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  1. It's just a brain fart I think. Some comments here are too far-fetched. It's not erratically abnormal. Thoughts do indeed propel outwards with an equal receiving effect, given that the thought is as bad as it makes you feel. I use to have a lot of intrusive thoughts. Incestuous, beloved family members with their throats slit, death.. all the morbid kind of things that sprung to thought randomly. There'd definitely be a chemical explanation for it. Nowadays I meditate and treat thoughts as they all pass by in the wind, not as if they're engraved in stone.
  2. I personally think at this day and age, people are reaaalllyyy fucking confused, about everything. I can further purport my beliefs but if what I said was enough to come across as horrible, I can only imagine how what I'll say now will come across - I'm only having a discussion with you and expressing my mostly unfounded opinions at the end of the day, so let's talk business, because I'm more than happy to understand and learn from facts from others. I appreciate your direct honesty with me. You've summed it up better than I could. Yes, I'm very unsure and quite confused about it, because there's one side to me that'll be quick to agree with what you've said and then another side that still chooses to turn down the idea of how normal it has become in this day and age and is nothing short of a gender-bending mania. Listen to what I'm saying, there's a side to me that empathises with it, my sweet side that understands people should be who they wish to be and do what makes them happy at the end of the day then there's a side that pisses me off when a 6 year old girl gets hormonal treatment for her 7th birthday. Then that sweet side comes out again and I say to myself 'oh, but this girl, (I mean boy) should do whatever she requires to fulfil her happiness in life. So no, I don't have total resistance to the idea, I just have mixed emotions about it all and this could be from the traditional values I'm starting to see are now changing. But it's true, it's about what's right for the person in favour. I completely understand that transgenderism stems from those who wish to be something else their chromosomal configuration attests and psychologically they identify as what they choose to identify as. There is no stopping that, I understand. It's just gotten to the point that pro-transgender and pro-homosexual will be the way to go for the western world, and if we choose to think otherwise, we'll be shackled and remanded as the politically insensitive and biased, you even did it just then. People are being called out constantly for expressing different views from everyone else - I like to speak out on it because I like to look at everything from each angle. Nowadays, transgenders are recognised by mainstream media fanfare for their bravery, courage and are sympathised for the struggle they go through. In media fanfare, they are the protagonists (My Tranny Summer), (Tranny Beauty Queen) and are orchestrated in a way to offer maximal support in their quest to change. Gender re-alignment (I don't even know what's the right fucking term to use anymore, seriously) does not mean they're fulfilled as it's seen in the media or specifically, My Tranny Summer. I don't want the world to come to a point where kindergarten class is filled with male, female and transsexual and for it to be okay to dress up and go into the other public restroom when that's far too easily exploitable by sick, vile people. There's an agenda behind all of this that I wish not to expand on, because I'll probably be called more deluded than I already am and like I said, most of you won't notice shit for your entire lives. But we are becoming cattle to the state, and it's happening quicker than we know it. See how confused I am? Like I am about a lot of things. I should learn to accept everyone for who they are. I'm self-aware of this. But fuck, something feels totally off about a lot of things to me.
  3. You best understand that any kind of soda or sugary beverage will slowly decay your insides and turn your body acidic. Diet coke contains aspartame, believe me, you don't want to consume too much aspartame. 8-12 cans.. I'm surprised. Why do certain people find it difficult to just drink water? It takes me 5-10 minutes whether to contemplate if I should buy a can of soda once every blue moon. These cans do nothing but harm to the body. Drink flavored water if you'd like to substitute, or swap every second can you'd drink for a glass of OJ or water then cut down as you've mentioned for an idea.
  4. This is why I've vowed to myself to remain single for as long as necessary (quite sometime). I hate the fact that relationships wage war between the couple who've unionized obligation to make ends meet. But I swear from what I've experienced and have seen, these ends don't even meet half the time. I don't want to jump into something and watch it go to shit. My heart goes into it or it won't. My problem is that I have a tendency to feel like it's better to abort something as quick as it began with than to sit there and bother making it work. There's just too much effort when it comes to it. Have I grown cold, distant from this? Probably. I treasure relationships but I see them for what they are. An obligation to do your best in making them happy until you're not happy yourself. You're probably just another one of those people who is hoping to be saved again. Wait until the day another guy sweeps you off your feet and you fall into his arms, as long as you have that you won't give a fuck who is securing you in a union. My advice? Walk it off, drink with friends at a bar, better yourself and start looking at acceptance than resentment
  5. Maybe so, he simply grabbed a small bowl of water from the tank, put it in his mouth but beyond that was a calling for some kind of power. I was totally shook by it, and also very grateful because all it required later was some cleaning and stitches. I wish I had some metaphysical explanation for it, but these are one of the few stories I've experienced and heard of by my close relations that this is very real.
