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  1. I thought I wouldn't care about paying for things, as long as he was out. Now, I'm mad that Im paying for the tv package he chose.
  2. I think the fear of destitutionis displaced fear and anxiety of leaving the person. There are many chains that hold us back and destitution is a very powerful one. He will manage. I think people that complain for years are largely just struggling to let go.
  3. I'm feeling the weight of meaninglessness. Pointlessness. What lights me within? There's no imaginary light. The truth of absurdity. It's not scaring me, yet. Others like me? Unlike me? Let's discuss
  4. Thanks guys. This helps me feel less fucked, incompetent and like I've made a mistake. Working 60-80 hours, can't afford groceries half the time, and if I can I don't have hours compatible with the grocery store. Adrenal fatigue, body fatigue.. I feel like I'm some incapable incompetent fool, like I am just reaching beyond my capacity.. which I don't understand because, in class, I can see how my brain works quite well compared with my peers.. anyway it's just hard AF. I am chronically behind. It's finals and I have like 65 pages to write before Friday.. and ive written 150+ so far... plus part time shit work, plus 45 hours of, essentially volunteer work, "training" a week... class. And somehow I'm not suppose to wish for death. Admittedly, I think it's pretty amazing, what I've been able to accomplish, but I also feel like I'm dying, frequently. And daily I'm scared I'm not going to be able to do it. That today will be the day it ends, because I am incapable. I graduate in a December and then the stress kicks in that says, "hiring interns, pennies an hour!" So, then it's the constant fear of getting my car repossessed and being homeless once I graduate.
  5. @Shepard4sheep come answer this person. seems right up your alley
  6. At what point must a relationship end? ...... added to this post 1 minute later: It strikes me that they can carry on indefinitely... provided they operate within the range of tolerance... or until what?
  7. If you think he was super into you then take the ball in your court, and lead. Sometimes people feel like leaders and sometimes they need to rest a bit.. so take the reins
  8. 1. I think people should stop playing it cool. 2. If people are in a funk, don't let it make you funky. Be you, do what you want. You want to call him babe, do it.. tease him... 3. That said, now that the brakes are pumped... just leave him alone. He's not the one.
  9. Yea the second part is how it felt, like, taking away autonomy. That said no disclosure at all, justified by oh it's just a little sti.. seems entirely unethical.
  10. Why is grad school so hard and stressful even if school wasn't a previously stressful experience?
  11. Is it ethical to engage sexually, knowing you have an sti, with someone who does not have an sti? Knowing there is a high likelihood that they will catch the sti. and if the person says "I don't care, I want to anyway" what's the moral obligation piece then? to say "no, you don't understand the risks.."
  12. How does intelligence provide an evolutionary advantage ?
  13. Sounds like you used her, like everyone else and now that you don't need her you want to cut her loose. Do it already she doesn't need another fake person in her life, and frankly you're being totally insentitive. She's being sexually harassed at work. ...... added to this post 8 minutes later: I just hear you constantly rejecting her. Her attempts at being a friend to you are rejected... her troubles are rejected.. she can tell how you're acting I'm sure and it's stressful for her, I'm sure. This is wrong. Make it right by admitting to yourself that you were only attracted to her shiner qualities, like everyone else, and recognize that she deserves a real friend, and that you aren't. And tell her so. ...... added to this post 10 minutes later: People are saying it's codependency... well if that's the only way someone will be your friend, then sure, someone might settle for that dynamic.
  14. Mr t
  15. you wanted me today. Needed me. Let me in... how did that feel?