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  1. Fingers crossed and hope you will get better soon. You really seem like a nice guy :shy::smug:

  2. http://store.steampowered.com/ Crusader King is on sale on steam right now and the offer ends in about 12 hours. If you like history, then here are some games that I recommend. Assassins Creed series Call of duty - not the current one since they are now going the science fiction route, but the old ones Total War series Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Bioshock (warning! not accurate) There are more, but I cannot think of them right now. It sounds like you just need a gaming binge. I go through the same thing with movies, books, TV shows. So I would recommend getting Crusader King since it's on sale so you would get more bang for your buck.
  3. Long video, but fun to listen too.
  4. Jetlag: Personally I consider jetlag a bliss. Usually I find myself being a night owl so when I do experience jetlag, I usually fall asleep around the same time the average human does, thus allowing me to experience my travels. For others, it should take a bit to adapt, try to tough it out if it gets serious though. Timezone: Just google it or ask the locals. My best solution is to carry an Ipod or something similar to one that automatically sets the time based on your location. Usually it does it simply by connecting to the internet. When I would travel it never really let me down (not an apple fanboy) . Travelers advice: Perhaps this depends on the location, but try to find deals for bus/train tickets for people who travel a lot. For example, in japan one can spend a few hundred dollars for a limited amount of bullet train rides for a week or two. These deals are generally for business men or travelers. It is slightly more expensive than one train ticket, but it is cheaper in the long run if you're always on the go in a short period. Always carry your wallet in your front pocket to avoid pickpockets. Depending on the location, buy filtered bottled water and try not to add ice. Have fun.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions guys, I went to my school today, but they were limited on time today because it was a half day and they were closing down until the 3rd. I guess I have enough time to think about stuff, but there are suggestions on here that I will look into as time comes. - Thanks
  6. Very well done. You successfully deconstructed his intent and approach. You're obviously not dumb. Undecided, or even waiting for inspiration... perhaps. ;)

  7. Face: According to friends and family I look younger and better Nose: I get grossed out when I talk to people with long nostril hairs so I figured I should do others the favor and not gross them out too. Also the feel of the hair gets annoying and the hair attracts mucus. Balls: Why not.
  8. I believe deconspire has a point on how Arcanist did try to make this about him/her self. I notice something wrong with this post after seeing a few more of your post so I decided to look at your reply history. After looking at your reply or message history on these forums, it seems that you haven't helped anyone at all. Mind you that I have only looked at so many instead of all of them since there are so many replies, but recent messages shows that even if I was not in the military, you would have not have bothered replying to this thread or would have given some sort of "stupid americans are stupid LOL" post. Mind you that I have no idea who you are so maybe you would have helped, but it seems unlikely. So by giving an inflammatory yet subjective message to me on this forum, you got the attention from us, thus making it about you. He seems to have a point, if you didn't want this to be about you, you would have just left and we wouldn't see the likes of you on this page, but you continue to return. Why return? Why post a non productive comment like when you were not going to help in the first place? It is a mystery to me on why you would claim that you would help, yet naturally you wouldn't. Why post it? For the attention? Maybe? If you do not want the attention please feel free to stop posting. I respect your opinion because you are entitled to it, but saying that " this isn't about me" just doesn't seem to make any sense. Sorry, for the lengthy post and replying back to you even though I said I wont. You won't be getting one from me. Please enjoy your day.
  9. I will be talking to them tomorrow in the afternoon. So hopefully everything will be settled. I think I will follow your advice now. I just felt that I had to defend myself, but it no longer seems necessarily since you have a good point.
  10. Thanks for the advice. I could have sworn that I got over his abusive nature a few years ago, but maybe I will look into it to see if I am still suffering from it. As for looking into a learning disability, I will be looking into that in the future. Though, I have a feeling they will deny the fact that I have it. It cannot hurt to try though. Arcanist, can you please explain how serving the state is 100% evil? The majority of the time I did in the military I was actually helping out 3rd world countries in Asia by rebuilding orphanages, cleaning up beaches, and repainting houses. Small it may seem, but I wouldn't classify it as evil. Also, how is 5 years of free schooling a pittance? There are actually alternative programs where people visit other countries in exchange for free schooling as well. I believe it is the peace corps, but feel free to correct me if i'm wrong. If they also gave up time for a "pittance" are they evil?
  11. Thank you very much, ill look into it. Arcanist, it seems that you hate those that have killed people. I have never killed anyone nor been in combat. So why don't I deserve your help?
  12. Though I respect your opinion, I am curious why you believe I don't deserve any help.