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  1. i think it's healthy for everyone to push themselves to try and stay out of their comfort zone and get more accustomed to socialization, do this and you'll learn to get more and more comfortable being in these situations and how to better handle them. it just take a lot of time and patience for most of us.
  2. If she is in a relationship she will tell you.
  3. Not at all. Not worth my time if we don't trust each other
  4. Relaxed and content.
  5. Very helpful thread. Thank you
  6. To me I'd want to be with someone who has value and class, not pride. You can make all things simple yet nice.
  7. I will never be like my mother but as I get older I've realized I have a lot of similarities to my father which is not always good but at least he has one hell of a smile
  8. Yes I have a few. Many more acquaintances
  9. Very quiet, creative, interested in reading anything I could
  10. Just call the person. Otherwise what's the point
  11. No preference
  12. I wouldn't think twice about them hating me. I wouldn't like them, just tolerate them
  13. I was also wondering why you were cleaning it instead of putting it on one of their desks I'd just tell said person to clean up. time to get a new desk and move.