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  1. "This is why I'm sexy and I know it" Natural immunity to haters The 6-century old vampire MILF seducing younger men. Nice chart there. Pulse-racing, DRAMATIC, jaw-dropping, head-turning, determined, ambitious, stage presentable. You have an aggressive spirit and men find you extremely attractive. Majestic, voluptuous aura. You know what you have and how to use it. Especially when it comes to sexual assets, you often joke about reaching the top of sex-appeal, but you know it may be true. You can use your sexual energy in constructive ways. You're extremely sexual, lust is something you probably won't ever overcome. You're mechanized to where your actions seem to always attract attention. Your presence alone brings a powerful pull that draws people towards your exalted vision and leadership. You're not one to be apart of the herd, instead you are a robust individualist. You don't wait for anyone and good luck trying to compromise with you. "Fall behind, get left behind" attitude, you're not the one to be patient or to wait for others. You don't tend to be self-sacrificing. Money is of great importance to you even if it doesn't seem that way and you feel content when you're leading or in charge due to deep-seated authoritarian attributes within you. Excel in coroner, police woman, barwork, exotics, jewelry/design. You'll need the exceptional knight in shiny armor to domesticate you. As your own breed, the lioness is often self-destructive with forces you protrude in your emotional life. You take mocking quite seriously and don't like making a fool of yourself. Luckily, as with many individualists, you don't need the words of encouragement from others as your self- reassurance energy is quite profound (superior self-vitality). Consequently, you don't listen to the advice of others, you don't like it when people tell you what to do. Your chart is interesting, and the Scorp Sun and Lunar Leo captivates me with a lot of interest (I have a bestfriend with your sun & combo). What interests me the most about your Scorp Sun & Lunar Leo is the powerful energy it draws alone - it's as if there's an internal conflict between both signs that aren't compatible but the moon in Leo heavily dilutes the "dark, underworld" archetype of a Scorpio. You're a sunny Scorpio. Both signs in your position potentiate emphasis on sex. Your heart is a very romantic one, you love the other sex endearingly. With your superior depth, you're caught up in your road to success that much of your thoughts are directed at yourself. To others, especially your loved ones, at times when you speak of yourself too much and feel as if everyone should always know about every latest little achievement - your bragging will bore them and can come across as arrogance at times. Tone it down a bit, step away from the spotlight whenever you feel you're revolving too much thought around yourself. You naturally do this as you have a lot of pride in the activities you do. It's apart of your innate nobility that you possess. You love making loved ones (your pack) laugh with friendly banter and quirky gestures and you can act infant-like when you're not appreciated enough. When you're caught up in disappointment in life, your pleasure-seeking indulgent side tends to reveal itself more and this can turn into sensualism or the use of alcohol, drugs etc. It's critical that your positive affirmations are consistent when you feel like goals have not been met or else your energy will become sluggish and stagnant. You may simply be so bored and frustrated with the world that you settle for the simple, earthly pleasures. (it's the little things that counts, right?). You're usually the first to be disloyal in friendships/relationships albeit allegiances and close connections are your prioritized ideals. You probably have a tendency to piss a lot of your loved ones off. You secretly set a bunch of standards on your loved ones and if they are not met, you'll be angry with them. You may have a reputation that is of "love them, then leave them", has your life revolved around having many great relationships but not not lasting? You may be the type who'll jump from relationships and friendships into different ones constantly for life. Your imagination and creativity is always at work but often there may be times where you are suddenly swept by powerful waves of emotions and this'll cause you to accept any forms of illusions or misjudgement. Your extremity/intensity in life is something you cannot always help, you simply feel too much and it causes that explosive impulse of energy you may act out on. What you'll need to learn is to listen and talk thoroughly with others and to accept others is a virtue. Your chart is built for someone with some serious potential - a highly respectable, dignified and astute character derives from your charts. Don't fuck this one up. Cheers.
