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  1. I wouldn't read too much into the turning into another person. When I go to social outings, I do the same thing. I become really bro when I'm with athletic types, really chill around the outdoorsy camping ones, super nerdy around highly educated people, and me when I'm with my girlfriend alone. She recognizes it as me just wearing social masks to chameleon into the setting so I don't ostracize myself or look like a snob. It's just a social practice my ENFP brother taught me to employ. I think social types just tend to naturally do it better than others.

  2. I read somewhere (maybe in Jung's "Psychology Types" at introverts chapters , or somewhere else) that introverts in general love collecting things. I collected Yu-Gi-Oh! cards ,posters with bands when I was little and many other things ,but lost them eventually... Now I collect ear-rings , movie posters, movie dvd-s, anime posters, movie tickets , pens ,books about Japan or written by Japanese authors.
  3. Yep, that happens to me too. When I can't stop analyzing that person.
  4. Thank you all again :) I take psychology classes for my final exam and for my admission to college as well. I don't want to work in psychology or anything (way too many people for me) , it's just a hobby, so it's easier for me to learn and understand it.:) I would like to restart the teenage INTJ memders thread. :)
  5. Thank you all! ^^ Even for me , the ending of high school feels surreal and a little sad. Sometimes I think about how I would remember in 5-10 years memories of high school and what would I think about them...
  6. I am dating an ENFJ for 2 months now , and let me say it is so much better than a relationship with an ESTP. He cares about me ,he makes me feel safe, he wants to understand me (which is cute) and he makes me communicate more (or he is just manipulating me ,I'm not sure...). What bothers me is that when I want to watch a movie with him or go for a walk (just the two of us) , he would invite some friends. Sometimes I feel like he cares more about his friends. Another wierd thing the that when he talkes to one of his friends , he seems like a different person , but when he turnes and talk to me he becomes the one I know. It is really wierd and interesting in the same time. Sometimes , he make me a compliment , just to compliment him back. I guess he really likes attention.
  7. My name is Adriana. I am about to graduate from high school. For my finals I take psychology classes. And wodering on internet from site to site, I came across the MBTI test. That is when I discovered that I am an INTJ , and like many others , I become interested in personality types. That is how I got here. I don't know what to say anymore and for the moment, I think this is enough. If you have any questions , you can ask me.^^