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  1. Not justifiable but understandable. I understand why it occurred, but I don't think it should have been done. Watching or reading any comprehensive history of World War II just leaves me in tears and/or shaking my head. I couldn't have done the shitty things that were done, given my current upbringing. Had I been one of those soldiers in that time period, though, I might have done the same thing due to how I was raised/trained to act or think. The world has changed a lot in the last 50-100 years.
  2. I am enjoying the humblebrags and examples of inflated IQs posted in this thread. Hopefully we can get some school transcripts, GMAT, GRE, MCAT, and LSAT scores posted too. If a "smart" person can't relate to someone of average intelligence then that smart person isn't very smart at all. Give me the person who can interact with other people in positive ways ahead of the person who can recognize geometric patterns but can't create an interesting conversation.
  3. There is nothing wrong with hitting on someone or approaching them with the goal of getting a date. You just have to know when to abort the mission before crossing the line into harassment territory. Err on the side of, "Oh, sorry to bother you..." rather than "Hold on, you're not giving me a chance..." Anyone who thinks someone is creepy just because they hit on a person is really being unreasonable. This is how the world works. Someone has to make the first move, and most of us live in a society where guys are burdened with that task.
  4. War has a tremendous dehumanizing effect on its combatants, which gets passed on to how they treat their opponents and even bystanders.
  5. I think she was referring to the possibility that he only likes her as a friend. The pinch/punch super-combo of flirting is a classic "Never done this before" move. If you like dealing with a bit of relationship naivete then this is the guy for you. You'll have to do a lot of the heavy lifting early on, though, so don't be afraid to take charge.
  6. Endings are generally terrible. But you can't have the fun of the beginnings and the middles without taking the endings too. I stopped thinking of the endings as failures. If I spent a year with someone and then things ended, that doesn't mean that year wasn't worth it to me. If the good outweighs the bad then the bad doesn't seem like a big deal. I also came to the realization that compatibility isn't exceedingly rare, so I didn't have to cling to someone out of desperation that this was my last or only chance at happiness.
  7. This was a weird thing to do because the activity was too much like a date: Involves just the two of you Requires planning Could be classified as romantic Requires a big level-jump in your friendship You should clarify with her and withdraw the invitation. "Hey, sorry about that suggestion. I was trying to make plans with a friend, and I realize now that it sounded more like a date than what friends would do."
  8. No. I watch too many episodes of 48 Hours Mystery and Dateline, and I'd like to avoid looking over my shoulder all of the time. Also, I'm not quite that selfish. Flirting is a totally different story, though.
  9. Forget assuming and asking a message board for its opinions. Ask him. If you have specific goals in mind then it would be nice to confirm that your partner might have similar goals.
  10. Ouch. I would be really hurt if my significant other described our relationship like that.
  11. I visited my grandfather, just as I was headed away for university. He was terminally ill and would probably die within the next month. We had a seemingly ordinary talk, but the end of it really shook me. Just as I was putting on my coat to leave, I heard him start to cry and say, "I don't want to die!" I have trouble dealing with such situations now. I fear the final interaction(s) will overwhelm the joyful memories. I probably take an avoidance strategy more than anything else.
  12. I participate in five online forums, and I enjoy them all. I don't include reddit in that category because of how it's format encourages hivemind/groupthink.
  13. It's a tricky subject. I don't think there is a right answer. Drug discovery is often just a lottery for pharmaceutical companies. The phases that come before producing a drug can take over a decade, with no guarantee that the drug will be approved or successful. As such, there are considerable research and development costs that accumulate long before the associated revenue streams (if they ever come at all). We could artificially cap the price of drugs to keep them all affordable out of societal interest, but then we run the risk of demotivating an industry of companies to actually take on the burden of drug discovery. So when I see drug companies cashing in as much as possible on one of their rare successful drugs, I don't recoil in horror. It's almost a necessary evil in order to drive development.
  14. I develop a mental image of myself achieving something I want. Actually picturing it really helps me push the effort to achieve it. My latest goal is to break 20 minutes in a 5K run. That's a modest achievement for some younger runners, but it's not overly easy for someone a bit older carrying some extra muscle for non-running activities. I have this image of me in my mind, crossing the finish line with a 19 still on the timer, and it gives my training sessions some focus. I also strength train, and I get great results when I set specific weight targets for my lifts. Simply stating that I want to strength train is not motivating enough. Picturing myself pushing 150+ over my head does.
  15. Find a hobby that you can turn into a modest profession. Don't quit your job, though. Do it until you can bank enough money to feel somewhat secure, then retire to your hobby. My grandfather did this by becoming a carpenter when he got older. He loved making furniture and doing odd projects, and he was able to sell a lot of things. But he still needed savings from his prior work. By the way, I think menial jobs are really just unskilled jobs. Fixing motorcycles sounds like the opposite of a menial job.