  2. @Agriculture We get to the agriculturalist. Take a seat on your log mate, we are taking a short break from cultivating our lands, we must reach for the stars first. This guy keeps it real. Your humanitarian and spiritual impulses are very strong. You're placated by a knowing purpose. Your presence is magnetic, spiritual. People are attracted to your presence and admire such precise aim and determination that you possess. Openly affectionate to loved ones, kindness rules all. This is your nature and you're appreciated for it. However, there is also such frankness, intensity and viciousness in certain interactions that it can come across sharper than a thin blade. Your distance at times can be assumed for haughtiness from certain people. You're designed to work towards your truth. Your quest is a personal one. Your existence is working towards elation. Your free nature will someday possibly lead you to your own spiritual nirvana. Heightened by profound consciousness. When the Lunar Sagittarian collides with secret serviceman Scorpio - there'll come unity, idealism and profundity. Essentially, you have a rebellious nature and situated by a need for lots of freedom. Anyone who tries imposition or control your autonomy is seen as a nuisance/menace. Since your spirit is heroic and adventurous, you need space to move around. You also need a lot of room to express yourself. Apart of your in-built creeds is honesty and loyalty. That means you'll never contravene on the rights of others. It's seen in your chart that tact is scarce. One of your astro-defects. You can come off as too candid. After conferring your tenderness comes a fun-loving, unreserved, idealistic and romantic character. You remain true to yourself and others. You are not pretentious. Although you seem astute and sophistical, you handle the hits of reality much better than others because you're at front. Your chart will indicate a person devoting life to exploring the uncharted new (under)worlds of feeling and thinking. This is your essence. You are so concerned with discovering spiritual truth. Self-contemplation is a perk for you, because things lay within you. Your mental imagery is vivid and strong. Try not to be swept away by deluded thinking or phobias. At times your transcendental perspectives can warp your judgement. It's quite interesting because your nature has such explosive emotional force and determination but kept sealed with direct honesty and kindness. Your mannerism is compatible with high-intensity situations. You'd be the guy to call in a crisis. Social-minded and keen on helping others, too idealistic to work in business. Medicine, religion and public services is suitable. Can be sincere almost to a fault. Brusqueness of manners, tactless remarks and volatile temperament can be controlled by directing explosive impulses in physical outlets or gentleness. If you want to succeed, learn to take things into consideration and with forethought. If you react quickly, you'll do dumb shit. As you grow, you begin to learn the effects of some words you exchange. Especially the sensitive. Try to avoid misunderstanding. You're extremely perceptive and know the weaknesses of others quite well that you know where to strike. Far but clear-sighted. Fiercely acute mind and much emphasis on sex at times. Mars in fall in Libra - you're either passive or argumentative.
  3. Apologies everyone for the inconsistent responses. I've only really had enough time and effort to lurk and leave messages ignored. I'll get to it. Everyone's on a waiting list I'm going thru this thread one reply after the other. Let's discuss astrology. The Good Guy. Mr Nice Guy. The Cool dude. You're extremely likeable. @Cacao With your worldly common sense and sensitivity people are drawn by your charms. Equality and respect is something that you give to everyone. You're designed to be quite fair and wise with your matters. In general, you're an all-around decent person. The everyday man. When difficulties become too much, resort to a serene environment (by the river, botanical gardens, forests etc) as you'd benefit mostly from this. Your Sun and Moon makeup is comprised of two signs ruled by Venus. This is quite admirable. There's a special ray of calmness and peace that you emit. You have an elegant presence to where anxiety and stress aren't that known to you in many situations. In saying this, hidden behind your calm front is tension. You may require more relaxation and relief than others due to your low-threshold of tension. It can build up quite quick if you're not at ease. Your peers can have some influence on you, so be around friends that help fulfill the positive spectrum of life. Excel in drama, arts and design. You'll need an endless, diverse amount of activities and entertainment to constantly quell the uneasiness inside of you that makes you on the move. You prefer the easy way out of things many times. This makes it harder to achieve self-fulfillment in the long run. Easiness and excessive pleasure hinders growth. Try doing the things you'd rather not. Learn to be more assertive with who you are as well. Nature leaned towards artistic/dramatic aspects, very expressive and idealistic. I'm guessing you don't have many enemies at all. Your nervous tension makes it harder for you to respond to aggressive/hostile atmospheres. Your personality is marked with optimism and you can settle into work quite easily. Comfortable home, close family and friends are of importance in your charts. If you work in an environment that restricts you of creative abilities/talents, imposed by textbook fact and figures - you'll never be happy working then. Try not to fall frail once confronted with hostility, be assertive and let people know where you stand. Talks with hands a lot, nervous around people at times but appreciative of an audience. Great conversationalists, writers and reporters. Clever and witty. Sense of duality is quite strong with the Rising Gemini. There may be internal conflict between two forces which makes you unsure and indecisive. Mental activity is high. High-strung. Temperamental and inner sureness lacks at times even if the confidence appears assured. The mind is a prodding, conservative one. Strong inertia can turn into stubbornness. You're not the one to be pushed with facts. It must feel right too. Touch is a stronger sense.
