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  1. Fe

    I have a fairly well developed Fe and I do know what it is like to be walked on and for people to take advantage of my kindness but the trick is to only let it happen once and then I will stick up for myself. Using my Fe when I have to be social has always made me fairly well liked but I also have to demand respect if people try to take too much for granted. If I don't want to deal with confrontation then I will either walk away or be "cold" towards them.
  2. How often? Whenever I can What kinds of meals? Almost anything, but mostly breakfast food. Do you have a signature dish? I'm told that my mangrove snapper is to die for. How did you learn/who taught you? My entire family has contributed in some way but I also have taught myself quite a bit. Or are you a take-out junkie? Only when I have to be. Is it a generation thing? A gender thing? Everyone in my family cooks so no to both.
  3. I've been looking into MarsOne for a while. Personally I would love to help start the first colonization on mars so I do believe INTJs would be fairly good candidates for mar's missions.
  4. If I am attracted or care about the person then I rather enjoy cuddling. I'll hug almost anybody. I even had a "FREE HUGS" shirt when I was young; I was an INFJ back then.
  5. Getting laid is not everybody's first priority, especially not an alphas. I had some fun when I was younger but now I want a quality girl to spend time with. I would much rather wait for the right girl then have anonymous sex with a bunch of unintelligent females. Also, it is much more convenient to just have one fwb while searching for my ideal girl.
  6. That all sounds quite relaxing, but do you think you would benefit from having something that your had a deep passion along with still being able to do all the other things you enjoy? I ask because I currently do not have a passion and I am not really happy but better off then just content and I feel that I am not improving myself enough while right now with just focusing on classes, some social time and a lot of "me time" and I am wanting a new passion but nothing seems worth it or interesting enough yet.
  7. Interesting perspective, I see following a passion as helpful to clear my mind when I am unmotivated or in a bad mood. Many passions can be useful, I've personally be passionate about programming, free diving, psychology, and objectivism which have all changed me in some way for the better. In addition, there is something alluring to see how enthusiastic and insightful people are about their passion.
  8. I do enjoy researching, thanks for the idea. BTW I had to edit the original post so it fit the forum.
  9. When I am working towards something that I am passionate about I am at my happiest and most productive state. How important is your passion? As an INTJ I feel having a passion just makes me feel productive. How does your passion effect you? Does it help/hinder you?
  10. You make good points. Thanks for the advice and I wouldn't be trying to start a relationship from the the moment I meet them, I would much rather start with a friendship and then evaluate the friendship and go from there.
  11. But I am definitely an INTJ. I don't act like an INTJ until I am comfortable with someone. Until then I usually come off as more extroverted, enthusiastic and outgoing so I can pick and choose who I will want to keep relations with. The problem is I want to date an inteligent INTJ (or INFP) that wants an INTJ. Unfortunately the way I act in social situations usually attracts the attention of the more extraverted girls. Is anybody in a similar situation or that has an opinion on what I should do, please share.
  12. Start with a nice dinner out then go back to a hotel room for passionate love making. If he enjoys nature/ ocean then a camping trip or renting a log cabin with a couple bottles of wine could be a great get away. If he is more of an ocean person then chartering a sailing boat out at night for a few hours while you have a little picnic on the deck; and sex on a boat under the stars is quite fantastic. For gift ideas, books are a great gift for an INTJ. Maybe even a 1st edition for his collection(if he has one).
  13. You'll find me reading on my nook near the library with a coffee in hand, if we lock eyes and you give me a cute smile and stop within view I will probably introduce myself. But I am an unusual INTJ. You can also find me at the beach or walking on a nature trail. We can be quite difficult to find.
  14. I prefer the relationships that has both my partner and I evaluate each other and wait till we are both having to hold it down as to not admit it to the other until we both finally give in and have the brief and almost euphoric state of "giddiness" that ensues. But if they admit it first and they are needy then I will tend to view them as a lot more submissive which would change the relationships dynamics.
  15. My ideal mate can dress as many different ways as she wants, but my preferences on a women's attire is dependents on setting, time, and company but my favorite is hipster clothing, cute skirt and an open back shirt, professional suit attire, or yoga-pants(optional) with one of my button down longsleeve shirts on.