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  1. :D I'm just glad people don't buy Ayn Rand's irrationality
  2. That statement seems to be shrouded with bitterness despite your attempts to make it more lighthearted by using the laugh emoticon. I find that the only people I can have a meaningful conversation with are male INTJs of my age or NJs/SPs of an older age (30+). I tend to get along with them fine. Then again, I'm not well liked by female NFJs of my age, not that I seek their approval. If you've see INTJs online bashing INFJs, then do not take it seriously. People online are often angry/ shortsighted, regardless of type, not that I condone it (there's no point being an asshole to a total stranger. Be an asshole to the people that you know personally who are assholes [in my terms, assholes are not necessarily people who are rude, but people who lack true compassion {in my terms, compassion isn't about being nice or polite to people you know, that's irrelevant and time-wasting nonsense. Rather, it's about helping people that really need it, such as those who are impoverished (all these brackets make me feel like I'm programming, also if someone insults your type, there should be no reason you should feel bad, because that's your ego attaching itself to something for a purpose, which is fine for something worthwhile, but not for something this petty)}]). Anyways, INFJs, but not all, do seem to be the type that feel like they're "universally hated by everyone". I know INTJs who also feel hated. MBTI is not a science, but INFJs are prone to having periods of extreme frustration and misanthropy, which could have led to CaesAug suggesting that they are prone mass shooting. INFJs are also prone to having deep-felt ideals which can lead to terrorism, or humanitarianism, depending on what they learn and what connections they make. Most of the INFJs I know don't seem to be either though, they're too weak and shortsighted to care much about things outside of the social circle, but that's stupid people in general. This feels like a very air headed response Sorry if I offended you in anyway
  3. What did you mean by that? Sorry, I didn't understand.
  4. We need to revive this
  5. Generally on cognitive function tests, I score something similar to: Ni - Fi - Ti - Ne - Si - Fe - Te - Se I am 99% sure I am of the Idealist temperament Am I a rude INFJ, a mistyped INFP or an emotional INTJ?
  6. Hi

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