  4. Hi Sarea, let's discuss some astrological business. There is a rebellious idealist with a strong inner voice and a boss that settles for devoted approach inside of you. The work life is important to all Virgos. Your work is integrated and formal framework - but with this you have a bold spirit. Your stance is autonomous with high standards. You're the outlaw homeopath. Virgos are ruled by the intestines. They are there merely to serve others and discard and eject all impurities that'll tarnish their body. You believe you're ought to be your own boss and this happens to be true. You're an interesting person with a Lunar Sagittarian who thrives on freedom and rebellion but then coupled with a sunny Virgo that needs standard approach, methodical, tolerable but careful attitude. This makes you multifaceted, nicely mixed up. Independence is necessary here. At work you demonstrate strong realistic and administrative qualities and also hidden fervor and nerve. Impulsion at times may counteract your best attempts. Perhaps you may sometimes feel that if work or certain boundaries are restricting of you that there really is no stopping you from leaving the front door. Your social life is quite full and you need your outside interests. You express your feelings and beliefs well and that comes with great humor - but also comments that can be quite blunt at times. With your tendency to speak out on certain things, this can disaffect others around you. With your gentle lips comes fiery output. It'll be of importance to learn to shut your mouth at times, bluntly put, for it may be better if thoughts are kept to yourself People are drawn by a persuasive, charismatic pull by you. You're quite magnetic. A lot of the times, you dare test certain notions, beliefs, intuition and amorous outlooks as you're succumbed by your free nature. However, you test these with an unworried nature. If you feel restricted by work, lifestyle, relationships - your nature to test things will over grow even more. First signs of boredom is fidgety and drudge. To manage your unpredictable nature of yours, try and have exhilaration flowing within you whenever you can. Your Mars is in Taurus (Detriment). Money and sex are important. Apt to be penurious. Sharing to be cultivated as a quality albeit not totally selfish. Venus, she's at her best in yours. Ruled by Libra (RULER) - expresses well with esthetic, artistic ability. Mental and spiritual levels of expression than physical. Direct and clear in emotions, always young at heart. Easily hurt, cannot hold grudges. You relate to others easily and become unhealthy rather quickly if atmosphere is constantly discordant. You will be traveling for life and learning along the way is your education. I'm quite sure of this. It could be one of your purposes - to hatch, match and dispatch to another field of learning. You'd make an excellent writer whose work can be read by others in the future - the hallmark of Sarea's earthbound legacy. Remarkable. You're a philosopher, with qualities that make a great politician, preacher and teacher. You may pose an interest in working with the youth that comes with interests of an improved future. People who want to discuss an improved future should come to you. You're a teacher who has the potential to plant seeds in the minds of others, especially the young. You're that librarian that shuts on closing hour only to become superwoman. You are the quiet until pushed too far type. Stable and passive nature. Possessive and fixed in convictions with a nature that isn't really pushed but coaxed. Your pace of mind is slow, steady and will only work at the pace you can. Possible inclination to weight gain is seen in your chart too. Your Mercury is at home with the Ruler of Virgo. There is maximized stability within your charts. Sacredly, you're an own being at its finest. Practical and logical trends of thoughts define you. Superior common sense. Can be quite critical of others but essentially honest. Excellent speaker, intolerable towards blatant stupidity. Forgetful that the world is ruled by self-interest, (un)governed emotion and prejudice than reason. Mercury and Venus affected by both their rulers which compliment each other extremely well. Nice and steady!
  5. And we finally get to you, Ms. J. Take a seat, let's delve into your star placement. You're gifted with superior verbal abilities. You are the ultimate messenger. You NEED to convey important messages, for life. You're the wise, old lady who'll tell stories of your existence to children of latter generations around the fire. You work like a nerve cell and society functions as the nervous system. You are there to convey signals to all those around you. It's important that hidden ideas and the deepest of feelings are up for discussion whenever you can. It's quite gracious having someone like you socially. Your nature is playful, witty and having a deep conversation with someone of your chart is something people would want. They'd be appreciative of it. I know I would. :) Writing, expression and thorough communication are your necessities in life. These are your necessities as your Sun & Moon is paired by signs both ruled by the planet Mercury. Even your Mercury is in Gemini (RULER). Jesus Christ... your communicative skills are SUPERIOR. You very well may find your purposes and gifts lie within conveying information. Mercury is the planet that indicates how we truly think. Mercury represents soul-consciousness. It's the messenger of the gods, flying between heaven (spirit), earth (personality). You're blessed with the art of communicating. Like fellow Lunar Virgo natives, you do extremely well in work-environments and may wanted to be considered superior intellectually. Frustrated with minor detail. Your astrological blueprint is situated to someone who'll work well with an audience - your swift, air of opinions are something that should always have an audience. Perhaps to why INTJf may be something important to you. You love to show off your humorous and sophisticated style, if you feel restricted of this then you'll become moody, susceptible to negative moods. Although you have a playful, witty and