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  1. It does nothing Teybo.
  2. Let's erase "dumb" and the most likely candidate is ESFP. I had a 2nd cousin who always had a girl under his arm and a cigarette in the other hand, with a lot of people pleasing charm. It seemed everyone affectionately said his name. I'm guessing there were ISTJs under his arm. IRL, the ISTJ men I've met have ESFP spouses. And I've seen it the other way around too, though less in number. I've known a few woman who are like this. Do you remember Major Nelson in the 60's show I Dream of Jeanie? There you'd have the guy version of ESFP. And Dick Van Dyke, Bill Clinton ....
  3. Ahh but it is limiting. I would never think a sensing type could break ground in the theoretical field, nor a feeling type to be at home in throwing a hand grenade or fly an attack helicopter in combat. Or even a thinker being in their element teaching elementary school. I think this discussion belongs in its own thread, rather than derailing or hijacking a "type me" thread. It comes of as rude, for one.
  4. Or livin' in mom's basement.
  5. I think you are thinker and that's where I'd put my money for now. Have you looked into the temperament breakdown of the four: Guardian, Rationals, Artisan, and Idealists? http://www.keirsey.com/4temps/overview_temperaments.asp That would be a good starting point, I think. Enneagram is another. I think you have an 8 in there, don't know which end though. Could be wrong.
  6. I've had a few bouts of it, and the last one I can remember I felt as though there was an intruder in the room. Like I was being attacked but not anything tangible or tactile in feeling, but a dark mass leaning on me to where I could not breathe..... squashed down with a ton of weight.
  7. Re: Heart Meaning that they are motivated to see things how they are, not how they want to see it.
  8. They will know it if they are wise in heart.
  9. Congratulations on your self-discovery trek! It's probably nice to find this kind of information for you. I don't think you'll find many ISFP types here, but there are probably enough NTJs here who have dated some. Tell us about your avatar. Do you golf?
  10. I've checked out consumer reports before to find the best cleaning brand. They test swatches of clothing. Right now Wisk is sitting near the washer, and I think it's # 2. It changes up overtime, but it works good enough. If there are stains left behind then no. Tide was #1 I think at the time. All in all it has to be unscented otherwise I'll break out in a rash. Is it weird for a guy to check this stuff out? The washer we have is my doing. Lol.
  11. I put in a post here in a thread I started and it tagged me as INFP. Some emails had me pegged as ISTP and ISTJ and INTP. The recurring theme was "too contemplative" in the Extraversion scale to be extraverted. What an inversion here. I guess my avi is spot on, one had me pegged as female way over in XX territory on the graph.
  12. If someone is tailgating you at night, turn on your dome light and reach down like you are looking for something. They will pass every time. Useless.
  13. Almost everyone one of my friends IRL, has been, or is ISTJ. I suppose it could have been INTJ but that is a rarer type. Somehow we talk about science or the science behind something/anything. There is a vast array of knowledge in the type. It seems to be 2-way too. Why ?????? Interesting.
  14. An easy way to do it would be to over baseboard it, maybe cover 2 walls with registers and you'd have it with 23ft of baseboard, instead of doing one wall at 12 feet, or even less. The problem could be you'd overheat the room if it was zoned together with other rooms or even under heat heat it if that slab draws away a lot heat. If you wanted to know the heat loss find out how many BTUs it loses in one hour. My load at home looses about 12000 BTUs per hour @ 0 degrees. I know that because I know the net output per day through my radiant tubing. You can watch your therms per day usage via gas meter readings, and subtract the summertime usage and you'd have a rough and ready heat loss/load for winter. Put yourself a small heater in the room with a known output and calculate the load that way. My heat loss at home is 10 BTU s per square foot at 0 degrees. I have an output of 33,000 BTUs/hour through radiant tubing. Or heat it to a known temp. and shut it off watch the drop per hour.
  15. I think the 8w7 says something. I get that assertive vibe from it. Couple that with INTJ and you have a presence of E but really prefer I. Interestingly, there is an INTP here who is 8w7 and that tune is similar. Somethings I've wondered if my E type is right, but looking at extraverted 8's IRL, I'm not the one who has to surmount challenges and try to get/nurture/push others to get them to be more or to do more. But I think I have traits of it in an 8 wing - sometimes I'm there with i - but it's not the soul sole drive behind the personality. So, is an introverted 8w7 like an extroverted 7w8?