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  1. You and Froid have answered your question, much fear, many narcissisms.
  2. Do you think that we ever fully heal from past hurts? Definitely not everyone. If we don't fully heal, can we still benefit from partially healing? E.g. what doesn't kill us can make us stronger. Obviously better than to not heal, Mr. Sherlock. From your personal experience, would you say that undergoing past hurt or a then painful challenge can be worth it? I think it's obvious that the mourn of growth is necessary than the mourn of remaining where you're sadly at forever.
  3. Yes and that's exactly what added to the unabated thrill of knowing I fucked up when I was in too deep.
  4. You don't need it, it's a waste of time. People have forgotten how to communicate because of it. It's just far too convenient and accessible now to just assume it's only convenient and accessible. Exactly like Snapchat and it's facial augmented recognition. Facebook's worldwide newsfeed is basically a nerve center, some may misfire, but the information will always flow. It's a huge playground riddled with data mines and emotional contagion. In the end, social networking sites are wildly popular precisely because they disseminate information so effectively. Posting to a network is easier than e-mailing individuals, and usually more fun. One bright side is that these sites' popularity dispels the complaint that the web is merely an incubator for like-minded people to isolate themselves, associating only with the people and ideas that confirm their beliefs. You'll generally meet a wide-array of people interested in real things and real people.
  5. They'd probably have a lot of enemies.
  7. So are you implying it's noteworthy to give a shit about the unnecessary situations too? People tend to worry about shit that won't matter in 5 days time. The moment I cared less about dumb shit it was the moment I became more generous to myself. Not giving a fuck isn't to be mistaken for lack of caution of self-preservation.
  8. So my best mate and I discussing world series poker outside my place then it pops onto my laptops Youtube recommended for you.. not the first time it's happened. perhaps there's something deeper going on.. smart fuckin' machines. Edit: all good i've finally traced it back and it was because of last week's google search to this image: still in all saying that, their tracking systems are quite prolific.
  9. you are exactly what YOU think I am
  10. Simplifying it, it's honestly about not giving a fuck. The less fucks you give, the more opportunities are given for you to enjoy yourself and you may accomplish something from this art-form. Only give a fuck for the necessary situations, people who don't give a fuck are often admired by others around them who do.
  11. How would you know what nature I'm leveraging? I started off my post with "sometimes", being indicative that it may require more than that - I just assumed bad taste wouldn't do justice for me because the relaxant effect is why I've smoked, it was a crutch to feel "normal", or at least get through the day feeling alright. I've been on and off with smokes for a while. I've finally gotten to cut down cigarettes to the odd social smoke here and there, all it required was me being a hot-head for a few weeks and will power. Besides, Australia's 2017 cigarette prices will make the rest of the world's heads roll. I had to quit in order to save. I'll try Cacao's method one time, if it works, props to him. I wasn't intending to be indifferent even if it sounded like it.
  12. 4 pages in and we're still trying to pin-point the exactitude of truth outside of our mental terrain
  13. Sometimes it takes more than the bad taste and odor of a cigarette to quit smoking, or else everyone would be slamming onions and dunking mouthwash as opposed to investing in nicotine-replacement products. All it takes it some will power and initiative.
  14. Success is the transition to a better version of yourself without the incessant kicking and screaming for everyone to hear, the transition should be silent and the success by all means can be your noise roaring graciously with diligence, humility and with modesty. The ones with eyes to see and ears to hear will tune into it and you create an example. Desire is a motivator, how far you go with it and what you do may otherwise be different. e.g *power getting to the head*