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  1. Your mom is looping. The test detected this, and applied a " T " in place of an " F ". The test detected: Extrovert ? Yes Intuitive ? Yes Thinker ? Yes Perceiving ? Yes The test in a sense, wasn't wrong. She is those things, but they got what type of thinking wrong and what type of feeling wrong, or should I say your mom caused the test to give her the wrong type. The test registered her as Ti/Fe, when she is Fi/Te. The reason it did this, is because your Mom does have a High N-e and a High T-e, because she loops in the external world. She would probably play a killer game of Tetris right now. Fi Is supposed to come 2nd. INFJ's that loop have been known to test as INTJ for example, but it's not Ni/Te they are using, it is Ni/Ti. I hope this makes sense and helps. If someone already posted, crappy test, skewed test results, not answering honestly, or looping, then I apologize for double post. I believe the official test is supposed to have an interview via webcam, with the individual that paid for the test. When they see the results as " ENTP " and talk to your mom, they will then deduce that she is in fact an Ne dominant, but they will detect Fi/Te. At this point, they will give her a printable packet, which describes all the boxes that your mother is supposed to fit into. End of transaction. If you would like to learn more about your type, please purchase the in depth " ENFP " life guide for $29.99 O crap, necro post, and I just now read your recent post. I'm glad to hear that your mom is happy and doing well. :)
  2. Hahaha, yes. He's quite INTJ (1w9). He's very intelligent, articulate, efficient, a perfectionist, opinionated, and has an awesome offensive/dark/dry sense of humor. He's always planning and coming up with ideas. Like me, he wants to do everything there is to do ... go everywhere, see everything, go on adventures, experience life. He's easily excited, like a child, and it's delightful to witness. He's surprisingly good at perspective-taking. We can talk for hours. Or HE can talk for hours, haha. He's thoughtful and sweet, although can sometimes not be considerate/ with normal polite things (holding doors, helping carrying things - like not offering to help as I'm dragging a suitcase and a carry-on, etc...). I also wrote more about him here: http://intjforum.com/showpost.php?p=4884943&postcount=7

  3. What is your boyfriend like? I realize that is a subjective question and I'm not asking you to give personal information. Just something to satisfy the imagination. Is Ni his dominant function?

  4. Okay, this theory is proving more and more to be false. Perhaps the kids I have seen that do have there father's functions are just coincidence. My sister is INFJ and her dad is ISTJ and my mom was ISFJ. With that being said, I have no idea why there are so few INXJ's I have seen babies have Ni as a dominant function. It's not hard to see the baby that is in his own littler world vs say the Ne baby that is picking up every toy getting bored with and moving onto the next one. The apparent Ne gaze in the child's face. Sorry for all the ramble and waste of people's time...
  5. The amount of fathers that produce children with similar functions is a huge connection. Something about the seed having more of an impact on the developing brains functions is what I have noticed. I can list so many men right now, that pushed out children, that got there exact same functions. ISTP had an ESTP son.... o no... that is so far off! Not. This topic will just continue to frustrate me though, because I want to gather statistics right now. I want to solve this with data from 100,000+ people. I can't do that, and I don't want to trust other people's info if I'm not able to experience their methods. Plus I want to type all the adults, children. Or have someone I have met with. We could split up the interaction and typing. I just want to see they are consistent with typing. I don't have enough statistics to show anything though. I agree though with what you said saturation & welcome to the forum.
  6. I answered but then I deleted it all. I know this is strange but it's complicated. When I was younger, I had heavy asperger's symptoms even though I was never diagnosed. As I got older, I realized I was much better at relating to people than I thought, but would have snap backs into autistic like states. If you were to take an INTJ with aspergers for example vs an INFJ with aspergers. I'm like the kid who realized he has Fe and can relate easily, but did so in an awkward way, but learned quickly to read how I was affecting other people. People have told me before that I stay on the same topic for to long, but they don't understand how far I'm exploring that one topic. They label it as one thing, when there is 1,000,000 things going on with that one thing. I still snap in and out of autistic states of mind. There is a lot going on, and I'm certain it's safe to say that I have more than 5 supposed personality disorders. Is it common for those with asperger's to overcome/cope with many of the symptoms? It's not nearly as bad as it was when I was younger. Many of my personality disorders can lye dormant in my psyche until situations trigger them. You wouldn't think I'm a person with BPD like symptoms. Even those who have gotten to know me better, might never see those displayed, but they are there I promise. MPD is something that you will pick up on eventually. It's not just mood swings or adapting, even though I or anyone can have those as common, but I really do have a slight case of MPD. Covert Schizoid has even popped up the past few years, it seems to have appeared from getting sucked into other's minds to much, instead of being more aloof and autistic like when I was younger. When it gets bad, I start to look like an Overt Schizoid. It's because there is a lot of psychic muck out there, and when you figure out other people's thoughts and intentions, which are supposed to be hidden, it starts to freak you out. You start knowing to much and it makes you feel less safe, and causes world view collapses and just makes you want to be around people you can trust. It is far past the level of common anxiety. This is probably to much info, I'm sorry. I'm pretty sure I'm normal for the most part, but I have all these things about me that make me abnormal as well, not that I see that as a bad thing. It's just that I don't like knowing/thinking of how many personality disorders I have or am capable of displaying symptoms of. It makes me feel like a lost cause lol. Like the Dr. would say: " Sorry, you are officially fucked. "
  7. I didn't take it as being rude. Besides, I have a boyfriend with Asperger's, so I'm used to honesty/bluntness. ;)

  8. I didn't mean for that to sound rude, I was just trying to be honest. I probably should work more on connecting with people on the forum.

