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  1. would you say your ability to shoot recurve helped when you switched to compound? eg higher weight at full draw with a recurve compared to compound allowing you to hold steadier at full draw, probably resulting in tighter groupings. interested in anyone that shoots barebow and switched to other types. people might be interested in this if they hunt, or are interested in take down bows http://www.goprimalnow.com/Compact_Folding_Survival_Bow_p/cfsb-1-60.htm doesnt look like it has anywhere to attach any gear(sights, clickers, weights) though. so would probably be similar to shooting barebow.
  2. it is still recipient that is creating the hurtfulness and feeling the hurtfulness.
  3. it is not the words that hurt people but the value they place on it, if a hobo called you fat, even though you are really fit, you wouldn't care because you place no value on his words. you use your logic to determine
  4. if you are are able to sleep when you are overly tired. and your problem is not being able to sleep when not overly tired. make yourself overly tired.
  5. implying that it doesn't build your body?
  6. criteria = conditions for something to happen, can be different for each person and can include, *lack of action (lack of exercise,lack of eating,not becoming sick, etc. *action (eating,exercising, becoming sick, etc) IF criteria for obesity is met { ----person will become obese; ----IF criteria to become not obese is met { --------Person will become not obese; } ----ELSE person will remain obese; } ELSE person will not be obese; for things to happen criteria NEEDS to be met. when you judge someone, you start with the end, either the person is obese or the person is not obese for either one to happen there needs to be certain criteria met or criteria that isnt met. example, sees obese person, can make these assumptions person has met criteria for becoming obese. AND Person has not met criteria for becoming not obese. sees not obese person, can make these assumptions Person has not met criteria for becoming obese OR Person has met criteria for becoming not obese if a persons goal is to not meet a certain criteria they will not try to meet the criteria and will not gain the result. if a persons goal is to meet a criteria and fails to do so, there is an error in the method of trying to meet the criteria. if a person meets a criteria, they have done the necessary things to fulfil that criteria and gain the results i get everyone's point that the criteria to becoming obese can be different for each person. that being said that means the criteria to becoming not obese will be different as well. there IS a criteria, you just need to find out what is it, then go and do it. meeting YOUR OWN criteria for becoming obese then trying to use SOMEONE ELSE'S criteria for becoming not obese will not meet YOUR criteria. its like trying to fit a square block thought a round hole. repeatedly doing so then blaming the hole or shape...... the square block doesn't select itself and keep forcing itself into the hole and failing on its own accord. the wrong block is selected by the person. when you judge an obese person you are judging their inability to meet criteria, or ability to meet criteria too well. being able to see the fact of someone's inability to meet criteria, or ability to fulfil criteria too well if you state the fact that someone is able/isn't able to meet the criteria they would get upset if they disagree with what you say. people don't get upset if they agree with what you say. telling an obese person that they have done the neccesary things to meet the criteria for becoming obese is the truth. telling an obese person that they have not done the neccesary things to meet the criteria for becoming not obese is the truth. these statements are true for people who are obese. acting on these FACTS is not being shallow, but being REALISTIC. people get upset when being told these things and being reminded of it, because they do not agree and it clashes with their view of reality. in essence they feel they are being questioned on their intelligence and view of reality. when in fact the person is just stating facts. the truth hurts the most. people will deny it and lie to themselves to try and protect themselves
  7. The irony in this post had better be intentional. Also I think less swearing might get your point across quicker and more clearly.

  8. i remember telling a girl that was somewhat crazy, "if you ever kill anyone, dont tell anyone, not 1 living soul" dont know why i said it, but looking back i wonder if she thought i was serious......
  9. ask him to stand on one side of a door, then slam it in the face really fucking hard, then ask him if he understands what you are trying to say, then leave.
  10. do you secretly have a penis? i know im all for risking my life, but if theres a chance of being raped, i am a little sensitive about my arsehole. oh and any drug habits? stim dick, zanax dick, or just being so numb you can only really sit there and drool and muzz out. though id hope you would be able to pick up on the signs, but if he is a long term user, the telltale signs can become VERY HARD to see unless you are familiar with it, becomming accustomed to every day/hourly drug use and still being "normal" is a skill i have seen in a few people, you dont realise till you yourself have alot of knowledge in those areas. if he is on uppers, you could be in for a hell of a ride, all night. can cause some pain in people not used to it.
  11. a fat person cant help but show more of themselves, infact they are forcing more of themselves to be shown, so its not other peoples fault that they are seen more. and you people treat fat people like they dont judge others. they judge others, so they WILL be judged back, only thing is more often then not the fat people are easier to "hurt". you cant use anything against someone if they don't consider it a weakness or useable against them. so someone being upset about being judged fat, them by being upset, is placing value upon what the other person says, if they did not believe what the other person said held any weight they would not care, after all, who will listen to the ravings of a mad man, no one, unless they think he could be correct. there is an old saying, if you cant pull your own weight, get the fuck out. example if someone calls me fat i don't have a crying fit, i don't suddenly think i have a huge gut, i know my body better than the other person, and i will correct them because they are not me and do not know me so they are mistaken because they are misinformed , i will then invite them to come work out with me, and eat food with me and show them parts of my life. i will show them they are wrong. im not just going to run to some forum and bitch that someone called me fat, and spend all day complaining that i cant do anything about being fat because some knob called me fat, of course i cant do anything about being fat, im not fat to begin with, that would be trying to fix a non existent problem. i would be searching for the answers to something that doesn't exist. of course the result of that search will be "i dont know, i cant find out, theres nothing i can do" how many people would still have a go at someone they consider fat if they did that when they are judged as being fat. people these days, wtf is happening to them, rather sit around and bitch all day rather than actually go make good on their problems. and the stupid people who believe everything someone tells them are just as bad, everyones too used to being told what to do, whats good for them, your fat, not dieing of cancer, before you even go to a doctor to try and get a justified excuse to be fat, go and fucking do something yourself. IF YOU DONT HELP YOURSELF, HOW CAN YOU EXPECT OTHERS TO HELP YOU. fucking people these days, think other people owe them. snow ball starts small gets bigger as it rolls, if you decide to push it down hill itll roll and keep rolling and get faster and faster, if you cant keep up with the snowball, it might not be till it hits the bottom of the slope and is fucking huge, to all fat people, hold onto your fucking snow balls or push it back up yourself. everyone has their own snowballs. when you are a child, your parents look after you and teach you how to look after your snowball, school will help you, there are people whose jobs are to help you look after your snowball, these all happen before it gets too big. dont be fucking lazy makeing snow angels and let your snowball go. they will see you makeing snow angels and just say i told you so, have fun pushing your fucking huge snow ball back up the hill, and hope it slowly melts down.
