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  1. Op, thats not intraversion, thats high sensitivity. Im the same way.
  2. According to the research available, teacher experience has almost no correlation with student learning outcomes. That means that a 15-year veteran gets almost the same results as a 1st-year teacher. That's pretty insane. Can you imagine doing something for so long and not improving much at all? Advanced degrees show no correlation with student learning outcomes, so those advanced degree stipends that are added onto salaries each year is wasted tax dollars. Can you imagine paying someone an extra 1-3K for no improvement in performance?
  3. MiB didn't know about Lawrence's daughter. She just outs herself so she wouldn't get killed by him. Considering that she knows what she is and where the maze is, she's been there herself.
  4. So what happens once the hosts learn the truth of their existence? Terminator style war with the humans? How many episodes are in this series?
  5. No, you failed to provide evidence for your previous claims. All those links are about one paper.
  6. When the ratio of men:women is low, men become more promiscuous because there is an abundance of women that needs impregnating. If the m:w is high, monogamous behaviours are displayed because men need to keep the women they have. This phenomenon is observed readily and in history. Argentina, for example, used to be an immigrants landing with many men arriving to find work. But few women arrived so the ratio of m:w was very high, something like 13:1 (don't quote me on this). As a result, monogamous behavior was the norm and women were treated very well. But in black American communities, where a large percentage of black men are in jails or prisons, the m:w is low so the abundance of women results in promiscuous behavior by black men. This is why black movies almost exclusively portrays black men as cheaters and why the Maury Povich show has a disproportionate number of black guests. So m:w ratios matter a lot in predicting the prevalence of monogamous vs promiscuous behaviors.
  7. Maybe she's just feeling down and prefers music to fit her current mood.
  8. I started my science education by studying relationships. (I had just broken up with my girlfriend and wanted to know how to get another.) I studied it pretty extensively so I have quite a bit of scientific knowledge about it from the fields of psychology and biology. I've never even read what s4nder has claimed and even if he can show the papers, it's unlikely to actually show what he's decribed within the body of knowledge. Assuming it's true, what's likely happening isn't what he claims but simply individual differences in mate choice. The ones who are less picky will usually have more partners and thus you see that effect. Individual differences are immutable; monogamous ppl will stay monogamous while promiscuous ppl stay promiscuous even after pair-bonding. Most ppl fall somewhere in the spectrum between those two extremes.
  9. What's much more likely to cause violent behavior is societal restrictions on behavior. This induces resentment which can eventually express itself in violence. This is why conservative attitudes can result in mass shootings and war. So restricting a person's ability to play video games is much more likely to incite violence than allowing him to play.
  10. Then please do us all a favor and never sing in public.
  11. Omg... amateur thinking. Range is irrelevant if you can't sing in pitch. It's always better to sing in pitch than to have a wide range that's unusable. Don't waste your time focusing solely on range.
  12. That's bc major chord is a musician and you are not. Music is a language, a way of communicating. But your singing if lojr thud. Cimpjotrlt incynpfehsnibkr. That's not English but someone who is an English speaker can, with difficulty, make out what I typed. Absolute or relative pitch are completely irrelavent questions since it has nothing to do with your pitch. You're approaching this way too academically.
  13. Anotger thing to practicr is tone production. Unfortunatel . This is very difficult to describe by words. So easy in person to get you good real quick, though. This means your tone is produced with the right vocal placement, muscular breathing control
  14. This is how you should practice. Sing one note on pitch. Thrn add thr next. Then practice the accurate changing of pitch. These are very small parts to practice. Do this for all of the partd until it is pitch perfect. ...... added to this post 3 minutes later: You have no stylr. Again, quit it and focus on the basics. You also have no control. That's why you practice the way I describe. You are doing what a lot of amateurs do, focus on style without knowing why or how but think that 8f you get the style right, you are actually s8nging. Ni, rhats nor singibvf.
  15. Not a single note is in pitch. If you are on pitch, it's incidental from sliding all over the place. Your mistake is aiming for style, not basics. Quit the style and focus only on pitch. ...... added to this post 3 minutes later: There's so way you "intentionally" sang off pitch.