  9. I think it was a long hard road for me to finally admit this. It tore at the fabric of everything I thought I believed in and it eventually won, because it was undeniable. I don't think you are out to harm people, you are just out to get yours. If people are dumb enough to be your " Corey and Trevor " it's not your fault .
  10. I figured you'd have no opinion, but thought I'd throw it out there anyways. I wouldn't expect any of my recent posts (or any) to stand out since my mind is being an asshole (brain fog). I also tend to step back until I get comfortable with a group, so I haven't really said much with substance. I do know what you mean about people sticking out, though, since you're actually one of them for me. I noticed your posts before I even joined.

  11. ISFJ's seem to think I have multiple personality disorder because of this. They are probably right. ;) One of these people is not like the other.... version I seen yesterday. I suppose all of the versions of me are on a never ending quest to find themselves. BPD, MPD, Schizoid, Depression seem to be what I have experienced most as personality disorders. They're not always active, things trigger them. I'm not saying I for certain have these disorders, but a lot of the descriptions are similar to symptoms I have experienced. BPD, is repressed, hidden, or non-existent, until I'm in a situation that starts to trigger it. If I don't open up to people, or have anyone get to close, it doesn't trigger. If I do, and I start to fear abandonment, then the symptoms start to show. So I don't think I have BPD, but If I start to feel close to someone, my mind can wreck havoc on me because I don't want to be vulnerable, or feel that I need someone else. To be fair on the Schizoid part, it's not all irrational. It's possibilities that could unfold that way in the future. It usually happens when there is a thick swamp of psychic muck between people, and I realize all these future hypothetical situations. If I let it get out of control, I start to look like a schizoid slightly. It is highly related to other people and their psyche though. If I was guaranteed in a safe place with trusted people, it would go away quickly. It's linked to absolute certainty and safety, when that is jeopardized, even potentially jeopardized, I look at what's likely and what's possible, worst case scenarios. It really helps to have allies to be able to fall back on and trust, in the absence of that, it can be really scary. So if you get past the schizoid version of me, you get to meet my many personalities (MPD), if you get past that you get to meet the (BPD) and you slowly realize... " This guy is depressed and I didn't know it before ". So who wants to go on a date, lmao? It's kind of like this: What's interesting is, I am a way better actor than you think. You won't know any of what I said above about me on surface level interactions. Deceit. I'm a covert schizoid type. It becomes overt if a situation/ongoing is overwhelming. Of course I still have the INFJ ability of allowing people to easily open up to me and reveal things etc. etc. They just don't know they are opening up to a Schizoid/MPD/BPD/Depressed Sociopath. I do like your description of Si though it's simple and to the point. I like to think of it similar to Se but imploding in on itself. By this I mean what you can see, hear, smell, taste, touch. Not as in the present moment though, as in what is sucked into a vacuum to be later recalled for comparison as you wrote. " The taste of this sauce is different than the last time I ate here " " This person isn't as good at sex as my last partner, and their touch reminds me of getting raped when I was 16 " ---------- Post added 05-11-2015 at 06:37 AM ---------- I'm sorry, I'm unable to do this atm. I'll have to go lurking on your posts first, and I don't have the time or desire to do that right now. I do know of you, I know I've enjoyed reading many of your posts, even though I can't recall them all right now. If one sticks out it usually sticks really well. My Si might suck, but when someone/something catches my attention, I don't lose it. ---------- Post added 05-11-2015 at 06:38 AM ---------- At least you are honest about it. " This is my world " ---------- Post added 05-11-2015 at 07:12 AM ---------- I think I'm derailing the OP at this point. I'm sorry Teybo.
  12. Ya you don't need Si, they have an app on your phone for that. It's called notepad lol. Well pseudo Si I mean. (I realize Si is more then just this) " what was that phone number again... o ya! It's in my phone... "
  13. Do you partially agree with this? <1-3>(4)[5-6]{7-8} So with INTJ, as you already know, Ni-Te-Fi-Se-Ne-Ti-Fe-Si. So when you describe all your functions as being generally well balanced most of the time. It is still 7-8 that are the true strains/stumpers. The reason I wrote it that way is because I think the top 3 become solid for most people and the 4th function is the first one to show real resistance. 5-6 still have fairly good access as we age and become comfortable. 7-8 are the one's I see in most people that are lacking. So what you said is consistent with what I observe in my self and others. I agree with your opinion on enneagram as well. I'm sorry if I sound to serious at times, as though I need to lighten up. I can do this, but when I do, I can't have discussions like this, unless I'm just being passive about them. It's either lighten up mode or serious mode for me. (I have other modes as well, lol) You would be surprised how well and easy I can lighten up though. It may not seem it, but my focus has been on Ne-Fi a lot lately. Of course I'm still using my natural top 4, but I can tell that I'm heavily in Ne-Fi.