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  1. I met my first GID 5 year old
  2. How do you tell someone you don't want them in your life anymore? Referring to friends and special friends alike.
  3. I think when people respond with some repose that copies something you've said, they're being lazy. So they're not willing to go deeper with this.. Where's Kosmocogno when you need him ?!! ...... added to this post 4 minutes later: This thread makes me angry. Why can't people be direct and honest and CLEAR in real life? This is is so uncool. ...... added to this post 5 minutes later: I wonder how any INTJs manage relationships without these methods.
  4. My friend was my perfect playmate.
  5. sounds like an evolution of anxieties towards isolation
  6. if someone brings something out in you that doesn't come out often, and it feels good to express it, then that forms a different type of bond ...... added to this post 7 minutes later: the alternative is that in the other relationships all the women would or have probably been rejected by the five female friends dude. And they hope they will have his one night stand baby.
  7. I really like your use of perienium
  8. Hey check out the most recent post in my blog. I am mindfully experiencing this.
  9. If you're in an unhappy relationship and suffering through it, then I can understand your stance. Only then. And think about it, why would you be encouraging someone to be miserable? If you're trying to vet her, then yea you should probably do some research since it's so important to you. ...... added to this post 1 minute later: When I realized that divorce is the answer was when I was looking at my mom. I could tell she wanted to die. And then she said if dont leave I am going to die. Then, I supported her decision. EDIT: @Seriously I don't remember you as the way white knight described.
  10. I wonder how many people in this thread have actually experienced a failing marriage. ...... added to this post 0 minutes later: it's impossible to experience it without it being extremely hard and painful, even if its what you want.
  11. GQ,. You don't have to make big decisions in one hour. You sort of have your whole life. If you know what you want make little steps daily. Do one thing differently, maybe put on music you like in the morning while getting ready... Something small, a candle that smells good, while you're in the kitchen w dishes or cooking.. ...... added to this post 2 minutes later: I do beleive we do things the way we do because something about us that maybe we don't understand is driving us. meaning, maybe you are down and depressed right now, and maybe it's sadness from witnessing the breakdown of your rekaionship.. But leaving while you are in a vulnerable place is just too too much. Do little special things for yourself and get your community in support of you. When you are ready, you will do it.
  12. I will read his soon but, hell yes.
  13. I do and it pisses me off and then I find a good book and it pisses me off because my pages are numbered (heh.)
  14. I'm sort of blown away. She increased rates more than double what they were originally, and decreased pay. It's hilarious to me, also, she cries poor.... Also, I wouldn't have known this had a parent not told me what they paid because she keeps everything separate.
  15. Wow....... I made a profound realization and decided I'm done and quit!