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    singing, being outside, putting my thoughts on paper, animals, watching the rain fall..
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  1. It depends on my mood. - how do you spot an intj? you personally i mean. not in general.
  2. AGREED. In the beginning texting is so awkward (esp. to me) and it's kind of awful.. you can take so many things the wrong way.. i like to get to know people then text them! much less confusion. - you stimulated her brain, she really does like you!
  3. heres my take on 'making a connection' with the girl.. (for me at least) i want a guy to show that he is interested in me, but since im not so trusting of others and/or how genuine they are you have to PROVE yourself to me. - You like her? Call her, text her. dont suffocate her, but let her know that shes on your mind. Hold a conversation with her, ask her questions, get her interest and get her interested in you. Oh and invite her places, either to go see a movie or come over and play video games. You should know if she's not interested. She will probably ignore your texts/calls or just be very short with you. (im not very subtle with this- i will ignore and/or give very short replies that should be obvious) - talk to her when you see her! thats the way I see it. to me, that^ is showing her that you have a real interest in her, and she isn't just 'another girl' to you. i'm not gonna waste my time/get emotionally invested if I don't think I have your full attention. but i do have high standards :/
  4. ALWAYS.
  5. Mine is blue.. but so light, it almost looks white. It's nice. 3 windows that desperately need blackout curtains. I don't love my view.. I see my neighbors/other houses.. but the street and sky are nice. 2 dressers desk a tv that never gets used! just taking up space. bookshelf nightstand It is tidy except my bad habit of throwing floss on the floor after i'm done. Seriously, floss everywhere. water bottles scattered everywhere. This is all I can think to describe.. please share.. i wanna know!
  6. We struggle with our surroundings.. with our peers. That doesn't lead to a whole lot of happiness. More like frustration.
  7. drawing... just putting ink to paper watching the sky, the rain, lightning. nothing more relaxing to me. (not the sun though.. i dont appreciate that giant orb blinding me)