polish manner - many times you are unhappy. You're prone to agitation and anxiety. You can guarantee audience because of your extravagant and charming nature. You have a tendency to live up to near-unrealistic goals - setting a lot of expectation for yourself along the way. You're wise, knowledgeable and intelligent. Your mind is mechanized in such a way that it disseminates and absorbs information at a rather quick pace. Your critiques are often correct because of your heightened perception. Your advice comes from wisdom. It's extremely thoughtful and useful, people may come to you for your ears and tongue are always prepared for meaningful discussion. You might be the type who a friend will call at 3AM bawling their eyes out. Analysis and precision are attributes in the working field that you'd excel at. Careers such as news, promotions, advertising and journalism. However, you must learn that you won't gain recognition or merit overnight. Patience is something you'll need to work on. If you bump into dissatisfaction, you can meet pessimism and confusion. This can occur from unfinished projects or discontent with progress. Never halt progress. You love to help others but if a darker side protrudes, there may be self-destructive tendencies - such as alcoholism. Frustration is not something you're well equipped to bear for too long. Set your goals and work at a reasonable pace or you'll be prone to anxiety. You're probably of the type that is restricted to one field of specialty even though you have to ability to excel at many other fields. Gemini and Leo are compatible signs, so your Sun & Ascendant compliment each other nicely. You have a beautiful personality. Your senses are extremely sharp, that they're almost too keen. At the expense of your vitality, much is exerted into your "thinking box". It's extremely developed. It's a mind that doesn't want to rest much. Restless anxiety and overwork can lead to breakdowns. Although with an outwardly nature that loves an audience, you need your alone time. It's absolutely necessary of you. You are intellectual than of the intuitive, instinctual type. Superior versatility. Your Venus in Leo is a tender one. You'll only want to do something if you desire doing so. Desire is something that can be switched OFF if need be. You won't argue intensely to get messages across, instead - friendly, gentle verbal nudges helps the stubborn and to maximize message delivery. In love, your emotional responses are honest, calculated and frank. You're attractive. Colorful personality and fond of affection. My pleasure. Regards, Exe. ...... added to this post 2 minutes later: Yes, your chart was indicative of natural intimidation and intensity. I'm glad you enjoyed the reading. The bounty hunter was said as you excel in anything to do with territorial matters, not for any other malevolent sake. Your self-commanding, indomitable spirit would help scope territorial matters, let alone the resourcefulness that comes with you.
  6. Hey champ. We have some astrological business to discuss. You're sincere. Think of any sci-fi movie or any movie in this matter, where there is civilization and have people in charge. You'd be apart of the council. The Moon in Virgo is intriguing. With many Lunar Virgos, there happens to be a need to be considered superior intellectually due to a deep-seated inferiority complex. They can be critical of themselves to the point where the slightest mistakes frustrate them. Very reserved in expression. Their calling in life is service to others. With a strong desire to help others should come better understanding of the other person's feelings. You want to be very well liked, but sometimes you don't always get to meet the right people. Logical faculties and critical abilities of your chart make an insightful combination. You are calm and reserved until requested for opinions. You like to standoff. You feel strong needs to express yourself and your views. Your nature is insightful and rational. Unlike someone who believes they're always correct, it perhaps may be with such superior insight that a lot of your interpretations happen to be correct quite often. You examine and reason with a level-head. If you don't wish to sit down, you're more than happy to standoff and lecture your views. You'd excel well in the legal industry (legal aid), social services and medical professions. For the male chart, you'd have large shoulders, small hips. Sometimes quick-tempered but cannot remain that way. Your Mars in Cancer is in fall (planetary weakness). This is because Mars is the planet of passion and aggression. When Cancer is paired with Mars, it can't fight effectively for it isn't aggressive outward. You can too emotional and sensitive at times. Perhaps there could be digestion problems. You tend to hold everything in and begin to steam inside. Very domesticated. Best not to eat when overtired or upset, your stomach might be very sensitive and juices on an empty stomach could be enough to irritate it. You'll have to harness positive energy to diminish the timidity of your fall in Mars. However, this compliments your Moon in Virgo that you very well could be a workaholic. Your Venus in Scorpio is at detriment as well, but Mars is the retentive principle whilst Venus is drawn through the power of love - both planets are placed by signs considered planetary ineffective but because you have a rather passive Mars, this doesn't propagate furthermore intensity of a difficult Scorpio Venus, which is good. Your atmosphere needs to be calm and definitely not filled with tension. The moment your atmosphere is filled with tension, you'll start playing up. Apt to nag if so. You're of the calm and accord type. For a high-strung chart like yours, finding peace within yourself is a great outlet. You're the type who'd benefit greatly from meditation and mindfulness. Your chart is situated in finding your equilibrium. You're structured by sincerity and conscientiousness. You are prone to nervousness and anxiety. Your environment must be synchronized with preferences - perhaps this is why you excel in design. You are admired for your working abilities as all Lunar Virgos. Cheers!
