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  1. Saw the thread about the best gift, and I instantly remembered the worst gift, so thought I'd start a new thread. Worst gift for me, Been dating a guy about 3 weeks? He bought me a large photo frame that had space for a half dozen photos. The idea was that it would be super romantic, I could put it on my bedroom/ living room wall... and fill it full of photos of him and us. Unfortunately I interpret that sort of thing as needing to forcibly go out to take cheesy romantic photos of us, and shoving it up on the wall or prove to the world that we are a couple. Seemed superficial. So he wasn't impressed when I said no thanks!
  2. Like someone else has mentioned I've been given expensive jewelry and digital camera'a etc... but that all give more as a bribe to "keep us together" and always made me feel a little uneasy. Best gift, was my first boyfriend? Gave me a pink rose, because everyone going to the ball got red roses and he knew I hated red ;)! Think I'll start another thread with the worst gift!
  3. Nice and weak often go hand in hand. Nice guys, are weak guys. Nice bosses, are weak bosses. Yes they are nice, but no one respects weak.
  4. Do you keep doing it, because you want her to catch you? Are you wanting to make her jealous? and appreciate that you have options??? and she is lucky to have you???? Do you feel like you settled down too young? I have many friends who have had affairs, some say it was the best thing for their relationship.... but a lot, it is what destroyed it.
  5. Ask yourself this.... Does she really love you????? or does she need you to fill a gap in her life until she finds you replacement. If you choose to leave... understand that you will probably have to cut her off completely.... and then it will take you longer than you ever imagined to get over.... I think I was with the guy for 2 years.... took me at least 3 years to become emotionally intimate with someone again. How long was she single before she meet her first husband..... if she has jumped from long term relationship to long term relationship..... there are defiantly warning bells. I think i've been in a similar situation.... a love hate relationship.... filled with lies, tears, and a lot of guilt tripping.
  6. thank you for the advice :)
  7. I'm just wondering if different personalities react in anger in different ways... For example I'm very emotional, so when I get upset I usually crack and burst into tears. Right now i'm annoyed with a guy I work with, I don't like confrontation so I'll brush it under the carpet. But if he pulls to many strings I suspect i'll explode in an emotional mess where he won't know what has hit him? Suspect this is a normal ENFP thing? While I suspect he is annoyed with me and is the type to pull the silent treatment. He is an IS?? So I was wondering if different personalities tend to lead to dealing with annoyance in different ways? Who are the silent treatment types, who are the one who explode in anger etc?
  8. Hey I understand where you are coming from! Been in the same predicament for a while now.... (I'm a woman so opposite problem) I live in a city which biggest industry is rest homes, so there are very few males where I live. Actually very few 20 somethings in general (unless they got knocked up in their teens). If you want to meet someone you have to look outside your general radius. Yes you may find love locally, but it is very unlikely. As for hobbies. I've tried joining many things. Being a regular at the gym. Made friends with some 40 year old woman... but it doesn't plug that gap of wanting to make friends with intellectual 20 somethings. Unfortunately I can't give you a solution. I'm currently networking hoping to get a job in an area filled with more young professionals. Unless you have lived in an area like this it is hard to understand. I can name a half dozen beautiful 20 something work mates who are attractive and have been single long term, not because they are picky, but because there is nothing to choose from, well I do know a lady who was chasing the road worker holding the lollipop sign!
  9. Can you give me some advice on how to help a child with selective mutism??? I teach a 5 year old who has selective mutism, I have never seen or come across anything like it. I have tried all sorts of things to help her. But I really am quite stuck. Apparently she speaks normally at home. Also she speaks to one of the girls in my class when they are away from school. At school and kindergarten she never utters a word.
  10. I shave/wax not because I lack "female balls" but because I lack balls. I don't want to look manly!
  11. You're vague like my exgf

  12. I agree with "distance", that man is too domineering, at first I thought oh he is alright, by the end of the book I thought he was just a horrible man with no heart at all. As for accusing "distance" of being fat or masculine.... I'm as feminine as they come and get hit on quite a bit.... I think the answer is quite the opposite.... we aren't desperate enough to be turned on by rubbish like this.... “You've brushed your teeth," He says, staring at me. "I used your toothbrush." His lips quirk up in a half smile. "Oh Anastasia Steele, what am I going to do with you?” “‘Hold on to the sink,’ he orders and pulls my hips back again, like he did in the play room, so I’m bending down. He reaches between my legs and pulls on the blue string… what! And… a gently pulls my tampon out and tosses it into the nearby toilet.” On the other hand.... a friend at work who is 50 and morbidly obese had a huge thing for Christian Grey and Edward Cullen.
  13. I would heavily flirt with him if we didn't have mutual friends.
  14. I've read a lot about "intjs" feeling like they have a window of opportunity and then they get friend zoned. This is basically the reverse. A guy I rather fancied at the beginning of the year, first time I met him my heart flipped, but he doesn't live where I live so its now a long distance friendship. Something about him was indescribable, he is an INTJ, I'm an ENFP. I sort of chased him, but have almost waited for him to make a sign or signal, it hasn't quite happened. Moving on 6 months, I feel like i've made a good friend, we have a lot of shared interests i've heard a lot about his past, I can talk to him about anything etc, and he also seems to have relaxed a lot. But from a romantic perspective, nothing has happened, and so the spark I initially had is starting to fade. Last week I randomly meet another guy (an ent?), and we locked eyes and spent the whole time I was in his company subtly flirting with each other, he joked and brushed my shoulder with his hand etc... He is the type of guy who would flirt with everyone, but it made me realize I haven't see any obvious signs from the intj. Anyway I'm starting to think, should I put my life on hold waiting for the INTJ who may or may not eventuate into anything. Or should I pour less energy into that friendship, knowing that this will probably "friend zone him"... and go chase other rainbows? Thoughts.