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    Imagine corn.Imagine a well. Imagine a septic tank. Imagine deer. Guess? You're right-in the country
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    No play, no game.
    The good news about knowing you were wrong is that you are right.

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  1. What do you think?
  2. The good news about knowing you were wrong is that you are right.
  3. Yeah, I had the army men too, Swampy. I forgot about all the colors. Lol.
  4. Good honest communication is the best way. If you are not honest then you are stuck trying to game the situation, and that's exhausting to anyone. If boundaries cannot be respected then it might be time to move on. For myself I would keep it simple.
  5. Nothing to write home about. GI joe, Six Million Dollar Man, Mike Powers the Atomic Man would all end up as target practice in the sights of pellet/BB gun. Also I used to have a 30-30 rifle, and I'd pull the bullets and take most of the gun powder out and shoot things in my room. One time there was too little powder in there and the bullet froze somewhere down in the barrel, and to get it out I fired a cartridge behind it. I wrapped my arm up in a towel and put my arm just outside the door, with the house wall shielding my body, and fired straight up into the sky. The neighbors I think were a little shook up via lights and off.
  6. Yeah, the "INTJ" is not ISTP/INTP. The only thing I could say different is that " wanting to be the jack of everything" sounds ISTJ. They like the security of knowing the past to shore up against the storm of the future.
  7. ENTP. Same type as this kid; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVrJUbeuG44 KeIrsey called them the inventors. http://www.keirsey.com/4temps/inventor.asp
  8. What makes us to be unfair to someone else? It's against someone not like us, having a bias or prejudice against them and I think it's mostly egocentricity at play. Being the center rather than seeing yourself in the mix as just another object. You are trying to control the outcome by lining everything up to way you want it to be.
  9. Yeah. Not to worry sc, it's always recoverable in time. ( Life.) Going back to the basics/fundamentals: You'll have to know if you are generally attracted to patterns or to data first, do you see things or make decisions from a empathetic point of view, do you have expectations first and then work everything up to that point, and close the door for a finality? Just stick to the mechanics/ processing of information, not whether you are comfortable around people or even like humanity, staying away from behaviorism.
  10. Cacao, you have a dx of Schizoid Disorder per your disclosure here at the forum. So what kind of treatment does your country of residence offer? I understand that the symptoms are somewhat treatable with pharmaceuticals. DBT is also used.
  11. Nice to see you in the pic thread! :) 

    1. InnVersion


      Thank you. It's been awhile.

  12. You mean being perfect in judgement throughout the day? No mistakes? Is that rational?
  13. Good as most. The trick is discovering the intentions or the trajectory of that end display. Why are they there doing what they are doing at that given moment in time? What was behind it. That takes experience and is ever ongoing. Some are better at this than others.
  14. At its base I think it is a knee-jerk reaction to something that is "other" rather than being the "same," via empathy. The empathy circuit isn't fired in the brain due to a difference. It's just primal here. It takes sympathy to rationalize the reaction away from only liking the likeness feeling. I suspect the more homogeneous the culture is, the more it is deeply ingrained from lack of exposure to something 'different." It's a feeling state of mind that is trained to be that way subconsciously from external reinforcements - I.e., one never thinks or is self aware enough to be objective. It's training gone awry. Think about the empathy circuit vs. the sympathy circuit in animals. Animals generally will not feel an affinity toward a different species. They are not the same, simply. It's rare, but some animals will reach out and help other types of animals, or even humans in distress. Why? They must have been able to put themselves in those shoes through thinking.
  15. It took some thought for it because others here put some time into it, so I felt obliged ..... So I thought what would characterize me? Yes, an inversion . It's just a flipping around of words or ideas/things and plugging it in and finding a new way to look at something or thing. Inn is a place of lodging or comfort away from the elements and that's sort of what I do: to comfort. Plus, me thinking I was an introvert at the time in '12 when I signed up, led to the idea of in-version as opposed to an out version. So you can see how I look at everything via my username, or my username spells many things for a spell.