their own accord choose to grow their hair out longer; no one else is forcing them or even pressuring them to do it. Look at this way. It's perfectly okay for me to grow out my nails if i think it'll look better, but as soon as I start claiming how much more advantaged shorter nailed folk have it I seriously run the risk of crossing into retard logic. And seriously it's 2017 and you want to claim that women are victimized because they're petrified of being stereotyped? Okay here let me try to help with that... who here wants to claim that the women below is undesirable because she has short hair? Anyone at all? Yeah, I mean just look at her with that short hair, why would any woman want to do that. They should feel obligated to grow it out because short haired woman are clearly undesirable. And on a more serious note, this isn't some Hollywood anomaly, either. Some of the prettiest women I run into regularly also have shorter hair. And finally, while it may not be the "citation" you're looking for, as a guy with long hair myself I never in a million years would have considered lengthy hair to be a noteworthy disadvantage that should be brought up in gender discussions. You're more than welcome to harbor this belief, but I think more than anything else it shows us how out of sync liberal ideology, liberal sensationalism and liberal justifications are with the typical, hardworking Americans. At the very least it would help explain why republicans now dominate state and federal government.
  8. Maybe, maybe not. Either way it's difficult to respond to your post because much of it is either vague, speculative or generalized claims of alleged ignorance. For an example, I have no idea what you think these so called red pilled males are competing against women for. In contrast, my post was very much to the point and factual. I will say though that social labels depicting promiscuous behavior as either negative or undesirable seems to be a uniquely female phenomenon, used by women, for women and against women. I don't think I've ever heard a guy use these words in a derogatory manner, but I've lost count of the number of times I've heard women use them. Heck, it might even make practical sense to do so if women want to use sex as a service to get things that they want. But like I've said previously on this forum, being more impervious to negative social appraisal (I.e. it wouldn't bother me in the slightest if other guys wanted to criticize my involvement with multiple women) might just might be one of those inherent differences associated with gender.
  9. One of PSG's goals was the direct result of messi losing possession in his own half, which is exactly how Chelsea scored one of their goals in the CL semi final of 2012, in which messi was also garbage (or at the very least, mostly anonymous throughout). When Barca lost 7-0 on aggregate a few years back to bayern people were saying that it was the end of the era, but then they won the treble shortly thereafter. Now it's really starting to look like the end of the era. Their key players like messi, suarez, inneista and rakatic are aging (busquets and pique aren't that far either), and on this day in particular when di maria and draxler were desperately trying to prove their worth, the entire barca squad looked lackluster. I am happy for PSG because their squad has been coming along for a while now (solid league wins complemented by CL eliminations through the away goal rule), but at the same time I'm disappointed that once again we miss out on another possible el clasico CL final. Oh, and hala madrid! What brilliant goals today by casemiro and kroos to come back and solidify their team's status as the world's best. Time and time again away teams absolutely choke when at the bernabue, and it's happened far too often to attribute to mere coincidence.
  10. In a heartbeat. Women live longer, are less likely to be victims of violent crime, are less likely to kill themselves or end up homeless, don't have to sign up for the draft and have a wider social support network if depressed or want to talk about emotional issues. While admittedly far less important, in terms of dating women don't have to be confident, wealthy, worry about initiating or worry about anything except for not consuming the daily calorie requirements of a hippo. Also, as an added benefit to living longer in the US, women also receive more benefit from wealth distribution programs such as medicare or medicaid, especially as they contribute less but receive more. And finally, how many women on this forum have you seen complain about sexual frustration? We literally have devoted entire threads to helping men with their frustrations with women and dating, and yet I've never once heard of a woman on this forum complaining that she can't get any D. . Really I'm always reminded of this meme. Notice how weight can be managed by diet and exercise but height cannot. Despite all of the indisputable advantages society offers to women, we still have brainwashed liberals on this forum who *literally* claim that women are somehow disadvantaged or victimized because they willingly and of their own accord choose to grow their hair out longer.
