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  1. I don't feel like going back to the thread, but for the record, when I wrote I was "surprised you used the term correctly", it wasn't meant as a commentary on you in particular, but on the fact that people in general tend to refer to concepts from 1984 incorrectly, something which I had mentionned in the same subforum recently. It was pretty much a private joke to myself which I'll be the first to admit is not a good idea when adressing other people.

  2. That project is going great guns. Makes me kinda laugh though. Most people buying it will never tax it. But good for the project owners though, no question.

    Going good, looking forward to a break! You been up to much photography?

  3. a friend told me that the other day, I just checked their KS page, it is going fast. How are you doing? Glad to see you around again.

  4. Ok, my incredulity came across but possibly as hurt, so let me say outright, I was not hurt. It is personal and I will take it personally as it was special "Why are you still here" attention leveled personally, specifically, at me. But that in no way should be taken to mean I was upset by the attention. Frustrated and mildly amused, but not upset. Smylex made up spurious hypotheses based on absolutes, and has no respect from me for doing so. (Fancy then posting that everyone else is lazy. *snort* Whatevs dude.) In an argument, I do not care if you call me retarded or act unfriendly. I am not really bothered by that at all. What I am bothered by (to an extent) is absolutes and wonky logic, as posted here without any supporting evidence by Smylex. It's a debate. We're not here to make friends per se, but to argue a point. Smylex did it poorly. I don't care about her sense of humour -- it didn't get used -- nor that she is nice to women. Is iceupawns a woman too? Would explain how she thinks Smylex is "nice". Garbage in = garbage out when it comes to hypothesis generation and testing, and Smylex is providing garbage data.
  5. Wait so if I appear sarcastic I am unfriendly and get interrogated by you for my presence in the thread. But Smylex is nice and calls people retarded but that's ok coz you understand her? What. The. Flippin'. Heck. Mort de rire you are special.
  6. Ugh you are the absolutes lover, aren't you? Seriously. They make what you write seem ... silly. I'm not interested in pursuing your beliefs as to religious people and why they do things. Are you speaking from experience? I am. And I can tell you now you are wrong. Children do not choose to be religious because they think it's the right thing to do. They do it because Mum and Dad do it. If they are lucky they will be allowed to develop critical thinking skills and break free from the lies. But it's not a given. People are religious because they have been brainwashed. I am not going to validate that process with the concept of self-aware rightness. They just don't fit IMO / IME.
  7. Your response was to dismiss it (ie me and my motivation) as irrelevant. I for one would like you to clear up a few things like: * procreate vs copulate declining * that there is now another man suggesting romantic love is a requirement for sexual intercourse pursuit. What are the chances that 2 randoms from different cultures / countries would arrive at the same understanding / way of being. Seems pretty unlikely. Unless, of course, I was being ironic and the phenomenon is not as rare as you think. ---------- Post added 12-14-2015 at 02:43 PM ---------- This is the second or third time you have posted something that sounds ok, but is a hypothesis that is patently incorrect. Religious people do what they believe to be correct based on religious teachings or their leaders' / elders' admonition. No one? Another use of absolutes to establish a position. Remove the absolutes. They are not working for you. I could do something wrong or bad to prove I can be an asshole, but chose not to. Trust me, though, it's possible. ---------- Post added 12-14-2015 at 02:47 PM ---------- eg: upthread (nice) Smylex said someone's post or belief was retarded. That's surely a response posted due to emotion, and is bordering on asshole-like behaviour? Or do you disagree?
  8. That profile pic is epic. Is it one you took? Or you? or...?

  9. Anger is an emotion, yeah? And jealousy. I am not following your logic here.
  10. One thing I struggle with is making all this BS gendered. People can be assholes, regardless of age, race, religion, orientation or gender. Making it about gender is lazy. ---------- Post added 12-14-2015 at 02:24 PM ---------- Refusing to quote posts to provide context diminishes the value of your posts significantly.
  11. Yes employing absolutes is usually a good sign something's gone wrong somewhere.
  12. He only loses his purpose for being in the thread. Not his purpose in general.
  13. I'm in this thread for the same reason.
  14. lololol not as bad as thinking all men want to bang all women.
  15. I don't think I told someone they were wrong through sarcastic comments. I told them directly their hypothesis fails with me. Smylex is a woman? ffs. And she thinks she knows men. This conversation is over. Not upset, am laughing. But seriously? Smylex is nice? Smylex paints half the population of the planet like animals and you consider her nice? Damn dude. You are kind.