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  1. We were just having a conversation about teeth in chat and I thought of you.

  2. this is a fact, when you take teeth out such as your 6yr old molar your 12yr old molar behind it has a tendency to tip forward into the empty space. Also, when you are chewing on less teeth that puts more pressure and wear on the fewer teeth causing them to damage quicker than if you had more teeth to take the burden. I'm the only dental student in my class that hasn't had braces and doesn't "need" them. Almost everyone in my high school had braces, so I'd say it's quite common. Every culture has features they like to "obsess" over for example Asia with whiter skin or two-fold vs one-fold eyelids. For Americans it's teeth, which is good for me since I'll be an American dentist. A nice smile is significant in our culture as far as social and professional success. I had a patient today talk to me about being single and wanting to have a nice smile to show pretty girls. Whether or not the UK has "ugly" teeth is completely subjective to their culture, if there was an evolutionary force pushing them to have more prefect teeth they would do it too.
  3. you are so special...

  4. All the skin you would have to fold over to get free reign on those teeth. Teeth are actually disgusting when you look at them like that. One punch to a kids face and all those teeth will be misaligned (even though they would get that way anyways)

  5. lol god NEVER. but look at that 6 yr old molar coming in! its freaking huge!

  6. 62479_517310941623255_770007419_n.jpg

    Imagine for what ever reason having to remove all the teeth before they came out.

  7. Yes thank you, it was Tamora Pierce the one I had not ever heard of, I'll have a look at her books.

    See you around.

  8. wah i don't remember which one you mean but I talked about

    Tamora Pierce - Fantasy young adult

    J.R. Ward - vampire romance

    J.D. Robb - future homicide detective romance

    those are my favs I think i also mentioned sherrilyn Kenyon - she has a ton of fantasy books and sometimes they repeat story lines but her "league" books are really good.

    hope the right one is in there! :)

  9. Hi Icy, could you mention again the author of the fantasy books you mentioned in the chatroom the other day thanks much!

  10. ❄ ❅ ❆