  11. Is biting the bullet and taking one for the team completely out of the question here? If so then I'd suggest doing absolutely nothing. Holding his hand and coddling him is single handedly one of the worst things you can do for him. The process of maturing and becoming confident entails making your own mistakes and learning from your own experiences in order to find out who you are and what you want to do. Hand feeding him what to do given the circumstances X, Y or Z is never going to do him any favors in the long run. Okay I lied. This is going to sound even weirder, but tell your friend to actively refrain from the voluntary expulsion of seminal fluid for a week or so before hand. His hormones are going to be off the chart and this means that all of his words and actions will be aided the most basic of biological instincts. 100% of his cognitive faculties will be thoroughly engaged with any little thing she says or does, and if the girl so much as places her hand on his shoulder it'll be the single most amazing feeling he's ever felt. Not only is she going to sense this effect she has on him, but more importantly there is a good chance that she will be pleased that she can have this effect on him.
  12. Reading this makes me wish there was a law mandating the termination of all trisomy 21 pregnancies. I'm not saying that these people can't have a positive impact on the lives of others so much as I'm arguing that no one wants to be born like that. But to address the topic at hand... the only thing I learn from these types of discussions is that other guys with severe physical and/ or cognitive defects still somehow manage to get more tail than I do. The morale despicably and culpability should be placed on the people who broke it up; surely the removal of desired stimulation right before climax should by defined as one of the worst forms of unbearable torture.
  13. I've always thought that the absolute height of sex appeal would be the likes of a short (~5ft), busty, secular, ~25 year old female med student of Korean/ Japanese origin with an English accent, healthy BMI and no piercings, tattoos or dyed hair. Being a "people pleaser" with low standards also can't hurt. Though I feel like it's worth pointing out that the magnitude of my preference for a girl containing all of the qualities I just described versus a feasible alternative (like girls I've dated in the past) would be quite low. Other qualities like confidence, empathy, self-esteem, caring, altruism, considerate, thoughtfulness, honesty or humor, while might occur with women I date, are not even remotely relevant when considering the ideal romantic partner. I know women consider these after mentioned features to be of the utmost importance so that's how I know I'm not gay.
  14. 100% yes. Any which way I look at it, at the end of the day her reneging on a previously agreed upon stipulation with a third party isn't something I'm going to think twice about or lose sleep over. In other words, what happens between us is between us, and what happens between her and another guy is between her and that other guy. Now I know that pop culture likes to paint me as the "bad guy" here, and this perception is further illustrated by the fact that in my state sleeping with another man's wife is actually a class 6 misdemeanor that can theoretically result in imprisonment. And I honestly can't understand why this should be the case. Like don't get upset at me because your wife questions the notion that monogamy should be considered the gold standard within romantic relationships. Really, that's something you should try discussing with your wife, and getting upset at me completely overlooks why she'd be so inclined to question it in the first place. With all that said, I must say that I'm not all that surprised that the women on the forum somehow managed to equate the private actions of consenting adults with moral or immoral behavior. Like I can even sort of understand the thought, "I wouldn't want another woman to sleep with my husband so I too must restrain myself or risk accusations of hypocrisy," so I guess it boils down to reproductive potential and evolutionary roots. Using strict generalities, men like sex, and women like sex too so long as it comes with all 239,472,398,413 strings attached. The immediate circumvention of these strings often requires the costly exchange of resources, and therein lies the gross imbalance and undeniable disparities within the sex industry.
  15. I say all of this with a bit of reluctance, as I know that that engaging in this type of sentimental drub is a steep and slippery slope to the dark side. Still, I want you to ask yourself yourself honestly; do you think you would you be better off if you had never met this person? Would you be better off if you could have avoided 17 years of this heart ache and emotional turmoil? If so then I don't see how this person can be that great. Truly remarkable people that you've met in your life are people that you should feel glad that you have met. People you can share positive life experiences with and look back upon with fondness and gratitude.... not negativity, festering resentment or self-pity. If you regret meeting them after the fact, then I don't think they deserve to be put on a pedestal in which your perception of their "amazing" qualities warrants such discord and discontentment within your current life. And believe me, I know those words I said above are just that... words. At the end of the day they don't really help. The real challenge is learning how to forgive and come to terms with yourself. Now you can sit here all day reading this post or that post until you're blue in the face. And sure, they might trigger feelings of empathy, good will or some other positive emotional sentiment, but at the end of the day it boils down an aspect of your life in which no one can help guide you or hold your hand. Personal voyages of self-discovery are precisely how they sound, and you shouldn't let them or any of us get in your way.