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  1. All my problems revolve around me thinking too much- and then thinking people don't like me. An making problems bigger than they really are. I tend to misinterpret things as a result. I think the way to deal with over thibking is to find out why you do so. For me it's because I'm afraid that I will miss something vital if I don't( I ten to misinterpret things people say/ words and phrases and how thins are said and then think the worst). But being introverted doesn't help.
  2. I didn't start talking until age 3. Then I never shut up. My parents say I had a ear infection or a hearing problem that got fixed...
  3. You acted exactly how I almost always do in "crisis" situations but I most likely would've just pushed the button without saying anything. They don't understand that they're idiots.
  4. it's interesting that you say that Sensors talk to be heard. And repeat things and they don't know that people aren't listening. I do that all the time and I'm 90% N. However, I suspect I have adhd....I go on tangents and get carried away alot. But I also try to talk about interesting topics, and don't watch tv sports. idk
  5. iPhone 5 preordered it at 5 am and it came in sept 21 :)
  6. lets see... I have plenty of friendly aquaintances because I was so involved in my organizations on my college campus. but I have probably 5 friends and they're all female. I don't hang out with guys...which also why I'm still single...I explain things so much to my friends that its a habit and when I meet people that understand me/ what I say...I back off and get nervous
  7. Well lol no... I didn't get that. If its because of my avatar. I really meant that the character acts like how I feel when I get mad/ or need to accomplish something. I don't actually kill people. I am just very quiet when I walk for some reason and always end up startling people. I've been told i have the "death stare" when I'm thinking. Ive been told that im very attractive and intelligent, like the character. And umm I'm very resourceful and resilient (for the most part).i also work better alone...I am very observant and good at figuring things out quickly. Idk I wasn't trying to scare anyone. :)
  8. Hi everyone, I'm new here, obviously. I always test Intj but I'm very talkative and random/ always cracking jokes. I am energized after participated in a good discussion and I can lead when need be. People call me wild and crazy but at the same time very reserved. I might just be shy or have adhd but I'm am wondering whether or not I'm an Entp/entj. I'm def. a rational tho. Well anyway, I'm new here so hi. :) P.s. the character in my avatar pretty much explains me. she's great. :)