  7. Hi :) Let's discuss your chart. You're the commander. You're sober. Acute perceptive abilities. Your Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus is quite a spectacle. This is because your Moon in Taurus is exalted. Simply put, when exalted - it'll deliver positive influences and function from its true nature. It runs freely. Now the noteworthy part is that Taurus' debilitating sign and total opposite, is Scorpio. You are situated by two fixed signs. Water and Earth. You are graciously characterized by oppositions that balance each other extremely well. The water simmers through and makes the earth fertile instead of bad positioning making your lunar positioning stagnant and flooded. When a moon is afflicted by its positioning and other influences, there'll be an imbalance in lunar energy causing heavy emotional baggage. You don't seem to drop your guard at many costs, because beneath that guard is sensitive, strong underlying emotional current within you that isn't ready to be revealed. You have purpose and resolve. Your psychological and material resourcefulness are adept. You're a self-generating powerhouse. You have great control over your emotions and keep them tightly secured even in grueling, dire situations. With your chart, dating back to the Wild West, you're equipped to make a superb bounty hunter. Confrontations are to be expected from you and you're impassioned and very intense. Food & sustenance is characterized by opts for wanting intense flavored foods or the Bull's comfort food like stews, potatoes. With steady positions in your chart, you'd exceed very well in sales. Your Saggatarian Mars gives you a need to put energy in a lot of physical channels for it can scatter outwards and become less effective. The average Saggatarian Mars is entertained by sports and gambling but the heightened one values philosophy and perhaps religion. You're of a breezy, friendly nature. There could've been a lot of disappointment in love during your youth. Your approach to it is rather different, outside your reassurance lies timidity and sometimes reserved expression. You'd excel working within a terrain that is your territory to procure - financially as well. This comes with your "Earthly-Mother" attitude and superior leadership and pragmatic qualities. You have tremendous depth but also can be quite superstitious at times. You radiate a glow of power that glimmers through by astuteness, pragmatism and determination. You possess natural comprehension of how world works. I think you may know already that your purpose in life is quite different. You may have an interest in organic, natural approaches for good health. You're a diehard realist with a touch of cynicism. You don't let anyone get too close to your thoughts, you're serene and calm on the exterior constantly. Although in saying this, your chart is another one that's paired to the detriments of bottling up too much. Scorpios are very private. They don't like to expose too much about themselves, but don't feel discouraged sharing thoughts worth sharing. You can deal with it openly and honestly. You need to learn to be less rigid and one-sided at times. You don't have to be stiff. As a very grounded chart, you stand strong with your views. You may have a tendency to believe you're mostly correct which distorts your judgement and misleads any proper assessment. With a realistic attitude, try refrain from bringing personal prejudice in your judgements and approach it with objectivity. You're another one with the Rise of Scorpio. This is the hardest Ascendant of them all. For all Scorpio natives of the Sun, Moon or Rising, it's important the redirection of transformative energies comes with its own creative outlet. Artwork, therapy, mystique states of consciousness and importantly, sex. An intense sexual experience for the Scorpion is crucial. Sometimes you may say something offensive even without the deliberateness involved. You cannot STAND deception, you need sincerity and honesty around you. Cheers x
  8. * @ everyone, these are general profiles, if you'd like a further reading of Aspects of all the planets, cusps, houses, moon nodes and in depth discussion you'll have to pm it's just far too much to write for each person. Ms. Fleets, you had me at your glance. Spiritual as a personal quest to wisdom. You're a very practical type, sometimes people are bound by practicality of it and how objective things really are. Not that your earthbound type made me say this, but your Moon in Scorpio which is powerful. Although powerful, the Moon is in fall in Scorpio. Fall is one of the three planetary weaknesses that afflict a certain sign in each planet. Lunar Scorpion's Fall's opposite is Exaltated in Taurus (moon 3rd degree of Taurus). Scorpio's opposite sign is Taurus. Your Sun & Moon pair expresses itself at highest expression. Your Moon in Scorpio is your psychologist-like, detective nature, if coming from a less spiritually evolved place, you may probe the darker side of nature. Not that this could be a doomed fate, but sometimes courage to undergo painful experiences to regenerate. You have a resonance with dark side of experience and suffering and want to do something about it. In saying all this they are both important experiences separately but the same thing, excuse my poor wording. _ will do the rest when I wake up.
  9. The time is necessary to get an accurate reading of the Rising sign, however I'm sure there are ways to find it if some detective work is done.
