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  1. Because emotional pain and physical pain are processed in the same part of the brain
  2. The only perceiver I've been able to maintain a harmonious relationship with is my infp bff
  3. Depends on how much you knew the person before you saw them
  4. We are not in a caste system. This is your system. With respect to that, improve yourself and date an equal. There is no room for love when you're too busy judging yourself or him
  5. @Dohavior wow I love the hair, and the era.. but I think I meant something that I don't actually believe which was the idea that men are dogs and they're barking up a tree, and need to get down. Its not what I actually think... and what's with all this elitism in this thread.. dating down and shit. What is that? Why do people think that way? It's disturbing me. Its that thinking that ruins perfectly good love. ...... added to this post 4 minutes later: Something that seems relevant to the question and the discussion... what this is about is proximity and exposure. You're at work often so you see him often and you are exposed to him often of course you're going to be interested in someone that is like that for you.. and that's why it's easier to like but the work relationship makes it harder to navigate. Quitting to be with him is similar to the reason I broke up with the "love of my life". He was going to quit something that was really important part of his life to be with me and that's just wrong. Live your life how you intend. Alterations need not be made. Initially, when you're lonely and trying to figure out where you go wrong you may think to yourself, I should have done this or that or why didn't I do more something drastic. You don't know why, yet. You will know why, eventually. just so you know he ended up with a person he loves and has loved him since we were kids. If he wasn't so caught up in the idea of me then he would have noticed her and could have avoided tons of anguish in his life.
  6. It's also so hard to say goodbye to yesterday. its not about not being put off it's about being put off and moving forward anyway. Read art of seduction, you'll learn tons about the pre mating rituals. You can identify which way you try to win people over and which way they are trying to win you over.
  7. Four goats 72 cows and 16 acres ...... added to this post 0 minutes later: Ps most people are Christian's in the courty which you reside. It's a culture of the country, marriage and whatnot. So.. yep. I'd be surprised if it were purely a religious thing ...... added to this post 5 minutes later: Also, if it's part of the culture you live in, why deny yourself the experience? And why have a mediocre thing??? Embrace it to its fullest. If you're in fact with this person for life, celebrate the hell out of your union.
  8. Don't tell her that! That type of action sounds a bit like anxious attachment too
  9. Do you ever just decide on exclusivity because tot don't want to practice unsafe sex ?
  10. What are some points/landmarks/moments where/where you recognize you're in an emerging or full blown relationship?
  11. Five hours talking to an INTJ on the phone ? You mean texting ???
  12. To reply to @xwsmithx on our first date we were talking about things in the world and I made a comment... he said I am going to have to look that up when I get home I said why he said basically because he wanted to fact check me. So I had him pull out his phone and check they there.. after realizing it was true, he literally sat up straighter and looked me in the eye. His facial expression changed... I didn't realize how much he was blowing me off until his demeanor changed.
  13. My beloved husband.. Our days are numbered. I have loved you hard, intensely.. passionately. I wonder if I will experience the outer limits of my love again, although I hope not. I hope that path is left and becomes overgrown. Impossible to pass. I learned how much I'm willing to give and where I am not willing to give anymore. There are conditions. I have conditions. In action, love is conditional. I want to discuss the possibilities that lie within those conditions, but we didn't know that space so that discussion is irrelevant. So, what makes me cry? The absence. The death of a hope. The understanding that I can't do my work and your work. That no amout of want, to the point of desperation, can be enough to have kept us together.
  14. It means you have loved and lost. it means you have been vulnerable, and if you look up anxious attachment you may see some resemblance. It seems like you loved the idea. Also see theory of forms. It's probably relevant too.
  15. Reminds me of my best friend. She is facing her fears though