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  1. Well, a more likely scenario is that technology advances so that growth of renewable resources do, in fact, outpace the loss of non-renewable resources. We already have printable meat and genetically modified foods. Non-renewable also includes gas, right? And we'll be relying less and less on gas as technology like electric cars develop amd become the norm. ---------- Post added 06-28-2013 at 10:46 PM ---------- But awesome graph
  2. Only relatively high-class people can afford to pay twice as much for food to go to restaurants versus eating at home. By going to a restaurant, you imply you have expendable income. By refusing to tip, or tipping like a Scrooge... Well lets just put it this way, many dating books/articles for women advise them to observe how the man treats the waiter/waitress. If you're trying to make a social commentary on the broken restaurant industry Everytime you eat out, you don't have to take it out on the minimum wage worker busting his ass. You could just cook at home. If you really enjoy eating out that much, there are ways to show your appreciation, like tipping, or writing a good yelp review, neither of which seems like its on your priority lost. I understand you're bitter from getting stiffed by a whole bunch of old Jew farts many years ago, but no reason to carry that over into your attitude towards all servers.
  3. You should start from 30% as default, and work your way down from there. Subtract points for bad service and forgetting things Add points for being cute, having big tits, blonde hair, etc.
  4. My bad, I missed that anecdote. Makes sense. You're bitter as fuck. And,your current job is important to gain an insight into your attitudes towards life, but that's your prerogative if u wanna share. Personally, I average over 20% tip on most of my shifts, so it sucks hard when I get the occasional cheapo, but I'm actually appreciative of the opportunity to earn tips and I take my anger out on the Internet Your problem? JEWISH.... anything, much less retirement home. I'm sorry bro, no one should have been put through that lol. ---------- Post added 06-28-2013 at 07:38 PM ---------- p.s. babsa, if I was motivated by money I wouldn't be working in a restaurant. I'm motivated by having extremely little responsibility and being surrounded by hot females all day long, and super short shifts and a flexible schedule which allows me to workout and not have to stress about the next day. I'm getting to the point of being fed up with it though. Anyways. ---------- Post added 06-28-2013 at 07:39 PM ---------- Exactly
  5. What is it that you do for a living btw? I'm going to rule out attorney even though that would be my inclination as first guess, but were u an attorney, you'd probably be a bit more succinct with your arguments. Maybe an accountant? Anyways, if you know you're not going to tip, you should let the server know up front I would appreciate it, and then I could focus more on my other tables while giving you the minimal amount of attention and pretenses, only attending to you when you absolutely caught my attention. It would be a big sigh of relief, if you let me know ahead of time, that I'm starting at zero tip, and that I'd literally have to make you feel like you just left Showtime at the Appollo for you to think I deserved more than minimum wage, or that you thought this job was just as easy as washing dishes or mowing the lawn. Dishwasher won't get fired for failing to smile during his entire shift. Dishwasher doesn't have his job at risk for every potential unsubstantiated yelp review. Because we have customers, we are being reviewed and monitored at all times, and being easily replaceable means we have to be perfect. Very few other jobs besides surgeons demand the level of perfection that most owners/managers demand of servers. ---------- Post added 06-28-2013 at 07:04 PM ---------- Lawl. The point is about you understanding tho
  6. I'd come at you But I'd rather come all over that sweet ass of yours
  7. His name was also ARMstrong, not LEGstrong, he overcame that obstacle as well.
  8. That's bussyboy to you... Haha thx.

  9. Servers are kind of like the lowest paid actors in the world. We have to put up with managers with control and anger issues Smile for 6 hours on end like our life depended on it Often don't get to eat Have to eat standing up Told when to take our breaks On top of it, U.S. customers are some of the most demanding snotbrained stuck up people on the world Servers have to be virtually perfect at what they do If you think Wendy Davis deserves props for her antics, Try getting triple sat w large parties, remembering everyone's order, and getting everyone's drinks and food on time, while some godless fuck needs a fork, a lemon, a water with one ice cube, all the while maintaining your composure, oh did I forget you're smiling the whole time, oh then some bastard waves you down for sriracha, then some ducking baby spills his drink and u got to mop it up urself cuz ur bus boy's out back smoking pot, and ur 3 parties just sat didnt get their drinks yet so u know ur making no tip already for the rest of the night but have to continue serving them for the next hour and a half, and you're not allowed to breathe or wipe the anxiety off your face till everyone leaves, and u didnt eat yet nor are you going to for the next few hours, and your manager decides to take his shitty life out on you, but you make the same wage as the dishwasher but get less hours... Oh I'm sorry, you have one of those non shitty jobs, I guess u wouldn't understand. ---------- Post added 06-28-2013 at 06:37 PM ---------- Your mom didnt teach you how to say please and thank-you when you were a kid Now I get it Bc we have no obligation to do that to each other either I like to stack up my plates and clean up the table after I eat out, A habit I picked up out of thoughtfulness for the busboy, after I was a busboy I assume you dont do that either ---------- Post added 06-28-2013 at 06:40 PM ---------- Timeframe is extremely relevant hun Have you heard about squatter laws, which vary from state to state, But often a squatter can take possession of a piece of real estate if a certain time has passed This is very lawl That you think time is irrelevant Einstein thinks time is very "relevant"
  10. Dude it was an ipad, not an iPod, HUGGGGGE difference. ---------- Post added 06-28-2013 at 06:24 PM ---------- Go work a week as a server and you'll change your mind
  11. one day, this will come in very handy for you. no srsly.
  12. crossfit is legit; expensive though; did it for a month cuz I found a Living Social deal that was unlimited crossfit for like 60 bucks/mo
  13. veins in the face is a good giveaway
  14. well i been in the gym for 15 years; and I still only do the same few workouts, and look better than 99% of the people that go to gyms; ---------- Post added 06-28-2013 at 01:40 AM ---------- it's not really that complicated; workout your chest/back on the same days; workout your shoulders/arms on the same days; wait 3-4 days before you work em out again; what's complicated about that?
  15. funny thread for "protein farts" i found on bodybuilding.com for a good laugh, to star things off: http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=138250043&page=1 so, I was doing squats at the gym and needed to fart. looked around, everyone head headphones on, so I just rippedit, lol i realized also that if you squat down real low so that there is no loose butt skin impeding your asshole, the air can just flow out silently like "phhhhooooooot" but, the smell still happens to linger.