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    "Talking much about oneself can also be a means to conceal oneself." —Nietzsche
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    "How wonderful that we have been met with a paradox. Now we have some hope of making progress." - Bohr

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  1. Getting my socks and shoes on, hammering down pre-workout, and getting out there.
  2. Yes. I think for many of us introverts, we spent a lot of our earlier years convincing ourselves we don't need anyone. I think many of us are successful at this! And then we are beguiled and slightly humiliated when we find ourselves wanting someone. Someone who understands us, likes us, wants us. Needs change.
  3. Have you tried to go into the Device Manager and disable/reenable the WiFi card?
  4. According to whom? I think people worry about lots of things that I don't find personally worrisome, like who Kim Kardashian is dating, or what football team won the Super Bowl. I'm not saying it's rational, I'm saying it's human. Humans aren't rational, even the ones that claim to be.
  5. I don't lose sleep over these things, but they are things I think about and look to discuss rather than repress. I think it is a productive mechanism to wonder how you could improve as a person, rather than sit back and allow these things to continue frustrating you. How do you just track existential despair? Is there a wall chart I can download?
  6. I wouldn't call complaining on the internet equivalent to losing it. When I feel upset, I do, on occasion, come here for answers—or maybe a fresh perspective. Still, there's a totally functional (some would say, thriving) human being on the other side of the screen. I'm not kicking and screaming the day away. I am often misunderstood, and I don't have many people my age to discuss topics like these. And so I come here, where people tend to be older, in a relatively active community where I can make connections quickly. Frankly, I think doing this has been more of a method in managing perceived catastrophes than anything else.
  7. Isn't that the price of being intelligent? I get depressed because I am uncertain about the nature of this world. Why am I here? Does any of this matter? If not, why strive for greatness? Why suffer through pain? At my core, a lot of my trouble with seemingly innocuous situations are not due to the situations themselves, but rather with my attitude towards them. I am at this point in my life where I can no longer live between two options. Either I believe in meaning or I don't—the problem is, I can't decide. Some days I wake up, and I question the entire trajectory of my life, trying to live in a noble, self-sacrificing fashion and feeling empty. Those days, I feel like the effort is unwarranted and I could be much happier living more hedonistically, doing the bare minimum and ignoring higher pleasures. On other days, I feel like meaning is something you can imbue into your life as the sole creator of your destiny, and I want to live what meager existence I can in the best way possible. One is obviously easier than the other, though, and so as I grow up past 21, I wonder if this is just a juvenile rite of passage, or if this really is the quintessential philosophical quandary that stays in the back of one's mind for as long as we are conscious individuals.
  8. Easy. Just because you recognize that you are thinking irrationally, or that something isn't right, doesn't automatically absolve you of the accompanying emotions. I was thinking about it the other day, it's like some people can say to themselves, "well, I feel emotion x today, but I choose not to feel x because of rational reasons a, b, c." Even though I have the logical machinery to repeat this mantra to myself, and often do, it doesn't really make me feel any better. Some days, I don't even really know what x is, I just know that I don't feel like myself. I feel like I'm trying to trudge along finding things that are wrong in my life, so that I can at least blame what I'm feeling on something I have more control over as a way of anchoring back to reality. But in the same way, spending too much time spiraling and reflecting on circumstances that could change literally tomorrow isn't healthy either, and oftentimes depresses me even more than if I would've just said "I feel x today" and allowed my mind to wander somewhere else, if possible. But I think it's human nature to be curious, to attempt to find the link between action and consequence, even if the consequence is not tangible, in an attempt to minimize pain in the future. I think that's what I'm doing here.
  9. It's tough, sniv. It feels good for a little while, and you can get away with it for some time. But for anyone with more than 3 brain cells, you'll start to feel guilty about doing nothing, and now you're stressed out about the problem and your method of coping. Eventually the whole point of medicating is lost when you feel like you need medication to destress from all the medication! Once I have a new path, I can chug along pretty well, and usually feel a renewed sense of purpose. But the only way that I can do that is if I give things time and the problem is not so unsolvable that it won't budge to new circumstances. I'm just stubborn and have a tendency to agonize. I wish I wouldn't, but I do.
  10. I mean, by definition, things that are out of your control are out of your control. You end up feeling pretty inconsolable because nothing anyone can say will have any effect on the situation. I used to self-medicate with substances up until recently, when I realized that ignoring/numbing my feelings toward things I can't control doesn't make the situation any better. Oftentimes I just have to appeal to reason and convince myself to forge a new path ahead with this setback in consideration...I won't like it, and it'll take (much) longer, but it's the only way for me to hop out of the funk. I just wish I were like some of you who seem to be able to just shrug most things off without a second thought.
  11. I keep losing weight and I don't want to lose any more! Panic! My workouts are getting more intense with less rest periods and thus have become more efficient. I am voracious virtually all the time. I've gone from carefully planning my meals to inhaling everything in sight (within reason). I've noticed if I just eat the right foods, I care much less about quantity. I'm starting to gain much more lean muscle with visible vascularity. Just gotta keep scarfing down food.
  12. I can accept that I can't control something, but that doesn't keep me from obsessing over it. Actually, it ends up materializing as hopelessness. And then I circle the drain.
  13. Separate the tangible from the intangible. You're never going to solve someone's narcissism, nor will you coerce someone into selflessness via reason. You can, however, tackle practical problems. Confront him or her. When one of my roommates started to eat my food like I was his own personal grocery, I took all my things, moved them to one or two cupboards, and padlocked them shut. Done.
  14. We all suffer ups and downs in life. How do you get through situations that feel like (or very well may be) catastrophes? How do you stay centered and focused when your mind races with all kinds of tiny tragedies? Do you silence catastrophe in your head? Do you embrace it? Both? Neither? Discuss.
  15. Ditto. Although, I think it's much more controversial for me to hold that view than it is for you.