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  1. Hey! How many INTJ have been acting? Are INTJ-s any good at acting. I'm not just saying TV/FILM but theatre as well. Where did you learn and did you like studying acting/drama? I'm very one sided person just physics and math and now trying to become more cultural and maybe even joining a drama class or course just to widen my circle. Acting seems quite weird and hard because I'm not used to show emotions.
  2. Has anybody here read the feynman lectures on physics? And what was it like? Does it give a basic university level understanding? Or is it a little outdated? I know they did the millennium print where they fixed the mistakes but that was also couple of years ago. What do you think of Feynman? He was known to internalize the problems in physics. He had a curiosity of a child. How to have a curiosity like a child - that everything is interesting and fascinating? How many of you have been studying physics and do you like it? Has Feynman influenced you to go study physics?
  3. Yes most of the courses are transferable. I would really like to go study physics. Engineering has a lot of the same courses as first year physics students, but it's just not the same thing, I will try to be persistent and follow my goal. I like to think that I would rather study one year (Engineering) than just sit around or work. It can't be bad for me. It's something.
  4. Hi! I don't know how many of you have got into the university they like at first try, but I didn't. I want to go study physics. How should I spend my year in engineering? Next year I would like to try again to physics. At the moment I'm reading Feynman lectures on physics, but should I take some courses on Coursera or something? What would you reccomend? Or what have you been doing when you didn't get into the university you wanted to go?
  5. I find physics, very interesting. The weirder/harder the problem the more I like it.
  6. Do you choose work because of money?
  7. If the beginning was a big bang, then there was no time before, there wasn't any cause. There was nothing before singularity. So called first cause was quantum fluctuations. But I really don't know anything about that :). Just read some books. Maybe one of the theories might be right, hopefully.
  8. Right now we just have theories. Empty space isn't empty at all btw. There are quantum particles popping in and out of existence. But that wasn't the case with singularity. Right now scientists are just saying that my theory is better than someone else's theory. There are a lot of theories for the beginning of the universe. The big bang theory - because of the Hubble's observations of expansion-Doppler shift, Lithium isotopes in old stars and galaxies. String theory - that there are many universes out there and the two universes collided just like galaxies and there was an explosion. Big bounce theory - that there was a universe before, it explodes, it expands , then it contracts and goes back to singularity, then again explodes etc. The big bang theory right now is the best fit for the beginning, but it's quite hard to imagine that it all came from one point, that was infinitely dense and had infinite energy, and that point came from nowhere. We cant see with our telescopes to the very beginning because light came to existence about 300-400 million years after the big bang. I would like to believe that there are other universes out there, and someday we will have proof that there is a right theory for everything.
  9. Fascinating. We can't tell if even what we see is real. Because the brain fixes or puts together the image. Saw a documentary about that, what eyes really see and what the brain puts together. We could be just a brain in a jar. Descartes once tried to imagine not having a body. It was quite easy for him, then he tried to imagine that he had no consciousness, but then he realized that he cant imagine that because with out consciousness he couldn't think or imagine therefore - "Rene Descartes: 'I think therefore I am'". I really never have given much thought to Digital physics but now I will read about it more.
  10. Yes, he did say that, but he has a point. I myself don't like/believe the Big bang theory. Quantum fluctuations came from nothing? And then there is Inflation, which accrued faster than the speed of light. I read a book by Hendrik Fexus he pointed out that people shouldn't believe everything "smart" people say. Doubt and question everything. Why is it this way but not another way? and so on. Now the unique way - that is more like you should believe or make up your own theory. Everyone has their own opinion. Why should I accept some theory that some one else came up with? I can thing something of my own. NOT saying that the Big bang theory is wrong, I myself believe String Theory.
  11. Of course not. I doubt everything. Everyone should doubt everything and look thing in his/her own unique way.
  12. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/jacob-barnett-experts-said-boy-1895692 Quite an interesting case. Posted a video and an article for those who haven't seen it yet.
  13. Modernist Subjectivity = 38%, Objectivity = 100%
  14. Facebook is addictive. Some time ago I used it, but I found myself wasting time there so I deleted it.
  15. Home-schooling has been in mind,but I have one more year and I can study on my own, so I think it won't be necessary.