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  1. X2. Guy doesn't even know if he wants the baby. What happens when he ends up not liking the baby, and divorcing the wife? 18 years of child support with no appreciable benefit for the OP, and a kid with a father who doesn't like him/her. Fucking GREAT idea.
  2. I took a fair amount of them (AP European history, AP US history, AP US government, AP English language, AP English literature, AP psychology, AP microeconomics, AP macroeconomics, and AP Biology), and my take on it is that the workload is roughly equivalent to the workload of a corresponding college intro course, so I don't find the workload excessive. It might be excessive for a high schooler because they can't take the college workload, but if that's the case they shouldn't be in the AP class, I guess. That might sound mean, but to me it makes sense. For the people who should actually be in the class, it's not too excessive. I will say that my school wasn't very picky about who they let take the AP English language/AP English literature class, so a lot of those people who got the harder teacher couldn't really take the workload, and they all did horribly on the AP exams. But my school was pretty good at screening people for the other classes, so there never seemed to be an issue there. As for the general experience you asked for, I'm not sure they "prepared me" for college, but they were about equivalent to college intro-level courses, and they were cheaper than taking the classes at a community college, so they were worth it. I didn't take the exam for three of the classes because I was too broke, but I still came in with like 18 credit hours.
  3. I'm not sure how this concerns the forum member... Am I missing something?
  4. Maybe next time don't marry an ENTP. Anyway... I think a lot of the argumentativeness is probably due to you two being together 24 hours a day. Sounds like you're probably more visibly/verbally irritated than you realize as well, so this would lead to her being argumentative/defensive in return. Getting out more (alone) would probably help a lot, even if you have to sit her down and be firm about it. It's not like you have much to lose by trying this, I mean, you're already writing out posts about divorcing her. I don't think "don't die before me" is out of place for one spouse to say to another, but what do I know. "I can't live without you," is a bit scary, though. I think the major issue here is the kids bit. Everything else is probably mostly a byproduct of circumstances, if it only started 3 years ago... Meaning it can be dealt with and resolved, ideally. The having kids bit, not so much... You need to figure out if that's something you want, something you're willing to accept, or something you're not willing to accept. And then you need to figure out if having a kid with her is something you want, something you're willing to accept, or something you're not willing to accept. If the kid thing is now or never, figure that out first, since it'll effect you the most... If you can put it off, great, try to fix your relationship with her first and then see how you feel about the kid bit after that. Also, I'd think long and hard about whether returning to your old life is practical, or easy, or possible... It's impossible to truly go back, and sometimes it's difficult to pretend. It might not make you happy anymore... You might end up going back to your old life, and find it unsatisfying after a few months. You might even regret ending your marriage. Proceed with caution... Like I said, it's impossible to truly go back. Just my assorted thoughts on all of it. Good luck, man.
  5. I don't think it's racist to find something annoying or unpleasing to the ear. As long as you'd dislike it if a white people person did it, it seems more about the behavior than race. I think I'm racist against hardcore Chicagoans... They have to be a race, because lord knows it takes a different anatomy to produce that accent.
  6. *Crawls out from under Ambra's bed with a smirk, brandishing his long, sharp fingernails* On a more serious note, you're probably scratching yourself in your sleep, or while moving while asleep you scratched your arm on your bed or something. There's no way a lizard small enough to easily hide in your room can scar you... It's just not possible. I've owned a lot of fucking lizards (like 30), trust me on this one.
  7. It's all relative... Good is relative. I can ski a black diamond slope without falling, but it ain't gonna' be purdy. I can usually keep it under a hundred in golf, but whether or not that's good is debatable. etc. etc. etc. I enjoy skiing, playing golf, shooting pool, riding my motorcycle, and some other things... None of which I'm exceptional at. But whether or not I'm good at them is relative. The only things I can definitively say I am good at are dodgeball and remembering useless information.
  8. If there was no graceful way to get out of it, I'd do it before making it a known (to people other than my significant other) issue... But my significant other would probably hear a lot of bitching about it, regardless. Unless it was something she knew I was interested in, and was acting out of consideration. That's fine I guess... But those are rare situations.
  9. Visit the sections you want, read the threads you want, and interact with the people you want, and it'll be fine.
  10. This site is what you make of it.
  11. He's made his preferences here pretty clear... Leave him alone.
  12. Haven't seen you around much... How's life?

  13. On one hand, for those without tons of disposable income, it's a serious waste of money that would be better off being put towards the future instead... On the other hand, it shows that you're actually serious about her, and I guess that's important.
  14. I mean I don't see much wrong with him asking cultural questions and occasional language questions, but if he wants to learn the language, that should be his own thing, not something for him to put on you. I had an ex who wanted to teach me German (she wasn't German, she just knew German), but at the time I was too busy to bother with it. Wouldn't mind learning now, actually. I dated an Ethiopian girl and she didn't try to teach me her language or anything... But she'd run into Ethiopian people all the time, and I'd be standing there like the dumb white guy I am, so it made me want to learn their language a little bit, but to be honest, there's just not much practical use for that language... So I don't think I'd ever have bothered learning it (beyond rudimentary basics that let me know when people are saying bad stuff about me), unless she wanted me to. Plus she always ordered for me at Ethiopian restaurants, so I had no incentive to learn. As for the culture, I'd occasionally ask a question seeking further information if it was relevant to the discussion, but that was about it. Anyone else from a foreign culture/who spoke a different language I wasn't with long enough to say much one way or the other.
  15. "Agreed with." Exactly. The rest didn't disagree with it... They dismissed it as the useless drivel that it is. There's a difference.