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  1. We experience the idea of being wrong. We experience being wrong. But there's a difference: We are wrong with ourselves, independently, for a brief time. There is a reason I am in my head too much - I'm thinking. Before I ramble and rant on a concept/person/ideology, I try to find if I misconstrued any information beforehand (not that I rant or ramble). It is not that I am smarter than you (possibly, through an interpretation;or simply superior), but the concept/person/ideology was in my head for quite some time, viewing it through different angles and lens, trying to find for myself where I may be wrong. If after strict scrutiny I find none, I publish it in my head. I know I'm correct because I assume a bland statement received such scrutiny from the individual who said it. You can't explain that.
  2. I find it quite difficult to hate every person; It requires much needed energy. I rather accept their way of being, be it: foolish, greedy, joyful, proud, &c. and try to find something appealing with which I may relate with. If that fails, I play along with their mannerisms and then begin to hate. It is not that I found nothing interesting in them that I abhor them, but rather they are of no use to me in learning anything new.
  3. I was in love once, but I was a mere child. Only the illusion and my definition of love existed then, for me. It may have not fully developed into something I believe in, but all these mixed emotions concerning a single individual are quite powerful. It's not something I obsess over either - it isn't a project. Maybe it is, but to me, it is more of a...a...I cannot quite grasp the concept. We met through my sister, the comfortable extrovert, and that was that. There were the occasional trips to the snow and campsites with our families, but nothing ever happened. Time passed as I realized there was something interesting about her. She was different. She is different. Comparing her to the others of the same gender I have met, there was a clear contrast. This contrast was appealing to me, so I began to think about the matter more in-depth. I would prepare conversation topics in my head some days before which may prove my assumptions correct. Of course, everything I imagine in my mind is accomplished there, but not when dealing with people. When we were in a group, I would get bored of the subject and tend to wander off with my notebook, hating myself for not having the 'balls' to ask those goddamn simple questions. I managed some last week regarding school, and asked her major and classes she abhors or fancies. Studying bio-medical engineering confirmed some assumptions I had gathered. She did not favor philosophy, bummer, but she mentioned she cannot wait for physics next semester. I will pause there, for my sanity and your patience. But the favor: Is there a way to overcome this shyness, or, if I am misinterpreting shyness for something else, what is it? I have friends. Took a class requiring strong social interactions (Social Issues?). Is this confusion even related with shyness and love? Am I over-thinking this matter? Should I investigate more before meddling with such primitive emotions? How lost am I? Who is John Galt? (Technically, first thread. Please don't destroy me. Allow me adjust, and then shall you do as you please.)
  4. I would be devastated if pictures of myself and family members were gone as well. At the time, they didn't have enough money to buy or take photographs. To this day we relish the few they took of us, hardly making up half an album. Besides that, the books in my bookshelf. Though few I have bought, much have been stolen when I was younger from my high school; it would make me feel worse than I did when stealing them if they all became ashes.
  5. Ignore the dog... he's an idiot. Welcome to the Forum!

  6. On Spot!
  7. I believe it depends on the user's view of intelligence/visual appeal. To me, intelligence is dominant over that of visual want most of the time since however seductive a woman may be, her capacity of knowledge would be the greater factor. For something as long-term as a relationship, having to cope with a less complex mind whose plurality of thoughts revolve around lesser things daily would be something i wouldn't stand. I myself may have my thoughts revolve around lesser things daily, but to me, they are not (which is why this concept of intellect greatly forces the user to define for itself). Quite humorously, I have never been in a relationship, making these thoughts a large speculation and generalization, but either way I strongly believe other factors beside intellect contribute to whether or not a being fancies us or not.
  8. A 'Good day, Sir' may have sufficed. Or maybe "I did not anti-cipate your kind here."
  9. If, say, we 'tribe' were to band together, would it be considered a friendship? Would we still have the same ideology regarding friends? Or would we simply have a commonality not implying any kind of relation?
  10. Cooper, I thank you for your welcoming. Understanding I have much to do and will. nowt, I enjoy and quite frankly find your greetings interesting. catatonic, Corduroy was probably the first of a series of books I read as a child, and I have a visual appeal for the pants. I couldn't agree more regarding friends.
  11. I am confused as to how I reached the Wikipedia page regarding the the MBTI instrument, but after reading the article, I took the personality test and resulted being an INTJ. I agreed for the most part, but never before gave much thought as to who I was and why. Post-reading, I reflect many events, qualities, and internal factors of mine and have to point out that many include the INTJ profile without me knowing any of it. Perhaps I am shocked as to why I never figured this out, always assuming it was my own nature to be that certain way. Upon discovering this, I wish to garner sufficient information regarding how this may affect my present and future self. I feel grateful however, that there is a forum specifically for these kinds of people and those related to them. Most of my friends are complete opposites from me, disabling a chance to reflect on personality similarities. Thank you very reading, and have a nice day.