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  1. Why is this thread full of individuals trying to "fix" Guppy's self-diagnosed incompatibility? He says he's incompatible with women and offers his (relative to his own personality) opinion about why. What exactly is the issue? The deficiency isn't with women, but with Guppy's relationship research skills. He's stagnating at the BS level when he should be using his amazing Ph.D intellect to find what suits him.
  2. What if the person states they are free of STI and asks you before proposing for sex? haha

  3. Yes, we're talking about when men approach women, per your original statement. Subjective.
  4. A request for sex is a much more intimate request than telling an individual she looks nice. One is a statement. The other is a request, and a provocative one at that. Further, to act as if men (in this instance) aren't taking a gamble is ludicrous. It is a provocation for women to be asked by complete strangers to have sex, meaning they will have a myriad of responses, including becoming highly agitated/defensive. Further, depending on the situation, telling someone they look really good is an aggressive move. Have you ever been in a car park at night, and some guy walking around just has to come by and tell you how great you look? I doubt it.
  5. No. This person has no idea if I have any STIs. If this person cares so little about his own sexual health, I doubt he cares at all about mine.
  6. You don't find a man asking a woman out of the blue "to have sex" aggressive?
  7. So sexual harassment is simply a matter of interpretation? Whose interpretation? Society's? The individuals? A majority of individuals? I don't "believe" verbal harassment and sexual harassment exist in Japan. It exists, independent of what you or I choose to believe. Verbal sexual harassment and verbal harassment are often intertwined, depending on the circumstances. And you know this, how? Tell me: what are the parameters for verbal harassment? So those against being sexually harassed are forcing their morals on those who choose to assault people? Is this really your argument? Or, are you arguing that what defines sexual harassment is so vague (due to those feminists!) that it is unfair to hold those who participate in such harassment to any sort of standard. Instead, do you argue that society as a whole will deem what is appropriate or not? Further, I dislike that you think feminism in Japan is "not doing well" as if somehow feminism exists in one form. Although it carries some of the same origins, Japanese feminism is much different than Western feminism. You began: and then continued on with your dogma, without really providing any real discussion. You cannot simply present your own dogma as truth. If you say "feminists do this" I'm going to need a modicum of basic social science research to back up your claims. The issue isn't your idea of mutualism. The issue is what you mean when you say women mainly benefit from protection from rape. What do you mean? I'm curious to know how you gleaned this bit of information. And I'd like to add: Your motivation for not being a feminist hinges on poorly structured arguments backed by an overwhelming amount of personal anecdata presented as fact.
  8. I enjoy being 2nd in command, and behind the scenes. If I worked for myself, I'd never show up.
  9. Do you believe verbal harassment exists? If so: Then provide examples of what you think resemble your own thoughts, not a criticism of what you perceive to be "a huge window of vagueness and room for interpretation, carte blanche for a stasi PC police to label anything and everything a thought crime." If not: What is your point? You can't keep saying this just because you'd like it to be true. I used to live in Japan. Verbal sexual harassment remains an extreme problem there. I'd also like to inform you that I have an advanced degree in history. This is not meant as an appeal to authority. I'd just like you to point me in the general direction of a culture in which verbal/sexual harassment has been "dealt with" via ostracism. I'm always up for expanding my knowledge base. Are you going to provide something more than vague statements with no real foundation? Expand on this idea, here.
  10. What do you think verbal harassment is, particularly where it concerns sexual harassment? Do you know of a society in which verbal harassment has been "dealt with" culturally via ostracism? Citations! What exactly are you saying here?
  11. I am much too common for any MENSA qualification. Triple Nine, Mega, hypertype, oh yes. Please keep talking. I'll gladly listen and then gently nod off.
  12. Many nonprofits require certain supervisors and managers to have credit good enough to receive certain cards. A lot of creditors require an actual person to take the fall in the case of some sort of catastrophic financial situation. This means that if your nonprofit requires you to take a credit card, you have to apply using your own social security number, making you liable for all fees/transactions. It's an interesting situation to be in, although I am not the person in this particular situation. ---------- Post added 09-27-2013 at 11:58 PM ---------- I'd need to know more about the situation and the job to determine if your boss "was right."
  13. Similar quotes to those in the article. And about getting hard all the time. But this was many years ago, when I was 20 years old, and they were around 21-23. Perhaps they were trying to trick/intimidate me. Exactly.
  14. To be fair, men have explained to me certain concepts/experiences about having a penis, including having to sit down/walk/etc. I take this article at face value.
  15. Who here actually read the article? Do you believe this is a legitimate reason for taking up "more" space?