  12. 3 things a person needs to do to gain control of a country: manipulate the banks feed the war machine and take control of the military good luck
  13. stop trying to rape him, that might make him fear you less :P
  14. you do realise you can increase the weight eg, 2 arm push ups, 1 arm pushups, incline push ups, eventually to 1 arm hand stand push ups with full body weight. and all the while building the neccesary joint strength and what not. and who the fuck does 500 reps of sit ups thats just stupid. alot of people who train body weight use leg raises instead of sit ups as it is seen as more useful compared to sit ups. try hanging off a bar whilst keeping your feet together and locked straight then doing leg raises. and as for increasing weights do a 2 handed pushup, then do a 1 handed push up then tell me the weight didnt change.. when you first start out it will actually decrease weight, as it burns off body fat, but as you continue and start to build muscle tissue (muscle tissue is heavier than fat) you start lifting more as you build more muscle. as for your tumblr shit i don't use tumblr i think it is stupid, i used it before people use it for what it is now back in the day, as a photo storage site for my photography.... have abandoned it for media fire now... as for range of movement, the range of movements will be better than what you can get out of those resistance machines that you oh so value so much, not to mention cheaper. the body is a machine, talking about machines, how many of you would be willing to buy a car that has a shit load of power, but not enough power to move its own weight? it might have a shitload of power and have a beastly looking engine, but it will be heavy, and if the power is not enough to move that car how much use is it? your body is made to move itself. moving your own body is not unnatural. the routine actually doesn't do more than 2-3 sets of 20 of any particular exercise. eg, 2 sets of 20 normal pushups (body locked straight, feet together) progressing to 5 normal pushups with hands touching under chest (trains different muscles) note each line beginning with then is a new workout session then 1 set of 10 then 1 set of 10 and 1 set of 5 then 2 sets of 10 then 1 set of 20 and 1 set of 10 then 2 sets of 20, then progressing on to next difficulty of pushup which would be half 1 arm pushup and so on. it allows for all muscles of the group to develop and the neccesary joint strength to build. before progressing. there is no need to be attaching weights, that are cumbersome and not natural when you already have access to the perfect weight. adding weight that your body isnt made for can lead to injury, clearly seen by the amount of people who get injuries from doing weights. i have been training my method for almost a year and i still have yet to have an injury, but have considerable gains, moreso than the people who go to the gym. as for the use of pushup, next time you see someone do it turn your head 90 degrees :) try challanging a person who can do a 1 arm handstand pushup to an arm wrestle and see how well you do (word of advice they can lift thier own body weight with 1 arm, so i suggest you pick the lightest looking one :)). and then if you still think it is useless ask him to punch you in the face. standard for all exercises, is 2 secs neg, 1 sec pause, 2 sec pos. you can discredit body weight training, because you dont believe it can make you strong. what i can tell you what it doesnt do , is make your muscles grow unporportionally and look unnatural like some of the equipment in the modern gyms will do. im not saying your methods of training are bad, im asking if you can do simple movements of your own body, if your training method is so good. its not like im questioning peoples intelligence and they are getting butt hurt. people who do these exercises don't do it to sit in front of a mirror and jerk off to themselves. they do it for the raw power that it gives. how do you think ancient warriors trained for battle, they didnt have resistance machines and shit like that, they had their own bodies, and they used that they didn't go to no gym. with body weight there is also no excuse for not working out, no the gym was closed, no that guy was hogging, no i was too poor, anyone that has a body can work out, you dont even need much space. a homeless person could work out in a big cardboard box. you have no one to blame but yourself for laziness. as long as you got a body, the words "i cant work out because of ...(pick something)" is a lie you can, you just want an easy option. the only thing i complain about is that when people that look at my arms think i shoot up crank all the time then just spend all day at a gym (-track marks). btw it is pointless to do the same exercises over and over again eg the stated 500 situps. it would be like going to a gym and lifting a 10kg weight 500 times, then complaining that the 10kg is the heaviest they have because they dont have any heavier, when a smart person could just attach more weights. luckily your body will increase your body weight when it feels you are ready, not when some magazine says you should lift more etc. FYI, i borrow my brothers gym pass to go to the gym to use the pullup bar and dip bars on rainy days when i cant go to the local park. people there think i am some sort of mutant or something, as they see how strong and how much i improve and think i have some sort of secret, because they only see me there on rainy days and the fact i only use the those 2 parts of the gym. i have also increased my body weight by 20% since i first started, and i can tell you it is not fat.