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    Don't take life too seriously no one gets out alive anyway.
  1. I've been going through this same problem for a while now. I think it's mostly an indicator that a change is needed. For me I lack that passion I had for life when I was a kid. Everyday is just surviving anymore. A kind of apathy sets in. I suspect that I'm dealing with slight depression but I think it's a coping mechanism and I'm trying hard not to go down that path. Sometimes I think my brain runs so much exploring every possibility it can that I've burned myself out.
  2. Thanks for this, I completely agree with what you've wrote. Having little free time as a doctor is one of the big things that has made me reconsider medicine. I like to work and be productive but that isn't what I want my entire life to made up of. That being said I'm an adventurous person so traveling is one of the big draws of the military for me. I also hate mundane work, I need a challenge to feel productive. ---------- Post added 06-14-2016 at 11:41 PM ---------- Thanks for your input, I appreciate it. The uniformed health services is the med school I want to get into if I go that route. Did your friend enjoy it? Did they think it was worth it?
  3. 1. Is your IQ above 110? Online quizzes not valid, must be a formal test score. (Wether or not this is a valid way to measure one's overall intelligence is irrelevant. Also, limit your answer to just yes... no one wants to see your score). I don't know. I've never taken a formal test. 2. Do you have or did you have DADDY issues when growing up? Was he absent? Or just an a-hole? Nothing too drastic but there were definitely issues that stick with me to this day. 3. Did your mother overcompensate by being permissive? Definitely not, both my parents were pretty strict. 4. Are you an only child? If not, are you the firstborn, middle child, or the latest model? Only child 5. Would you consider your mama to be judgemental, maybe arbitrary in relation to your feelings? (For example... she might say that your feelings are stupid). Not really except on subjects she feels passionately about. 6. Do you have an inferiority complex? Are you short? Overweight? Unattractive? I tend to question myself and I feel uncomfortable at times on the inside but I don't let other people see that. 7. Were you ever bullied in school? (Nothing to be ashamed of here, I was bullied sometimes until punches started flying). Oh yeah, I nearly got in a fist fight with a girl double my size in the fourth grade. When she saw that I was going to take her on she backed down and we ended up becoming friends. I also endured some verbal bullying from some older kids. 8. Oohhh this is a good one. DO YOU HAVE.... narcissistic tendencies? I know I will probably offend a shit ton of people, but research demands ballz. Main characteristics of a narcissist ARE: Love animals, hate people. Attention whore, or on the contrary aspect, acting aloof, uninterested (which cries out "please ask me what's wrong) which is another way to whore attention. Generosity doesn't come naturally towards others, megalomaniac, arrogant, lacks basic empathy. I will take an animal over a human the majority of the time and I can come off a little cold but I don't think I'm narcissistic. 9. Do you have high or low self-esteem (Neither is good. High self-esteem is similar to a narcissist, and low self-esteem is, well, someone with borderline depression). Normal mostly but I can fall a little low occasionally. 10. Did you move a lot? As in, did you move OUT a lot, from house to house. Not a whole lot. 11. Are you an introvert, extrovert, or just the right mix? (Having 32526263 posts on an INTJ forum doesn't qualify you as an extrovert. What I mean is, are you an extrovert in SOCIAL scenarios where other various Jung types are involved?) I'm definitely an introvert I need my alone time or I start getting more easily irritated. 12. As a child, do your remember being someone completely different? Have you changed drastically over time? Or do you find your personality as consistent throughout time? I had a lot more fear when I was a kid and thankfully I've outgrown that. For the most part I think I'm essentially the same person, a quiet dreamer with a strong competitive edge and a dark humor. As I've gotten older I've found some of those traits coming back. 13. Last but not least. Do you often feel like you "don't belong"? As in, you look around, at the people, the places, everything... but feel detachment? (Could be slight, heavy...don't matter). Yeah I definitely feel like this all the time.
  4. No there is no Naval ROTC at my university. The army has said I qualify for the HPSP and told me to apply for it and my school does have army ROTC. But I haven't talked to a naval officer recruiter so I'm not sure what they have to say. I have worked in medicine a bit and I do really enjoy it but it's not my only interest.
  5. Watching humanity behave idiotically and being unable to help them or put them out of their suffering all the while your stuck on the sidelines. Oh wait that's happening now.
  6. As mentioned in the title I'm a senior in college and will graduate soon with my B.S degree. For most of my college and high school career I've been heading in the medicinal path and as of now I'm technically pre-med. However I am having doubts about going to med school lately. So I have been considering other options such as going to grad school to study biology since that is my current major and interest. Another option I'm considering is joining the navy and becoming an officer (I've even considered going to med school and joining the navy as a doctor.) I know these seem like polar opposites but different aspects of each interest me. Seeing as how I'll be graduating soon and have no idea what I'll be doing is a little disconcerting for me I would appreciate any input you guys have.
  7. Ever feel like this?
  8. I'm still working on me B.S from the local university but I'm planning on going to USU in Bethesda for medical school. Hoping to get into the Navy or the Public Health Service corps. Hope it's a good fit for my INTJ personality but either way I want to be a doctor, and civilian hospital system beauracracy seems to be worse than the military. Not to mention the health care system is undergoing somewhat an overhaul and the state I live is a "conservative" place and they have issues with the politics of the health care system which creates a lack of efficiency and a mess of other things which doesn't solve the problems at hand. Any advice would be welcome.
  9. I've always thought about getting the vulcan Idic. Mine: if I was immortal and had been living for the past 3,000 years I would still wouldn't know how to talk to people.
  10. I know there is a lot of aspects in life where failure can be experienced. I usually ignore my emotion when it comes to failures in life except when it is a mental/intellectual failure. Then I just become bothered and it disrupts my focus. Any thoughts on how to deal with failure?
  11. I can't say how many times I've thought this except I don't even include decent human beings. I can do what needs to be done with people but I leave with the reminder that I don't belong. I've wanted to escape for a while now but I know that half of what I'm trying to escape will always be with me. Guess my mind is my sanctuary and my hell.
  12. After reading some articles and somehow ending up at Neo-Lamarckism I have started to wonder how Lamarck's idea of individual adaptation being heritable is standing up in modern times. Some of the stuff I have seen is associating Neo-Lamarckism with pseudoscience and dowsing. From my understanding in Bio class Lamarck's concepts is just history now but is still brought up because he provided a mechanism for what Darwin described as descent with modification. What's your guys take is Neo-Lamarckism have any scientific weight to it or is it falling into pseudoscience?
  13. I agree with you here. People have told me I can be cold or too quiet at times. In the past people have given me a lot of crap so I am careful about who I consider a friend. Because of this my life is stuck in the same cycle as yours, work, university, repeat. It's hard to get into social circles and have a sense of belonging.
  14. I'm still trying to find a group I identify with. But i notice I enjoy being around ESFP's, sort of a compliment of personalities.
  15. Oscar Schell