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  1. Believe many start out as Sales/Operations Representatives. How do you begin? Like any field. Apply for internships with any player in the area. Then go from there.
  2. Database admin bachelors in finance. disliked finance/accounting but the piece of paper was nice.
  3. http://www.rhsmith.umd.edu/ms/analytics/ http://analytics.ncsu.edu/?page_id=4184 Learn analytics. ??? Profit. http://www.bls.gov/ooh/business-and-financial/market-research-analysts.htm
  4. Low level jobs suck for pretty much anyone. Just find something where you don't have to talk a lot. Eventually transition into management/analyst type role or stack up the degrees.
  5. Because retail is pretty awful imo.
  6. Worst advice ever. Do not go into medicine for the money or status. OP, you are 21. Perfectly normal to change your career path. May just need to go back for a masters in a couple years after you gain a better idea where you want to go and to gain some hard skills. Do you enjoy math? Look into statistics or actuary work maybe.
  7. Keep it a hobby. Poker boom has passed.
  8. Made it a minute.
  9. Not sure why you have written off finance completely but see if you enjoy writing code.