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  1. Good pragmatic way of keeping a room nice. I do this too. Sadly not everyone does.

  2. Picking up trash as I see them ..
  3. I like INTJs too. They're sexy!!
  4. Just finished taking a test online
  5. for an INFP, this is what my room (apartment) looks like
  6. he has gone to another state to attend a funeral Me: When will you be back? He: On Sunday night. Why? Me. Today is only Thursday. Four more days to go. He: Do you miss me? Lol Me: Nope Me: As if He: Haha Me: jerk
  7. it's not that. the reason i don't want to be in a relationship is because i am scared. i am scared of the unknown because i don't know what it is. people usually are scared of the unknown. i have avoidant personality, i want to be with someone eventually but i am scared at the same time. i was abandoned when i was a few months old. i was passed from a foster home to a foster home when i was a few months old. growing up, i don't have friends. whenever i liked someone, i avoided them. and i moved on. i try not to make myself like someone. i usually talk myself out of it. i try to focus on something else instead.
  8. i am attracted to him but at the same time i don't want to be attracted to him. you know what i mean? if that makes sense.
  9. I could use some T and J. (You can have my F and P. I am giving them away for free.)
  10. Stress is caused by the over activity of certain brain chemicals and not enough GABA, inhibitor, to regulate and suppress those chemicals. Some people are more prone to stress and anxiety than others due to this reason, due to the imbalance of the chemicals in the brain and you are right, if we feel bombarded by a situation that makes us nervous or anxious, one thing we can do is to distance ourselves for awhile from that situation and then come back later to solve it, that way it will give us time to think more clearly and not make hasty decisions
  11. or the lack of.. this is work related also i had applied for two jobs at roughly the same time. one job (job A) hired me and i've been working there ever since, then recently the second job (job B) called me in for an interview, out of curiosity, i went and got hired. at first i was glad that i got the call because i do want to work another job so that i could pay off my debts quicker. so i accepted the position right there and then but now i have a second thought about accepting the job (job B) since both jobs pay the same wages anyway, so now i am having cold feet regarding accepting the second job (job B) because i don't want to be having to quit it after awhile (for another higher paying job). quitting so soon would not look good on my working histories anyway. also, i am in the midst of getting a higher education and in the next two weeks i will be taking the state exam. after i will have taken the exam and pass it, i could then look for another job (job C) that may pay more. if i take this job B now, and working two jobs now (job A & B), i would not do well on the exam (don't have enough time to study and being over-worked), and i may get stuck with these two jobs that are paying the same wage and I may probably fail the exam, too. so, after the vacillating, i've decided not to take that job B now, finish taking the exam and pass it, and then look for another job that may pay more. and then after that i can then work two jobs and pay off the debt later. and besides, i don't have a good feeling about the person in charge of that job B place anyway. this is the journal of an INFP, trying to be logical
  12. thank you for the replies.
  13. especially stress at the workplace? like the healthcare field. People could lose their licences or certifications if something goes wrong. I feel like I am living in fear everyday, praying that something will not go wrong, like being accused of neglect, negligence, abuse, etc., and there are residents who are just demanding and impossible to please. So, I wonder, how do the INTJs handle stress, working in a stressful environment like that and not at risk of losing your licences? It's hard for me, as an INFP, to stay calm and feel at ease when something happens, as Fi is my dominant/leading function. We are just different. I think that the INTJs are better at maintaining a calm composure when something gets out of hands. I am just wondering how do you do that? How do I utilize my Te or Ti? and become more efficient at handling stress? I tend to get nervous a lot. I do think that the social science field, like psychology, is best for us INFPs because we would look like caring and compassionate therapists, etc., but if we work in the hardcore science field, like the hospital or labs, etc., we would look like emotional wrecks. It's hard to keep our feelings in check all the time and keep a cool, straight face. Sometimes, I can keep my emotions in check. But when I am stressed, my feelings-side shows. Sometimes, I just want to hide my feelings so that I would look cool so that my co-workers would not know what's on my mind, but it's not easy.