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  1. Would you put that in the same category as say, a salesperson? The inauthenticity unconsciously projected to make a sale rather than any real concern for a customers needs? The 'I'm here for you and to take care of your needs" persona that they often wear, when you know inside they are actually thinking "How much of a commission will I get for this one"? At least, that's my perception.
  2. Welcome aboard
  3. Growing up in a place full of Scandinavians, I can tell you that Lutefisk and Surstromming will give pause to even the most die hard Swedes, Finns, Norwegians, and Danes. NEVER attempt to open Surstromming inside a building with people that like you........if you want them to keep liking you that is.
  4. Hakarl.....its got to be just one step beneath Surstromming in terms of pure nastiness. If you can get beyond the smell, and somehow muscle it past the gag reflex, it will leave you wanting to avoid food for weeks. Hakarl has the consistency of old cardboard and dry rotted wood, and the smell of well aged piss filtered through a sterno bums kidneys.
  5. Seems both Carrie and George Michael had an extensive history with drug abuse earlier in their lives....But that leaves me wondering why people like Ozzy Osbourne, Iggy Pop, and Keith Richards haven't dropped dead decades ago. I actually think Keith Richards is already dead....his body is just waiting for the drugs to finally wear off before it shuts down.
  6. Damn shame......so many passing at relatively young ages.
  7. That's too bad.......53 is awful young.
  8. Dark/neutral colors........'cause bright/light colors are a bitch to get stains out of.
  9. Merry Christmas
  10. You're the Olympian (A methodical achiever) Your methodical approach takes you further, faster, higher. openness: 90% conscientiousness: 76% extraversion: 31% agreeableness: 3% neuroticism: 50%
  11. Kirk. Huh....didn't see that one coming. And I am not all that attracted to green skinned girls.
  12. I was reading about testing on an EM drive.......this would appear to have huge potential in making those first steps to Mars and further; http://www.universetoday.com/130649/nasas-em-drive-passes-peer-review-dont-get-hopes/