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  1. No offense, but this sounds a lot like a defensive move, minimizing the experience of love to animalistic needs, because it's not something you're experiencing. i appreciate the sentiment of.. most people do not love deeply, or don't understand what love is hence so many picking the wrong partner, but that doesn't negate the entirety. ...... added to this post 4 minutes later: Maybe you should meet the other poster I quoted.
  2. My moms entp and she sounds like most of these mothers. NPD, BPD.. PTSD.. probably
  3. How long does(did) it take for you to fall in love? when did you realize you loved the person? After their absence? During a specific moment? or just eventually realized oh, I love this person..
  4. What's real? That's what I need to know. Im annoyed. But I'll stay. I expect more. But I'll give you the chance to do such. I won't forget this. But I won't condone... I will give the opportunity to give me what I deserve. You're lucky.
  5. I'm ok with going slow, and I get that we've got different histories which leave us in different places. Deal with your "fomo" what I can't figure out is how to date someone, and not play it soooo cool they find someone else.
  6. cool, thanks thod. i dont expect every minute. but more than once in two weeks. holidays though, slack is in order I suppose..
  7. his response was, i very much would like to see you again, and i think you know i like you
  8. Am I being blown off? Is interest fading?? We talked a week, met.. met five more times in a week, made two dates for after the holiday. Said he would be returning from his trip before New Years.. and then asked me out the day he got back but I wasn't in town. Came back to town the next day, and he suggested our next date for in a week. I felt like I was blown off? He explained he is still very much wants to see me again, wasn't sure when I would be back, and that he might be going away with friends this weekend, that he thinks I can tell that he really likes me.. He is still in town, and frankly he lives across the street from me.. our first week of dating he would meet me after his dinner plans, and all sort of creative times.. and this week is just. No seeing me at all. Is me feeling blown off legitimate? There is a definite contrast...
  9. i feel a bit guilty for my attitude the last few nights. I am off balance, and it comes out in the form of impatience. Impatience for healing to quicken, the desire to get more done in shorter time etc, whatever.. anyway, I appreciate the way you've fielded my reactions. that said, I really do feel off put.. time will tell i suppose. Not sure how I will react when I see you again, I should thin about this because tuesday will be here fairly quickly. I do not think a relationship is built on a tuesday night date in all honesty.
  10. This is scary. It's not possible to do it all. Somewhere has to give. Damn! Kids are a job.
  11. I had a Ford Focus 2008, on a date the guy walked me to my car, saw my car, scoffed and walked away never heard from him again. now I have a different, and guys act all ooo about it sometimes giving it a once around walk. Silly.
  12. Ha. bondage, yes. Still generative though ...... added to this post 12 minutes later: I agree with the values thing.. most specifically conveying how you value yourself therefore how you expect to be valued... and how they value them-self, and then each other's ability To maintain/support/respect those values within your relationship dynamic. The point is being able to have them defined. example. he texts morning afternoon night, then I don't hear from him for a day or so and when he texts, playfully ask who he is, then state that an expectation of hearing from him has been created based on his actions. There, it's understood. There is a value of consistency in communication.
  13. How long was this dating period? ...... added to this post 2 minutes later: In summery, courting is purely romantic love. They read poetry and walk and flirt.. but never make their relationship physical. Courting maintains a sacretity that cannot be preserved when involving profane. Courting never involved physicality because the moment that happened it went from sacred to profane. ...... added to this post 3 minutes later: Dating is a new thing.. a testing of the waters, modern. It can mean many different things but I do t think it's ever considered sacred.
  14. Ur avatar :laugh:

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      Right? 😂. I loved it on so many levels. I wish I could take credit but i wasn't the creative genius behind it!