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  1. I love prehistory as well, specifically the evolution to Homo Sapians, and the eras up until about 1300s, mostly the years of the Black Death, though.
  2. The Dawkinsonian Atheist Gnostic Athiest Like the famous Richard Dawkins, you are an atheist, and you're pretty damn sure that that's the way the Universe functions. If you could convince the world to drop its religions and beliefs in God (or the flying spaghetti monster), you would do so at the drop of a hat. After all, as far as you see it, the world would be a better place without religion and without people going for all this hokey-pokey abracadabra nonsense. If they're too brainwashed to see it, that's just too bad, but at least you know what's going on.
  3. The person your with is most important to you

    The animal represents how big you percieve your problems are

    The interaction with the animal says how you deal with those problems

    The size of the house represents your ambition to deal with your problems

    The smaller the fence the more your open to people

    If you see food, people, and/or flowers it means your generaly happy

    What the cup is made out of represents your relationship with the most important

    What you do with the cup is how you deal with that person

    The size of the body of water represents your desire for sex

    How wet you get crossing the body of water says how important sex is to you

  4. No one, alone. Grey wolf Observe, then continue Small cottage No fence Small round wooden table with four wooden chairs and an empty fruit bowl Normal mug material, not sure what it is exactly. Ceramic? Look at it then continue Medium sized? 20m wideish Bridge
  5. I came here because I originally typed as an INTJ. Ffound out I am actually INTP, but still have strong INTJ tendencies. (Really, my functions stack up so that there is only a slight divide.)
  6. Wallet w/ ID, money ect. Notebook Agenda Pencil case Mini mirror, pins, elastics Keys Lip chap Sunglasses Pocket knife Hand lotion I have a big bag; I know there is more that I'm forgetting.
  7. I'm fascinated by pictures/videos of horrific wounds, scenes and such. I always start thinking of how they happened, what's going on with it, and how one would fix it if it's fixable.
  8. 21 spread across four windows.
  9. Valentine's day means nothing to me. I'm not in a relationship and am 100% happy this way. The only downer about it is this is the time everyone bugs you about not having a SO and thinks you're sad and lonely.
  10. As an INTP, I give all authority an equal first chance. The benefit of the doubt. To really gain my respect they have to earn it- show me your not incompetent. If they say or do something stupid or illogical they will never be completely respected in my mind. It's unfortunate we have to listen to these people.
  11. Absolutely terrible with decisions. I see the multitude of options, the pros and cons of each. It kills me, it even happens when I go shopping. Part of it may be my aversion to taking responsibility for the outcome. However, in the past year or so I have begun to develop a 'fuck it' attitude and have begun making decisions much faster. Guess I'm beginning to live up to my 'P'ness.
  12. I keep a collection of animal organ in jars. ... O.o
  13. I would be too paranoid about missing a call or text about an emergency at home. I don't even text that much but I don't think I could do it.
  14. INTP 19 Caucasian Female Asexual Canada Id say I'm pretty good looking. 8/10? Reason? Asexual/aromantic