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  1. Hm. I have loud opinions on matters of war and peace, quiet opinions on matters of taxation and societal investment, and silent opinions on just about everything else. Loud opinions on the personal lives of other people I do find disturbing regardless of source or target. I should note that as far as I know OSC's opinions apply only to abstractions: he does not oppose Me marrying My spouse, he opposes males marrying males. This is more understandble, if still a private puzzle to me.
  2. I am a big fan of the Ender books and am gay and am looking forward to spending money to watch this movie. That said, for me the problem is not OSC's opposition to marriage equality but his pre-modern understanding of homosexuality. I am mildly disturbed by any person who identifies as straight yet has a loud opinion about the personal lives of queers. Does anyone have a clue as to what motivates these characters?
  3. Oh, I forgot Al Gore.
  4. "Emotionally driven" is code for "a woman did it".
  5. Democracy demands openness and markets demand free sharing of information. If a Senator needs to Inquire to make that a reality so be it.
  6. I will commit myself to philanthropic callings which both develop my own talent and benefit greater humanity.
  7. Rahm Emanuel has the name recognition and gravitas to win in 2016. Before we rob Chicago of a great mayor I would consider the Governor of New York or the Mayor of Los Angeles. Regarding Hillary, I expect she will be safely on the Supreme Court before the 2014 midterms have been called.
  8. The Democratic Party has a deep bench and ought not rush the development of its talent. Personally, I like Sen. Warren where she is doing what she is doing.
  9. if what monte said were true, he wouldn't be here to preach what he has prattled.

  10. We are not at war with any nation-state and Al Jazeera is no more a terrorist friendly organization than is Doctors Without Borsers.
  11. I am intense. I am rarely if ever angry for more than a few seconds. Just enough time to experience the emotion and name it. Other people have a hard time coping with my emotions because so many of then are opaque / beneath the surface. If I become angry it is often a surprise to most people in the room. I find that others have a hard time accepting / believing that my anger has passed so quickly.
  12. I am proud to identify as securely INxJ.
  13. "Proselytizing" for anything other than atheism will get you BANNED. Best to restrict such comments to Private Messages (PM's), or the Religion and Mythology Sub-Forum.

  14. Consider reading the Bible. Jesus is the truth and your Creator knows you. You do not have to open up to Him; Seek Him and you will find Him. He died to guarantee your happiness.
  15. It is true, I do tell of the future. Scientific magic will indeed solve all of our problems. ---------- Post added 12-30-2012 at 08:07 PM ---------- It would be progress if we could reach consensus that the definition of humane is indeed an important argument. If we had universal education (not nationally ubiquitous schooling) we would not be concerned with academic status but with worker productivity and fresh creativity.