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  1. Npd. But I mean actually caring about people. Not thinking they care. Empathetic... Etc.
  2. There's no possible way we dropped bonding stratrgies. What the fuck. Seriously !!! This is the greatest innate drive beyond survival, it's part of survival.
  3. Frankly, in the end every person only needs one person. So pick one of the two and be done with it
  4. Pawns move like pawns because they have a limited range of motion. 

    You are not a pawn, you are a queen. Why? Because this is your life, and you make the rules. 

    You decide where you move, in what direction, and how many spaces. When you forget that, that's when you have trouble. 

    You forget that you're a queen, and you start limiting your own range of motion. 

    You lie to yourself and you tell yourself that you can't go in certain direction, or a certain number of spaces, but it isn't the truth. 

    When people see you, and see the range of motion that you allow yourself, they will assume that they can treat you like a pawn, because you're treating yourself like one. 

    I don't know if that makes sense. I am kind of high right now. 

    1. Beesnthebreeze


      Dude. That was fucking amazing 

    2. paranoidfembot



      Act like the queen you are. :thumbsup:

  5. I have an incredibly passionate stance due to my own experiences, which resulted so far, in pain; and I don't care. I know what was real and I will not pretend it wasn't. It cannot be be replaced by a better connection, so I continue to be alone. I remajb open to opssibikities if a new connection, but knowing how the one felt, and that it was genuine, I'm way too connected to my feelings to lie to myself about another experience, if it's subpar. Plus, I realize the Relationship took time and evolved, so ok willing to put in time, but even with time and shared experiences it's just not close. infwrestinfly, I ended up in an abusive relationship, one that made me feel emotionally connected and raw and real as my precious relationship did, except it was a manipulationx and the precious relationship was genuine. I did not stay in the abusive because it wasn't real, although I felt that passion I felt for the other, that I need. I continue to think that that one person is my one, and think that maybe people lose their mate because their mate is less connexted to their emotions and more connected to other, ideas, is ethics or religion or morality, which let me remind everyone are imaginary concept. Imagination is what sets humans apart from other species and our advanced communication: we can imagine laws and governments and religion as a mass organization, but not one is these things are tangible. They are imaginary. I Only feelings are tangible. You can feel it and experience t inside yourself. My ethics and morality starts with being sincere and honest with myself and to others. This does not allow me to walk away. ...... added to this post 7 minutes later: In response to other posters comments, what toy carry with you is not that you broke some people up; what you carry is the denial of yourself; the lying to yourself, harboring of how your delusional or couldn't have possibly felt what you thought, self doubt. And it weighs a fucking ton. Re: jealousy... jealous is spawned from the realization or understanding unconsciously even, that you are NOT the best mate for your SO and realize the possibility of another to have a better or deeper and more real bond, the one that you want to imagine you actually have, but your body (feeling) knows better so jealous can come out.
  6. You work me. I like work. I don't understand why though. Games? Entertainment?? When I asked another intj about it he said, women are endlessly entertaining. sounds like you a bit. But you like me. You want me, too. "he was totally in love with you." I end up repeating myself a lot but, is that how people would describe their observations of you and you're SO? Certainly is not how I interpreted anything you've said. If I could understand why you hide certain things from me, I could understand why he does, too. And make a call. The J shit is strong with this one. I need closure. I need answers or finality. My pursuit of such is endless, although I can be patient and am quite, but can also be impatient.. and want so badly the conclusion. Then again, sometimes no conclusion is better because it's not over.
  7. Eventually everyone has No one. Maybe fear provoking... also we have an innate drive for connection. its a drive for survival.
  8. This doesn't contradict what I'm saying. ...... added to this post 0 minutes later: In an orgasm the body is seed guzzling
  9. As the idea continues to clack up that rickety incline to the peak, I'm thinking it's more to do with a woman's ability to arouse. I'd we factor in fertility and the desire to priceeate many, in a primal level, it makes perfect sense. You want a person that will help you to able to fulfill this innate drive. Help you reach success. Arousal isn't as important in women, it's more important for orgasm in women, plus a woman's orgasm is harder to achieve, so the reaction in the most is more intense.
  10. Well it sounds to me like you're not interested in trying something new, and what you've been doing isn't working, so I guess you're done.
  11. Make friends have told me that when they have sex they immediately lose interest. But the science said that the male love horomone increases during sexual arousal, so these women are excellent at arousing the man.. repeatedly, successfully.
  12. The thing is, this is the exact trouble that can surface with E's, they prioritize the group over individual. You gotta attack the priorities in these situation. "Who so you consider family" "so I am (or am not) considered family to you," "If I'm not your family then why did you ask me to be in your family when you proposed." "If I am family why do you treat me different than you treat the other parts of your family ?" ...... added to this post 2 minutes later: Do the same thing with his family when they're attacking you and being mean. Very assertively "we are family." "When you talk to me that way I feel isolated from the family, but we are all one family." ...... added to this post 4 minutes later: For children, it's easy. When they pick sides, ask, is that nice? Are you being kind? And then, this is a grown up problem. And put on some Disney music and a cartoon. You can say this in front of your husband, too. ...... added to this post 6 minutes later: Even, "mommy' going to make you a snack sweetie." and for heaven's sake keep the problems away from the kids. If he's bringing them in on it, ugh I'd be biting my tongue to not say "is daddy being nice or mean when he says xyz about mommy" These are excellent ways to get them to start thinking for themselves. Every single person.
  13. The Whitney bitch part surfaces with tons of complaining and no action towards correction.
  14. @op, I thought I read somewhere that you considered just walking away, and interpreted that as, walking away from her
  15. Oh g-d I relate to this so much. This is how I experience the loss of my friend, to his gf... (now fiancee). I burned that bridge 100x over probably because after he said wasnt allowed to talk to me anymore and cut me off, I sent a ridiculously embarrassing three minute long love profession in a highly irritated tone. i probably will never get over it. It's been like, six years. What do you think, @Kant Is it really worth it to never speak again?