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  1. I don't actually have any experience couch surfing, but, sure: I'm up for a chat.

    Does anytime next week work for you?

  2. Up for another chat later? Shooting the shit, etc. Also had some questions about couchsurfing. Thanks for mentioning that by the way - that could save my freaking life, seriously!

  3. nevermind facebook, I have no use for that anymore. Send me your email so I can send you my skype, instead.

  4. what's your fb (link) ?

    I'm not sure what time works for me. Plus, I've had a slight change of plans (for now) and my plan yesterday was something that I was going to try to talk to you about. However, I guess it's relevant. Hell, a conversation wouldn't be bad. We get along pretty well based off of text and the vague memory of the conversation we had three years ago.

    I changed skype username, btw. I'll send it to you on FB if you decide to accept/send me a request.

  5. I do. Would you prefer FB or Skype? Seems the latter would be better, since we're already friends there (though we could technically video chat through either venue).

    Also: I'll be out of the house at around 1:30, tomorrow, and during the rest of the day after.

    Does around 12:45 PM (again, U.S. Pacific) work for you?

  6. do you have facebook or something?

  7. Cool. Anytime that day works for me, so I'll leave that up to you

  8. Does anytime Thurs. (U.S. Pacific) work for you?

  9. Hey dude - do you have time to skype soon? Sooner the better. It's actually kind of serious.

  10. Cool. And it's cool lol. Yeah, May's good, so to speak.

    I'll talk about everything later. Hope things are going well for you.

    Also, I'm starting to slowly get back into Typology. I recorded a very long type-me video that involves me answering a questionnaire. I haven't uploaded it yet, but once I do I'm planning on posting it on TypoCtrl and PerC (if you know what I mean, stupid fucking censorship by INTJf), and potentially on here as well. I'm not sure yet. It turned out very well though. Articulation was solid, ESPECIALLY compared to when I spoke with you two and a half years ago. You'll get to know me very well if you see it.

  11. Sure, dude. I'm currently in the thick of end-of-semester business, but maybe sometime in May?

    P.S. Sorry for not getting to your previous message; I hope the year's seen the kind of change that you were going for.

  12. Would you like to have another Skype conversation at some point? I remember we had one two and a half years ago and we both seemed to enjoy it - it might be nice to check in again. We both have probably changed. I know I have.

  13. You actually remember me, holy crap.

    How'd you find me?

    I'm in the same boat, but I'm trying to make this the year of change.

    How are you?

    Sorry for being vague, I'm using an iPad which sucks typing with, plus I'm tired.

  14. How's it going, man? Long time, no see....