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  1. Why does Israel need to go? If there is anyone who needs to go it would have to be the Syrians the Israelis are bombing.
  2. Maybe she would have changed her mind, or maybe she thought it through and accepted what she was doing. Abortion is a choice, whether you do it at a clinic where it can be done be a medical professional or a botched operation done at home.
  3. Thank you for the suggestion. I really do like it.

  4. I cannot say I have felt that way before.
  5. I get upset at first, and then around three or four days, I stop caring
  6. No, I'm actually quite content, I just wondering of anyone has ever felt that way. Just pure curiosity.
  7. Does anyone ever get that feeling that your always alone and your more like a pariah when it comes to dating and romance?
  8. If saying it would give them a sort of placebo effect, then yes I would.
  9. I'm currently using a Samsung SGH-X497. I was wondering if Blackberry phones are for me. All I need is texting, some form of web browsing, and emailing on the go. So if someone could tell me what it is like owning one and are they great.
  10. I like them, but I'd prefer the libertarians. In saying that though, I would vote republican because they actually stand a chance. I do however disagree on some of their social policies, but I would have a republican over a democrat. No hard feelings.
  11. Thats a good school of thinking.
  12. I thought about living in a tiny house. I'm not talking about a trailer, but an actual permanent home, just smaller that the average house. Does anyone on here live in one or knows anyone that lived in one? And if so, can you tell me what it is/was like.
  13. How about a discussion on our favorite political parties and why? I'll start things off by saying that I'm a supporter of the Libertarian party. I believe in the social liberties, coupled with a small government platform. I also believe the U.S should stay out of every other countries' problems.
  14. I'm glad to hear the personal inputs by you guys. I really appreciate it. Known of you would know a Bioengineering graduate or student by any chance?