  10. Ahh, Ms. Fleets. We finally get to you. And duh! It's just too obvious innit. Where do we start. What a karmic blessing your chart is. Right, Let's start with your Sun and Moon pairing. It's coupled by water signs, Cardinal Cancer that is ruled by the moon and Fixed Scorpio that flares your outwardly nature. This pair thrive off each other quite well as they're extremely compatible. Ms. Fleets. You're very compelling and charismatic. That's your nature. You may be a 2/10 but your mannerism will bump it up to a 7 at least. It's irresistible. There's always an air of mystery about you that others want to peep at constantly but can't, they always wonder about you. There's also an air of reassurance and readiness within you that your friends and colleagues may want to grab at - as if they're seeing how well you perform at life and they think "I NEED some of what she has". If strong, black independent woman who need no man were an astrological pair, it'd be yours. You ultimately stand on your own two feet and are satisfied with maintaining that posture for life. You're extremely attractive that people feel naturally inclined to be drawn towards you. You're surefooted which makes you resourceful and dependable. You'd make an excellent lover and care for others deeply. Even though your family, friends and admirers are right behind you - you'll always remain a loner. Not because of anything else except for your independence and self-reliance, it screams stability. At play, you're a wonderful actor and a lucky talisman may happen to follow you. You succeed in many things with your well esteemed approach. You require only yourself to be comfortable and no matter how close you are with people, you'll keep a discerning distance from them as you're naturally a lone-wolf type. In romance there is such deep, intense seriousness involved that it can be seen as extremely supportive and guiding. But if one does you wrong immensely, you're going to feel it more than anyone. You are flexible, you adapt, you're of the malleable type. You have a calm demeanor, very calm. You're psychic and feel everything deeply. You may feel selfless urges and although apt to superior leadership abilities, you are comfortable with following the crowd- as long as you're surefooted. You possess many qualities like other Scorpio natives to where you restore to original or better stance rather quickly after setbacks. Your commitment is strong. When you are angry, you're not angry for long. Your mind doesn't need sharpening, but rather direction. Your senses are keen but sometimes lack concentration. It may be noteworthy to wait just a touch longer to make better judgements on certain issues so you don't miss all details. Your humor can be of ill-humor at times. One thing to look out for is heart sickness, don't feel so inclined to muffle beliefs of yourself and others only to yourself. You'll only accept all kinds of illusions that way. Be more CANDID and OPEN with expressions. Although this may not feel easy for you as you're not up for being examined, lower your guard just a touch, addressing issues with others is important so you don't affect your emotional health. Don't let your beliefs cause lonesomeness, heartache or sadness. The effects of inhibited feelings in your chart is quite detrimental. Discuss your problems without worrying that you're losing balance or it'll cost you your mysterious, secretive nature. ...... added to this post 0 minutes later: I'm taking a break, will do more later.
  11. Yours stood out to me as well. You have uncontrollable fire inside of you, it can be abrupt. Hey, that's a cool af trinity. Your chart is mostly topped with impacting fire signs. You won't settle for the backseat in this life, there's too much enthusiasm about you. You're dramatic, ambitious and fixed in certain expressions and views. Catz, I believe you're gifted with superior vitality. You're unafraid of pain, you've been wounded by the understanding of many natures many times. Especially love. You're attracted to the underdog and perhaps those less fortunate, you can be compassionate, sensitive equipped with a side of you that's soft and tender. You brighten people up with your charm. Not many people get close to you because they may feel you're "a bit much". If you have a partner, they are attracted to an unsettling hearth about you that never quells. Your fire is hard to put out. The sun and moon represent their own outer (sun) and inner (moon) emotional layers of energy - when it comes to double fire, comes double trouble, it roars and people will know about it. You're sure of it and I'm sure of it. Your nature is insensitive, your motives are characterized by what you want to be doing, you may find it difficult to make time for others or to listen. You must listen more often. Your intelligence and intuition is astounding. It's at its highest degree with your innate temperament. Reflection and refraining from acting on selfishness is important. Your energy storage (high vitality) is often at points where none that is used/depleted will drive you so that it will be used. You are a strong woman influenced by an unstoppable zest for life. You're absolutely zealous. You're foolhardy and that reckless nature is what partially defines you. What mostly defines you is your passion. You're very passionate in what you believe in and nothing will get between it. You face the music at all times and life can feel like a bidding war with you, in your career, relationships and activities. You have a natural tendency to live in the present which is beautiful but also leads to forgetfulness in certain ways. Your chart is paired up for someone who'd benefit greatly from physical activity, almost as if it an astrological necessity. You need energy output or you go batshit, simply put. You hate boredom. You envision a lot of things in life as sport, you're there to compete, get the place you want and bounce to another game. With love life, listening to the sensitivity, emotions and needs of your partner is extremely important. You have a tendency to overlook cues due to your insensitivity. Think things thru before acting on them, it may steer you from a whole heap of strife. You're a free spirit with no inwardly bounds of what is expected of you. If you have the ability to steer clear from many mistakes, why not? You have a very strong sex drive. Living under the permits of conformity will strip you off happiness the fastest. Strictness doesn't mix with your nature. Your pioneering spirit is something that needs to be watched over, for you don't want to spread your fire to someone that isn't ready to catch it. Your Ascendant in Scorpio is one of the hardest Ascendants of all. Earth is a battle field to you. You come with great depth emotionally, physically and mentally. Willful, hard to understand, courageous and quite stoical. No unevolved soul would be born into such a star placement as yours. With your chart, it would work well in medical or activism.
