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    Pessimistic agnostic/de facto atheist, vegetarian, existential nihilist, libertarian-ish.
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    Art. Philosophy. Neuroscience. Industrial rock. Kitties. Maker's Mark. Exercising. Naps.
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  1. If you give me sperm it is going into a condom. If I decide to reproduce I may or may not use your sperm, but the baby gets my last name; you may participate in its upbringing, but I am not "giving" you the child that I incubated in my uterus for 9 months. I choose to reproduce for my own reasons, not to make you happy. If you give me a house I will tell you to take it back because I do not need a man to buy a house. If you give me the groceries I will tell you to put them away and fix your own fucking meals. Also people generally have to do more than smile at me to earn my affection. Antiquated gender roles ftl.
  2. The government. And loud noises.
  3. You have kitties? Please post pictures of it/them!

  4. As they say, nobody is ever 100% sure they want to go to medical school. A lot do it because mommy or (more likely) daddy was a doctor and they are incapable of independent thought. Seems little attention has been devoted to flunking out. A good number will not make it past second year of medical school. My class went from about 115 to 80s by the end of second year. PS Path residency is 4 years for clinical-anatomical combo.
  5. A friend of mine once said the best way to approach me was from behind with chloroform. I usually indicate interest by acquiescing to "date" activities despite hating them intensely. It works poorly. I much prefer direct sexual propositioning. Ambiguous courting behaviors, boo.
  6. Sigh, always the dissenting opinion... I find it unnecessary if they are already paying attention to me and are aware that I am directing my comments to them. I actually tend to not remember names well. And I usually refer to men by last names. It seems odd to me when people do it outside of addressing me initially. Seems so inefficient; it serves no purpose mid-conversation-- I am already listening to you; you do not need to redirect my attention or make it known to whom you are speaking. Also I have a weird name that I don't identify with well, so when other people say it it always sounds strange, like a reminder that that is actually what my name is and I had forgotten. It doesn't really promote intimacy for me; if anything it seems to accentuate the discrepancies between other people's concept of me and my own.
  7. Strange comment. Refocuses on the supposed race issue (the obliviousness to Zimmerman being Hispanic is bizarre), of course... but it does so by making a comparison that if anything should undermine the belief in any such issue. Comparison between a man who did not know economic hardship growing up, was raised in private schools, attended the ivy league, and is college educated to a teen boy who was wandering around in the middle of the night on a week night, assaulted someone, and got shot. The sad reality is that Obama does not know what it's like to be black in America. Still, it's probably the safest comment he could've made. He knows better than to pick sides in that sort of thing by now (hopefully), but ignoring it out right would hurt him with his black supporters. But I suppose I prefer he make it a race issue rather than a gun rights issue.
  8. LMAO. Your posts are priceless.

  9. Hm, never heard a guy say that. Usually hear them complain about it. I tend to find men slightly more appealing if they have kids and actually parent them. Like random guys with a couple of tots doing father-child shit and not yelling at their kids for trivial shit. I guess I interpret it to mean they aren't worthless douchebags who abandon their progeny. Though they might be pedophiles who prey on single moms. (Not that you're one.) (That's not sarcasm; I honestly was not trying to imply that you are a pedophile.)
  10. But why? I am devoid of meaning. I don't despair. I'm not negative about it. I'm not disappointed. I'm okay with it (I'll admit it took me years to be okay with it). I don't expect meaning, so it doesn't bother me to not have one. I presume there are others. It seems the problem isn't lack of a God to give a denial of the absence of purpose, or lack of a purpose you can give yourself, the problem is people are convinced they need one (a purpose, that is). I often wonder if it's an unfortunate side-effect of reason-- the inclination toward teleologies. Jeez maybe it's the bourbon but I can't tell if Solarize is agreeing or disagreeing with me :S
  11. Hmm I'm not sure I agree with that entirely. I always thought Nietzsche's solution was akin to switching a heroin user to methadone. Doesn't sound much like evolving, to me. Self-purpose is just another crutch to replace that of God-given denial of the absence of meaning. Actual evolution would be to accept that purpose is not necessary.
  12. I'm pretty sure the mutual dislike I share with the human race precludes that career option... though now that I re-read that I'm having trouble retracing the logic that led to that conclusion.

  13. That is the most accurate description of Israel's and Palestine's relationship I've ever heard. Have you thought of becoming a politician?