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  1. I will commit myself to philanthropic callings which both develop my own talent and benefit greater humanity.
  2. if what monte said were true, he wouldn't be here to preach what he has prattled.

  3. I am intense. I am rarely if ever angry for more than a few seconds. Just enough time to experience the emotion and name it. Other people have a hard time coping with my emotions because so many of then are opaque / beneath the surface. If I become angry it is often a surprise to most people in the room. I find that others have a hard time accepting / believing that my anger has passed so quickly.
  4. I am proud to identify as securely INxJ.
  5. "Proselytizing" for anything other than atheism will get you BANNED. Best to restrict such comments to Private Messages (PM's), or the Religion and Mythology Sub-Forum.

  6. Consider reading the Bible. Jesus is the truth and your Creator knows you. You do not have to open up to Him; Seek Him and you will find Him. He died to guarantee your happiness.
  7. All actions are criticism. All words, all gestures, all facial expressions are exertions of will to correct the situation.
  8. Have you read the Book of Job? Sorry if it has been asked, the OP demanded my best answer immediately.
  9. Obama: INXJ J.K. Rowling: ENFP God: INxJ I think it is easiest to type persons who have experienced success because we can see how their secondary and tertiary functions are developed. Obama might register as a INFJ if you had him as a law school professor or INTJ if you had the good fortune of being his chief of staff. J.K. Rowling who had not yet written herself a new career might have for all the world seemed eNTj.
  10. What do you mean by individual? Do you mean an individual's body, including brain? Or do you mean the mind, or the soul?
  11. I reply that you underestimate yourself. ---------- Post added 12-30-2012 at 09:36 AM ---------- Why not CEO? For you. I'm curious.
  12. There is no luck. Flipping a coin is accepting your destiny. I give praise to YHWH who directs the number of our days and numbers the hairs on our heads
  13. Someone who can garden. Someone who can figure out a system for handling a fair amount of the physical world. The ability to understand how to manage a few plants, and a few animals to keep a healthy and beautiful space/system.
  14. With extraverted sensing there is still some hope of sending smoke signals to other islands.
  15. I think that a type is a kind of identifier for matching with a niche. A lion's type is big cat or apex predator. A pine tree's type is evergreen or chemical warrior. An INTJ is a person who is typed for something like CEO. An INFJ is typed for spiritual leadership (or exiled crazy wisdom). Perhaps an INTJ must be a CEO (or depressed divinity). Is an ENXJ a King a Queen or deposed nobility? What can we learn about how we ought to organize out society? Can the number of Kings around not demand that we ought to have more Kingdoms? More royalty? More and better courts? How dare University presidents hold the reigns of education with a medieval model for higher education? How can the number of forever upper-middle management not demand to be made heads of higher education by default? There are so many ESFPs. So few of us are or can be actors. When will the ESFPs invade our homes and begin performing small theater with families? Soon, I hope.