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  1. Numbers are not the problem. Single 40 year olds have fewer people to choose from, but everyone they meet also has fewer people to choose from...which makes those 40 year olds appear to be more of a catch. The real complication affecting older daters is "baggage" from past relationships. And even if you find someone without baggage, they might be a bit too set in their ways as a 40 year old single person to successfully adapt to living with someone.
  2. The sheer length of your post tells me that you aren't ready to cut him out of your life. If you were truly ready then your post would be: "I told this guy to leave me alone. He refuses. What should I do?"
  3. All of that negative energy surrounding you must be a huge drag. Try not to get sucked into the pity party, especially if you like your job. Obviously don't sell your skills for well below market value, but it's okay to feel satisfied with what you have. Frankly, life is more fun when you aren't worrying about your wealth and income in comparison to others.
  4. Okay, I'll be the negative one. He probably wasn't that amazed by the poem, and rather than kill your mood he avoided commenting altogether. And in terms of measuring his interest by the speed and frequency of his communication...I think you are overemphasizing this. You may want to stop tracking his online status, too. I don't think it's particularly healthy to watch someone's status and expect them to be focused on you while they are available. He has his own life, and you two are not dating each other...yet. He messages you without you messaging him first. Focus on that.
  5. If you can't date and you can't talk to him then what's the point in analyzing anything? He doesn't seem overly interested anyway, at least not based on your posts. Three years of unrequited feelings...don't turn it into 4, 5, or 6.
  6. Speaking of porn, the question in this thread reminds me of watching threesome porn. I'm not a big threesome guy, but if I see it, I think, "Oh, interesting..." But if they bring out two dudes and one girl, it gets less interesting. Then if the two dudes' penises somehow touch each other, it's just a porn disaster...like Costanza in the pool disaster.
  7. Yes, I love thinking about such things but don't really feel compelled to participate anymore. The costs outweigh the benefits to me, but that doesn't stop me from thinking about the benefits in a fantasy setting.
  8. I have gained a greater appreciation for how relatively easy my life is.
  9. If I am 30, I am not pursuing a relationship with a 22 year old unless everything else about the situation is perfect and I already know we were compatible. As for just fooling around...that's not really my thing either. I don't think you can get in trouble here, though.
  10. My advice is to take control of the activity planning. Be the person suggesting plans and you are more likely to find socializing to your liking.
  11. Perpetuating life can't be the purpose. Why would we try to do that if life was otherwise useless and fruitless? Obviously there must be some benefit to being alive or else reproduction has no value either. I think the bulk of our existence is focused on the here and now. We strive for happiness. That may not be a lofty goal for the rest of the universe, but for each of us, improving our own happiness is our top priority.
  12. You actually are boyfriend/girlfriend, though. You just aren't admitting it out loud.
  13. I really enjoy hanging out with childless women. At the very least, I know they won't inundate me with boring stories about their kids.
  14. You are ignoring what he wants. Maybe you can manipulate him into sticking around as your friend, but you know that's not what he wants anymore. That to me is a selfish move, and I think you should reconsider. But I can also understand why you want him as your friend...especially if your lying outspoken friend is any indication of the quality of your other options.
  15. I used to trust these guys, but I have noticed a disappointing increase in the number of sensationalized stories and lies being told. They love to present stories in a way that will outrage viewers as much as possible. They omit important details and counterarguments just to suit their narrative. Other broadcasters do it too, but as a Canadian, seeing the CBC do it really embarrasses and disappoints me. More than ever, it seems we have to collect information from various sources and try to figure out the truth about a subject on our own.