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  1. Heya... Hmmm so random.... Is that you in your profile pic? It looks like Eric Balfour. Are you Eric Balfour OMG OMG O.O *lols*

  2. Well, all I say is just one subjective point of view, but I'm happy if my words made sense to you and if they helped you in any way! ^-^ Good luck!!

  3. oh this is genius,that why most of ENFP are female.i am going at ENFP forum now. i hope that they do not leave their forum and come here. :P And i want to thank you Chaotic Enigma ,your conversations helped me to(i am interested in this topic),now i know and clear much better some thing for my self and about our types.
  4. .no, not very severe i may tell now, but I think that she may have done to show that I am not her type or even she did not know how to express that to me.about the "event", i don't know neither exactly ,but i sense that feeling to and i refuse to open again the "archive" because it doesn't matter and i want a sour taste our current relation.
  5. wow,thank you Sparko i just read all that mine life experience,described in a piece of post wow,thank you Sparko i read just a part of my life experience, described in a bit of post and now I am really convinced of these principles that I have built.now re-heard by someone else I remove doubts for some other thoughts that I had puzzled. A similar event can say that has happened to me.I do not know what sort of personality she had. And what happened was that, i realized the "I don't want you around" feeling .I discussed with my friends and they advised the "Platonic friends" & "No calls, texts, e-mails, nothing. Smile when you see her and focus on the things that you are good at and that make you happy." it was hard (hopefully i wasn't to much in to her,because i not gonna had that patience). After approximately 1 month we date(official) and she said " i miss you a lot" etc.. I was very surprised, because it realized that she loved me, but before a month behaved with me as if I was among those persons who she considered out of her life. I understood then it was not what I wanted this kind of relationship so we are best friends and now it doesn't matter,the passing time healed my wound. (and new people)
  6. The Chaos Phantom 7% Strength,35% Bloodlust,37% Intelligence,45% Spirit,18% Vitality and 28% Agility! Congratulations on reaching this extraordinary class! This is a special class and requires a very high amount of Chaotic Stability. You scored 80% on this variable! The Genie, impressed by your choices, has granted you the Hidden Power of Chaotic Stability.
  7. thx Bevan,Monte314,sed0007 i did it less because i thought 115 X 145 is just the maximum and type was PNG
  8. in my dialect sound like "later" about the avatar ,i have a problem. every time i upload my image say "Invalid Avatar Specified" i saw the Avatar Rules and my Dimensions and File size are right:huh:
  9. 39% Somewhat Evil
  10. NO i am not Arab, i am from Albania,in Ballkan ,Europe u know?
  11. i just did my personlaity test and find i am INTJ then ditect me in this forum.i hope to find that i supose to find here(i dont know) maybe friends . i am sceptical a bit for the test hmmmm......