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  1. Did the hidden fabric of the philosophical dimension separate you from your bones? o.O
  2. What do I think of people in this thread? BUNCH OF FOOKING PUSSIES! Kidding. Well, mostly. I usually stick to about 14 over the speed limit, and that puts me in the 90th percentile as far as speed goes, around here. So, not too far out of the ordinary. Up to 10 MPH over isn't a ticketable offense under state law (unless we're talking about state patrol here, but that'd be a rare case), and 15 over is where you begin to get points, so as long as you're doing less than 15 over, you're probably gonna' be fine. I don't like paying for tickets, so I usually keep it at 14 over. Brakes, tires, suspension, roads, and the human reaction time are all capable of doing higher than the speed limit, safely. In the US, it's set at 4-8 MPH LOWER THAN the 85th percentile speed, so stop with the histrionics, you all. Speeding is vastly less dangerous than texting and driving... Let's talk about that, because almost dying on a weekly basis isn't exactly fun for me.
  3. This doesn't surprise me at all, in general. The valedictorian was my best friend, in high school... He teaches English in China, currently. I think he graduated college in 2.5 years, between AP credits and heavy courseloads.
  4. Here, for inspiration: https://youtu.be/mNlXl7cQaNA?t=1m50s
  5. I don't really see a potentially likely chain of events here in which your position proves to be an issue.
  6. Sounds like she might have been saving face? Why trust what she told her friend? Hell, for all you know she wasn't over an ex, but decided to tell her friend that you went no-contact, instead of admitting to her friend she wasn't over her ex. Obviously that's just one example, but you get my point... You shouldn't assume what she's saying is true, here. Regardless, though, if this was a year ago, and one date, I don't think it matters what you do either way. I'd probably leave it alone, but if you're going to regret not messaging her, then just do it and get it over with. Lol.
  7. I was more advocating for him to do something other than spending his time writing the most patronizing, annoying, useless article ever than I was for him to actually off himself. But I got a reaction out of you and someone else, so obviously my post had the desired outcome... External validation achieved!
  8. I don't own a house, but I've laid a fair amount of various flooring, painted interior walls, done minor plumbing, and things like that... First thought? I saw the word tile. Tiling is a bitch. A total fucking bitch. Take your rational, high-end estimate of the time it's going to take, and triple it. Also, if your tiles are more than tiny bathroom tiles, just buy/rent the industrial saw on the first go-round, don't cheap out, you'll end up buying the cheap tiny one, then renting the industrial one anyway. And beware of rooms that aren't square, too. If you're unfamiliar with tiling, do the smaller rooms (especially closets, as they're out of sight) first, as it'll be less obvious when you're not square, as there isn't 14 feet of distance to exacerbate the poor angle. Other thoughts? Beware of roof issues... Before you buy, preferably. And if there's somewhere you need to put in/replace cabinets, be sure to make sure pre-fab cabinets will fit, and plan accordingly if they won't... Building them is very labor intensive and very likely to look sloppy if not done perfectly, and having them made is incredibly expensive.
  9. Nothing against anyone's fetishes, but jesus christ that comic was annoying... Anyone who thinks making something like that is a good use of time should honestly just off himself, sorry. No value to society, anymore. This is the guy who causes you to skip parties or outings when you hear he's going to be there. Yeah, he's THAT fucking guy. That guy no one likes. NO ONE. Also lmao let's be honest, he can't be a cuck because no one would date him to begin with, he's way too fucking annoying.
  10. I tend to go for the ones who lead me on and then disappear at random.
  11. Haven't been around much lately, but while I'm dropping by, I'll contribute a bit... In my forum absence, I got to drive my ex's NSX (the real NSX, not that new thing), and I see what the hype about that car was about. God does it hold the road like nothing else, and just feels so... Composed, at higher speeds. It's incredible. I know, I know, it's an overpriced wannabe Ferrari that's not even fast anymore, whatever whatever whatever, there are faster cars for the money, blahhh blahhh blahh. That's such a crappy argument, and I feel like anyone who tries to make it has just never driven one -- there's always going to be a foxbody that's faster in a straight line for cheaper, or a Corvette that's faster "overall," but neither of them are going to handle like the NSX does, neither of them are going to appreciate in value like it does, and neither of them are drop dead gorgeous like it is. Maybe I'm just biased, but either way, now I need one... So, so badly. I've decided that one day, I'll own a 3.2L/6-speed/targa top model... With the pop-up headlights, of course.
  12. X2. Guy doesn't even know if he wants the baby. What happens when he ends up not liking the baby, and divorcing the wife? 18 years of child support with no appreciable benefit for the OP, and a kid with a father who doesn't like him/her. Fucking GREAT idea.
  13. I took a fair amount of them (AP European history, AP US history, AP US government, AP English language, AP English literature, AP psychology, AP microeconomics, AP macroeconomics, and AP Biology), and my take on it is that the workload is roughly equivalent to the workload of a corresponding college intro course, so I don't find the workload excessive. It might be excessive for a high schooler because they can't take the college workload, but if that's the case they shouldn't be in the AP class, I guess. That might sound mean, but to me it makes sense. For the people who should actually be in the class, it's not too excessive. I will say that my school wasn't very picky about who they let take the AP English language/AP English literature class, so a lot of those people who got the harder teacher couldn't really take the workload, and they all did horribly on the AP exams. But my school was pretty good at screening people for the other classes, so there never seemed to be an issue there. As for the general experience you asked for, I'm not sure they "prepared me" for college, but they were about equivalent to college intro-level courses, and they were cheaper than taking the classes at a community college, so they were worth it. I didn't take the exam for three of the classes because I was too broke, but I still came in with like 18 credit hours.