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  1. Generally in my experience on a 70-80 person floor there would be 5-6 troublemakers, 5-6 saints and the rest somewhere floating in the middle. Generally as long as you are consistent the way you conduct yourself as long as you don't do nothing should work.
  2. I am an INTJ who was a resident assistant for three years. Also I want to point out plenty of INTJ's are doctors so clearly we have care-taking abilities. Furthermore, because these are college kids you don't have to do much "care-taking" if you don't want to. However, to get back on topic is there specific things you want to know so I could help you more effectively?
  3. Its possible because many of the diagnoses overlap. E.g. OCD, Trichotillomania, PTSD, and GAD are all very related and branch from similar experiences. Bipolar disorder's mania phase can mimic ADD so its likely that one or the other can be crossed off. Social anxiety could be explained by introversion, or frankly having any one of these symptoms. So to answer your question you could have the vast majority or all of the diseases. I would however get a second opinion as many have suggested specifically if you have seen him/her for two years and shown no improvement.
  4. The reason I voted as high as I did is frankly due to the probability of it happening. Look up the odds sometime and you will be astounded. It makes it significantly more easy to look elsewhere for answers regarding the creation of our universe.
  5. The article feels so 1865 to me.
  6. So you and all non-intj's got together and had a meeting and a good laugh about this? Can I take part in the next meeting and just sit in the way back? Ill even try to mask the "death-stare"...
  7. Wouldn't this be somewhat altered by social status?
  8. I don't mind handshaking its preferable over hugs and etc... The only time I have a problem with it is if that person's hygiene is questionable.
  9. I think I have to to agree with the majority if I didn't have my internal conversations I wouldn't understand anything going on around me. While I don't think of it often usually when your done arguing you learn something.
  10. Unless you have a realistic plan that would generate success I would advise against dropping out.