  12. You're very welcome. I can assure you that the natal chart is the only insight I use to provide readings. If anything, readings only provides more insight into the way users come across here to me than vice versa. But I've forgotten 90% of you anyway so it's quite refreshing doing them. Cheers again! _ Alrighty Mr. PillowSofa, let's astrologically assess you. You're a tough one, literally. As distant you may appear, you're very emotional. Your chart may be regarded for someone built for difficult work and constant imagination. You never part ways from solid viewpoints you have on the world. You know what's right for you and you're as frank as it gets. When you deliver a point across it'll be heard and you won't hesitate once about it. It'll be brutally straight at times. Your determination is of no match for others as you're also packed with aggression and audacity. This makes you a very powerful person. Your chart communicates to me that you're attuned to the dark, deep satires of bareback reality. In return with aging (you'll also age quite well), you'll grow wiser and your fuse will grow longer with experience. There are certain sides to your chart that may indicative of your two different natures at times - this may conflict or contradict each other. With your frank audacity comes sharp perception but with that sharp perception also comes an attitude that may appear sanctimonious, prejudice and sure on having the last words. You're highly respected on your merit and ability. You have a great sense of humor but in a different way. There is some kind of dignity about you that others recognize, your Mercury and Sun compliment each other well that it potentiates concentration forces. Your focus and vision is superior. You're earthbound, practically grounded by your own set of values and existence. You may sometimes lack empathy. You'd make an excellent diplomat, lawyer, authoritative position or teacher. Your Ascendant in Libra stands out. It gives only more a reason to loosen up self-interest to cooperate with others rather than to compete. With Aquarius in Mars, you're given extra force to expand all your intellectual pursuits. Your interests are of most importance and can sometimes disregard others on a level that may be callous. Your taste is construed to what is of benefit and manipulation may also be one of your tactics. You'll either probe the depth of existence or raise to spiritual heights. The Moon in Scorpio is a strong moon; they are there to uncover truth in everything. You can be moody, impatient, demanding of loved ones and easily hurt. Apt to disappointment in romance due to high demand with little understanding. You are strong physically. You have deep feelings about a lot and your greatest need is to forgive and forget. Tone it down a nudge, and you won't be overran by any tide of emotions that sweeps your true self. You don't want to go on with life chasing something that isn't something you really wanted anyway. Your male chart will attract a magnetic, possessive female type. By any chance, when you were younger, were you domineering over your mates in high-school/former schooling years? Cheers!
  13. Exactly right. Need not to. We all know Scorpios are the most magnetic, sexy and most sexual of the Zodiac. Their stares alone are seductive enough. Makes perfect sense that their ruling parts are the sexual organs. @PillowSofa will do yours in an hour or so. Yours is another noteworthy one to discuss. Keen to share.
