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    Retired United States Army Medical Corps.
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    The ocean, books, science, Second Empire Architecture, watching people, old movies
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  1. Actually......with P&CE shut down...its been nice and peaceful; I enjoy coming in.
  2. oh Goody! Forum crush time......so, to those of you I call out, don't sweat the whole stalker thing....I am entirely too self absorbed and lazy to pursue you. Woodswoman, Distance, Kprog, Selfmadebum, Malkavia, Ambra, and for a chaser after that six pack,,,Nemesis...,,and Cord, if he cooks dinner.
  4. I don't care for beards myself.....but my wife likes short beards.
  5. Communism works well.....for insects and other hive/colony minded creatures. Communism's greatest failure is human nature.....no matter how "equal" everything is in the workers paradise, someone will always want more than the next person, and will refuse to be constrained by political social engineering that mandates they get no more, or no less than the next person. Someone will always strive to acquire more, or make their own life better than communism allows for....communism calls it greed, I call it a desire to achieve a higher standard...competitiveness that drives us to excel and innovate to set the individual apart from the herd,
  6. Looks like a type 6..... Type 1 Orderliness||||||||||||||||||78% Type 2Helpfulness||||||30% Type 3Image Focus||||||30% Type 4Individualism||||||||||||||58% Type 5Intellectualism||||||||||||||||66% Type 6Security Focus||||||||||||||||||||86% Type 7Adventurousness||||||30% Type 8Aggressiveness||||||||||||||||66% Type 9Calmness||||||||||||||||66%
  7. Biology/Chemistry were my classes I excelled. Currently teach remote care/tactical medicine.
  8. "Who Built The Great Pyramids At Giza?" Minecraft Engineers.
  9. I'm simple pee pee dong.....male Va jay jay.......female both.....I got no answer.
  10. Howdy do, Woodsy!  :bighug:

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      ...besides taxes..


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      Oops - snaked! *smile*

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      Wish there was an 'edit; feature here.

    3. Doc Savage

      Doc Savage



      Speaking of knees.....time to punish tem a bit more.....need to take the laundry downstairs.  *hugs*

    4. WoodsWoman
  11. Perfectly. However, you cannot separate the additional lifelong medical expenses, or additional cost outside of medicine if you want to make an "objective" comparison....this is all part and parcel o the whole package.
  12. Wow....how far we have come....
  13. Did you miss the part about living assistants? Many require assistants for their ADL's ...... added to this post 1 minute later: These are elective and voluntary, BTW....not an affliction
  14. Then lets go educational; My son is autistic.....the additional cost after school of living assistants, and likelihood of decreased income potential when compared to non Autistic children/adults should be considered as well. That's not to say every autistic or disabled individual will be at risk of decreased income, but lets be honest.....How many Temple Grandin or Stephen Hawkins are really out there?