  6. Oh, my bad. I've just read it on Instagram posts and some articles that the episode was editedand thought it'd ring true that the 90s Bill Nye clashed with modern transgenderism ideologies but thanks for clearing it up. I shouldn't believe it all without verification.
  7. Hey everyone, I'm back on the forums for a short-while (couple weeks). these readings can be quite tedious and there's some astrological traffic i'm determined to go thru one by one. Will do some tonight and the following days, i haven't forgotten about anyone. cheers.
  8. you can't grow old and wise without being young and stupid first.
  9. Magick to an extent is undiscovered technology. I've experienced magick myself, so have some close friends. It's real, when I was in borabu, thailand 06 i punctured my foot with the broken base of a beer bottle in the village. it punctured at least half an inch deep and was gushing blood like i've never seen before. I was pretty much carried to the bath room which had a literal shit-hole (squat and shit), a tank with rain water and a hose. The people there were pouring water over the puncture cleaning it out but to no avail did the bleeding stop. An old man suddenly came in, put rain water in his mouth, closed his eyes and did some chant and spat at the cut and the bleeding immediately stopped. and please don't give some BS pro-science explanation for this anyone, i know what i've witnessed. magick is real.
  10. I'll treat the question as if it isn't rhetorical and boisterous. You think it'd be you as the OP offering some insight into this. maybe not.. actually I'm going to treat that question as it is. Go on, why don't you tell us exactly why you as someone ugly fucks women around the clock. Ur the first one to possibly know so stop dribbling shit
  11. Probably an underage edge-lord
  12. Call me a douche, but I think transgenderism is far too normalized. It's an observable part of the animal world. Yes, correlation between transgenderism and mental illness comes from the pressures and bullying that people who identify as trans go through in their everyday life . Where everyone has an opinion on whether they are normal, human, male, female, and other such things that will lead to serious problems. Realistically, if people just accepted one another than a lot of those issues would end, but it never EVER works like that. I hide behind the science to justify this stance that it shouldn't be pushed further and normalized, but in a modern setting the science has moved on. It's now claimed not only is biological sex nowhere near as simple as XX or XY when you consider YY XXY or the other intersex combinations, or the natural genetic differences between the content of two people's sex chomosomes, But almost all modern Psychologists and Biologists accept that gender is a very complex spectrum. I'm also confused to why they removed a segment from Bill Nye's episode where he says that chromosomes determine gender on Netflix. The apparent influx of polygamy, taboo-fantasy porn, infidelity, feminism and all these backed up agendas I think they're here to distort foundational values. Soon we won't have nuclear families because it'll be alright to have 2 moms, 1 dad and 3 kids who can't even define who the living fuck they are. Let alone the exceedingly easy divorce rates.. look at what's happening collectively. But no, we have to address everything with sensitivity and with a soft politically correct approach. It's all backwards and most of you won't even notice it for your entire lives.
  13. Being fearful comes from the lack of faith within yourself, if you sit there and choose to chain yourself to an existence of mediocrity, then you probably deserve the devalued outcomes you get from most avenues. there's nothing worse than feeling stuck -- we all must hang with the right people who make us breathe easily and deeply, the problem us people have is that we tend to only like to hear what we already believe. we're not meant to be uniformed or contained in a box, we are chaotic, expansive, creative and consistently fluctuate. you don't want to live life neglecting the critical and important matters or to dislike the truth and have difficulty coming to terms with it. I'm all for being positive but to a degree does it start to become denialism, that blind sense of optimism and everything is 'alright', if it's not and your body and reality is signalling, stop being a pussy and change. and for me personally, the obvious path i face difficult with is this inability to have that openness and candid approach to many things. i have trouble speaking my mind when necessary and it eats me inside, but this is all changing as well - it's better to speak your mind freely and the ones who matter won't mind if you do.
  14. Social media is a self-promoting data mine for most people.. and it's actually turned really slutty over the past couple of years..
  15. You don't have to get mad to get distant. If you can simply converge little time for her then just do it... or wait until she does something to you directly and use all force there and then. i can tell already you're not the direct, upfront type -- because if you were, your blood will boil and up comes the confrontation by now, you're more sly about it because you're worried about what will happen to you for sticking up for you.. i'm just assuming anyway. by the sounds of it, she probably has an influence on the people around her, probably strikes at others with manipulation (i.e use others against you) and defamation, sounds like a real vindictive person there. your advice will range, but if it'd hurt me truly enough to not distant myself without a fight, i'd be all-in about it. but anyway, timing is a key factor for payback -- you can slash her tires for all u really care, just stick up for yourself. realistically, people tattle behind each other's back and it truly isn't a big deal but to me i value the principles behind relationships, someone is simply not real to you if they're talking behind backs. simply.