  14. You carry a gentle aura, a very gentle one. You're an emotive diplomat. You love to balance your outer world with your inner world harmoniously. You appeal to arts. You love beauty, in the form of aesthetics. You are romantic. You can experience awe by even the most simple earthly pleasures of life. You radiate peace and devotion is a key attribute in your purpose in life. You're aware of the antagonists and agonizers of reality as much as the purer, finer delights of it too. It may be possible that you have a tendency to carry around unnecessary guilt and this can hold you down. You don't need to feel guilty for standing up for yourself. With devotion, another call in life will be work and peace. Don't settle for an endowment lower than what you can achieve and be much happier with, it's important not to waste any gifts you may have. Your Piscean-Libran nature is complimentary, with Libra enhancing strength, appeal and sensitivity of Pisces. You uphold honesty with yourself and others. You love people, and you're all for the people. This is what gives a glamorous, ebullient shine about your nature and people are appreciative of it. With a heart as soft as yours, it'll need encouragement from those worthy enough to lift you to your spiritual importance. If lifed to your importance, you are gentle and supportive all the way through, if not, you may turn indecisive. Your fun-loving style comes with goofiness and amusement people at social outings love to be apart of. You're libidinous combination is akin to the energy you radiate when out at a nightclub (for example). You're sexy, charming and people know it. While I'm at it you're probably very easy on the eyes and can win over opposition through a nonchalant rationale. Your approachability and outer mannerism is composed, confident and assertive. There is great shine about your sentimental nature - it's all about elusive sweetness masking inner masculinity within you. Your home ties are of importance and you're ambitious but also dependent on certain things too. With Moon in Libra and ALSO your mars, it can leave you passive in standing up for things you believe in, but this is better than being afflicted with a sign that will prevail you to fight blindly than intelligently. Your Mercury positioning is exalted and as a male it works better. Great positioning in your chart. You maintain good judge of character, sharpened intuitiveness, keen wit and not always earthbound. Mercury in Aquarius compliments balance and good sense which pairs well with other pairings in your chart. Your Venus in Aquarius leaves you calm, collected and detached in romantic relationships, your aloofness can be seen as difficult. In the male charts, you'll want a very feminine type in your relationships that runs the show often. Cheers! ...... added to this post 0 minutes later: We haven't strung conversation properly in years, but now that your chart has been profiled, it makes a lot of sense to me now - but no direct influence. Cheers x
  15. Oh, fair enough. Run along then! The stars must've fucked up with yours. _ Holli, you are a true GLADIATRIX. You have fire inside of you that'll never die. Your sun and moon is paired up with the stubborn, slow bull and swift, aggressive ram. You have a Go-Getter attitude. When you want something, you'll get it. You have an intensity about you in the pursuit of goals. A way to describe you would be self-absorbed. There may be destructive tendencies remaining dormant within you that is secured by your cautious nature. You DESIRE total control of your own life-path and being in charge of your own destiny is EVERYTHING. You may come across as intimidating and if someone gets in your way, then that's their problem. You are your main concern, and perhaps have many acquaintances but very few friends due to your temperament. You need to open up your heart and learn to listen with others, compromise and make allowances. Under your confident, calm exterior comes an unruly, impulsive interior. An interior that when unmasked reveals passion and remarkable determination. You really can achieve whatever you want. You feel emotionally nourished when you face challenges head on. You are quite competitive and probably haven't dealt with spiritual matters often. Sport works best to quell hostility and anxiety. Your spirit is aggressive. Focused on temper, quick reactions, spontaneity and directness. There is an innate will inside of you that constantly wants to come out on top, but try broaden your psychological, academic and spiritual matters furthermore. With resourcefulness from a practical nature and aggression from natural instincts, your chart is paired to a warrior. You have some Taurus and Sagittarius in your chart. Touch is more developed than feeling, travel and exploration is a better teacher than textbooks, Your Mars in Taurus is a detriment, it doesn't compliment well in this placement. Money and sex are perhaps important and while you're very persistent and patient, you may also be extremely stubborn, jealous and possessive. You're a chart of acquisitiveness. Now everyone will know how tough Holli truly is. ...... added to this post 31 minutes later: Wow. Another interesting one. The Scorpio alone is interesting enough. They're entirely on a different plane spiritually and they're aware of it at all times. Scorpio is built on regeneration. The Scorpion regenerates another tail, the eagle flies closest to the sun, the phoenix resurrected from the ashes. Mental, emotional and physical transformations are what the scorpio natives are about. SMB, according to your charts you can really fuck shit up. Yeah, that's meant to go both ways as well. You NEVER lose faith in yourself, there is a great deal of reassurance within you. People respect you because they recognize such self-respect you have for yourself. You are admired for your purpose and strength. People respect the leadership and resourceful qualities that you possess. Your sun and moon pairings are both ruled by Mars. This means your approach to life is mostly always from an aggressive viewpoint with an autonomous stance. You're egocentric. You care and have a worldly view with sympathy but you'll first and foremost only look out for yourself. Regardless of the amount of friends you may have, you'll always be a loner, only because you're staying true to your sole path. Your chart seems well placed for any careers in administration, commerce or leadership roles. You have a wild sense of humor. Either as meek as a lamb or angry as a hornet. Your Venus is at detriment for Venus doesn't function very well if ruled by a planet like Mars. Venus is where everything is draw to the centre, you may be too forceful and aggressive by nature. Your love relationships will be something needing constant regeneration and reorientation or else you'll be swept constantly by your selfishness. With your pairing there's either a kind-hearted, compassionate and spiritual being or a being that pursuits material acquisitions and placement of power where enrichments of their life only matter. You have what it takes to pursue many things as long as your own pride, bigotry and conceit don't get in the way. You need to learn to be more flexible and not be easily hurt by loved ones or colleagues. Compromise with you is difficult. You're a lone wolf, a feminine-type of lone crusade. Your intense and competitive nature is built for confrontation and ohhh boy, it may not be that easy to reconcile. You may very be a walking storm at times. You may also channel a lot of your penetrative energies in romantic relationships. You fight for your cause.