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    The great Alex Kenich. I'm a nuclear engineer by day and pseudo-rockstar at night.
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    Guitar, Kiteboarding, Tennis, Squash, Steak
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  1. When dating an INTJ, the most important thing is to not take MBTI so seriously and view them as a unique person instead of one of 16 hypothesised creatures :p. Also, never thought that those 'rules' were seen as such xD
  2. I was recently impressed by a human. This is uncommon. This is good. Think about something that you're really passionate about, and the last time you saw another person do that at a level which left you in awe. We are judgers, the trick is to make us judge positively.
  3. Holy crap you're the perfect guy that all girls have been looking for O.O
  4. I find that animals are pure in their actions. If you've ever had a pet, you'd know that they loved you for real and not out of convenience for themselves.
  5. I want to post mine and be all like 'That's how it's done', but I'm a guy :(
  6. I'm not Greek. I teach Koine in an academy. I'm just jerking you around... it's what we do...

    Yes! The 314 is not randomly chosen; I am a professional mathematician.

  7. Αν ήξερα ότι υπήρχαν Έλληνες εδώ θα ήμουν πιο προσεκτικός. :p

    Also is that pi in your username or just coincidence?

  8. You intrigue me. I must investigate you.

    (Actually, ἀλέξω is not the infinitive "to protect"; it is the first person nominative singular, "I protect"...)

  9. I'm an engineer so maths is like my second language. I was never passionate about it though, just good at it. I know people from uni who get a sort of high out of solving maths problems. I see it more as a means to an end.
  10. As DeadIdealist says, I very rarely find someone who I am genuinely interested in enough to warrant approaching them :/ I've been told that I shouldn't be so picky but I can't help it.
  11. I love watching the people I care about succeed. It's like we are part of this large family and everyone's achievements make us all stronger. Nothing beats the feeling that comes with seeing your community thrive and being proud to be a part of it.
  12. Thorium definitely has a future in the nuclear industry, but the weapons argument for thorium is not completely true. The protactinium in the decay chain can be easily separated from the fuel (due to different chemical properties) and then processed to form high purity U233 for use in weapons. It's true that it is extremely radioactive, but so is Pu239 and that has not prevented it from being used in bombs. By all means thorium should be invested in as a fuel for the future. We should just be aware of the reality should some fanatical governments decide to expand their nuclear sector under the premise of 'non-proliferating' energy.
  13. Perhaps at some point in the past I did, but I went to great lengths to prove to myself that it is not the case. I would set very high goals for myself and the drive to succeed would kick in to overdrive. But the fear can definitely be overcome. As I said, the important thing was that I wanted to prove my competence to myself, not to others.
  14. Sarcastic humour when I'm around close friends, but I avoid sarcasm with people I don't know well because it can come off as harsh or insulting. I also love making puns that are so horrible that they are hilarious. But lots of people think it's 'cool' to not find them punny... :3
  15. September because it marks the beginning of Autumn when the trees display their most beautiful colours before finally falling into a serene slumber for the coming Winter. I too hope to experience such brilliance before it is my turn to sleep.