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    The good news about knowing you were wrong is that you are right.

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  1. White tail deer
  2. It's really not any different than using skin color to explain behaviors. The behavior prejudice is entrenched by negative emotions.
  3. Yeah, in a sense. Think of it as being object oriented, like looking at life externally through a pair of binoculars. You see nothing but the object and the glasses prevent you from even seeing yourself. There is no self when you look - you can't see your leg when looking. The field glasses move from one object to next, and so on and on and ..... The self folds around the world as another object. But N is more future oriented ( imaginative of possibilities) to where an idea carries you to a place in the future. Sensing lands you on something real and concrete, that being the next number on a number line moving in a sequence. N's will be inclined talk about something that is not there, like an idea of something - not the next literal # object. SJ is past, SP is present, and N has not happened, yet.
  4. Realistically, being in a novel situation I see too many things at once and not really knowing where to start would be an Achilles heel of mine. Likely I'd start in the wrong place as borne out by experience, via someone's better suggestion pointing elsewhere. I'd work with the group, and maybe improvise something as time went on.
  5. 17 is the limit. 18 is deaf.
  6. Indignant. On a scale of 1 to 10 probably a 7/8. "That's just awful" kind of a thing. My wife is a feeling type and there were no tears nor outcries. An " Oh my" kind of a thing. I think most everyone is just desensitized by the distance from the actual self and its frequency. If they actually bloodily fell at your feet I think there would a empathic/ empathetic jolt of emotion course through your veins. Just a guess.
  7. Welcome back Miss Te, but have peace, now. Forget about the ones who are eternally lost. Indignation and expressing that makes one __________?
  8. The subjective self is always going to construct a model to work out of, to count all the objects. No matter what happens, even if you were an immortal divine being, you would never reach the point of knowing everything. But If life or matter, or the "aether" stopped or ceased moving , then you could count all the pieces.
  9. A 3 is looking to impress the world, and a 5 is seeking knowledge for its own sake - to stave off incompetence for a protection. Incompetence is a personal baseline fear.
  10. Being loved has nothing to do with it? Giving love is not a significant component of "well being?"
  11. I can easily see a correlation of "experiencing a state of mind of happiness" showing itself more in a social network of support. It's an easy litmus, just try isolation for a spell and compare that to living in a family unit. How do you actually feel living in either box?
  12. Especially high 5 to the NTPs, including the inactive ones. The off brand humor along with wordplay and some of the creativity like AC's creative writing, and Chameleons art , Fuji's humor with word play, and Vampy, etc. pointed me to the direction of not feeling so (too) unique thus feeling isolated. 5 to other Ns too. <---- Game threads, etc.
  13. Sphere. If one had superman supra vision, they would see their heads.
  14. I am always trying to find some new idea or way of doing something completely different - to invent for more efficiency/ easier way of living life, but mostly for the sake of discovery. To chase infinity - to step in front of it- instead of always being behind it. "What's there?" That's always been my M.O. since I can remember. I suppose that's brainstorming " Ne." I think I have a gift of somewhat seeing how other people would see something and I think that could be group feel "Fe" and Ne multiple perspectives. Sometimes I'll sit and watch animals and kinda get a sense of what they see or how the information presents itself to them. I've always had a hard time figuring out where to start something because I see everything at once. I think Si-ing is checking future information against a "known" experience and discarding anything spurious.
  15. I know it when everyone calls me: