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  1. Thank you for the answers. I've followed this theory for a few years now and have dozens of dozens of hours into reading, defending and debating it and honestly I've become somewhat of a skeptic. It's just that my last relationship was with an isfj, and whether or not this theory is even 50% correct or not in terms of relation to reality, it correctly predicted that the N\S intellectual/perceptual chasm would be deep and wide. This lead to immense unfulfillment, the eventual split and my current worry/skepticism.
  2. in the same capacity that you would with a compatible N type? I'm an iNTJ in the early stages of dating an ESXP. I have a moderate sensing preference, and she, a moderate intuitive preference, so I'm hoping to hear some positive anecdotes... but please, lay your stories on me.
  3. Ugh, no. You will likely grow to dislike her through the whittling away at your intellectual integrity via constant utilization of the wherewithal it will take to not shoot down/ openly diss her views. However if she's quite a moderate then it is possible. Figure out how to probe into her psyche and see how deeply rooted the notion is. The closer on the spectrum she is to feminazi is inversely consistent how close you should sit with her.
  4. I'm not so sure it's that simple. I enjoy the good periods, and I think even the low periods where you go through chemical withdrawals are a healthy natural phenomenon, kind of epitomized in this quote: -Butters
  5. I've noticed this weird trend in my life: Long term relationship Long term relationship ends 2-3 rebound relationships rebound relationships end lul period of a year where I've very little interest in dating again. Usually perpetuated by dissapointment/waining off the neuro chemicals that a LTR fosters in your brain. Sudden interest in dating, find myself courting several potential mates at once cycle repeats. Can anyone else relate? Is this "grieving" period healthy or should I seek some kind of prescribed chemical mediator to bounce me out of it faster?
  6. So the consciousness is just picking up on a decision already made by a biological machine whose agency isn't impacted by the consciousness, but by physical laws and external stimuli. Simply because the consciousness isn't associated with the choosing, but is basically reading choice off a tele-prompter (best I've got right now :() and imagining that it's fabricating the choice of it's own volition, is why I assert that.
  7. Defining free will is again our bottleneck. The argument is that your conscious experiencing self understands itself to have agency to choose or not to choose something. In fact, it's just realizing a choice that's been made for it and understanding that incident as an act it had freedom in choosing, when it had no sway in the matter whatsoever. The discrepancy, I think, is that you're arguing that because there was a choice made at all, that's free will. I am arguing that because "you" (the conscious embodiment you understand to be yourself) had no say in the matter, it wasn't your choice, despite feeling that it was. That equates to no freedom of choice and no will to choose differently. Hm, but do we? elaborate.
  8. But that's the thing. You have the illusion of choice only. Thoughts just pop unto your head. You don't choose what you think, it just occurs to you. You don't choose what you choose, it just occurs to you. What occurs to you is based on external stimuli.
  9. Agency over what one thinks or does.
  10. Ze best vay tew get ovar somevon iz tew get unter somevone elsts
  11. Awesome, will watch for your application. Welcome aboard! There are links on the page to the subreddit. That's our main medium of group conversation but additionally we've got a mumble server (directions here) that our most active members use daily to chat and game. We're a star citizen org but The Eden Directive has really become a generalized gaming group while we await the PU.
  12. I think vedera is on the right track here. At least one of you got laid. If I were you I would start putting on some weight and learn to be more social from this guy, it'll lead to your own successes with women and less frustration. If he's using everyone, you might as well use your insights to use him too.
  13. :]. Maybe they can join later too.
  14. Very dissapointed.
  15. The org is now a proud owner of this 10 crew-member Bohemith :) Surprised we don't see more star citizen chat in this forum.