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  1. There's already too many lawyers, fuck that.
  2. lol @ Incognito mode. Pls revise your knowledge of how computers and the internet work. Also: see Sarea's post.
  3. Heh. I don't believe the hype but do run in fairly artsy circles where the IxFPs so seem to reign supreme.

  4. As far as performance goes, I'm more perfectionist. I'm less strict about the music theory side, that's more the INTJ's thing. Pretty much, yeah. I had an ex that was really impressed that I won over her rescue cats that generally didn't like people. People treating each other terribly makes me really angry, or even dismissive at times. I don't HAVE to, but I feel better when I do. Not all ISFPs are artists, don't believe the hype. A lot of them are very conventional. Or they come across like it at least. I come up with names for things, but I don't have my own secret code. I seem to come up with nicknames for people that stick. I'm more than capable of being social and friendly, but I am a guy, so there's a bit less pressure to be 'on' all the time. Which is good. It took me a while before I could answer tests completely honestly. Took a bit of introspection, but I got there. I wouldn't say I feel strongly about it, though. 8w9, sx/sp or sp/sx. I lean towards sx/sp, though. Yep. I dated one for about six months. They're not super rare in universities, and I find plenty of male INTJs around the place. Intuitives in general are not as rare as people think. I know about 5 off the top of my head. Uh, okay.
  5. At times. Helps to remind yourself of your good qualities every now and then. If you look at everything through a critical lens (including yourself), you'll eventually start to feel down. You make no sense. Pass. Because under the surface, we have a ton in common, and they want my Fi and I want their Te. At times. I mean, I usually make decisions based on feeling. It's probably more spontaneity than impulse. Think more "I'm out in the city tonight, come drink!" and less dancing on tables in blackface. I have gotten up to plenty of mischief in my time, though.
  6. Already caught your edit, see the first answer for two of those questions. If money wasn't an issue, I'd be playing and writing music, doing photography and graphic design, possibly lecturing on music and donating to scientific research (mainly incurable and hard to cure illnesses.) I never want cheat on a partner. There's a lot of integrity in that for me. It's important because loyalty is important to me and I both give it and expect it, especially from a significant other. I think cheating is one of the most hurtful things you could to a person that trusts you. My values have more to do with my own ethos and thoughts on human beings in general. If I come across facts that conflict with that, it really disappoints me on a deep level and I remember it from then on. Kind of sad, but it happens more than I'd like. I'm generally open to fact, even if I don't like what I learn. My values are pretty rock solid, but they mostly pertain to me being honest and loyal, so no huge problem there on my end.
  7. I used to do karate, no longer do. I was 5th kyu (yellow belt with a stripe). Otherwise, not largely. I play bass (and may eventually sing if I can juggle that). I'm in a math rock band with an INTJ. I'm co-songwriter, but he does most of the heavy lifting, I do most of the people moving. Just the band, these days. I did do a lot of hobby graphic design work in Photoshop and used to do photography. I'm reasonably good at mathematics, but I wouldn't consider it an interest, something that comes super naturally or something I'm hugely into. I'm studying business and used to study law (may pick that up at a later date, but the legal job market in Australia is atrocious and probably will be for some time. I'm a bit of an idealist as far as that goes. Slowly getting more cynical, post-traumatising relationship with a borderline sufferer, but I'm still holding out some hope. It's more important to me than most things. I love feeling human touch. Brings me back to life for a moment. I really like sex, but I don't actively seek out one-night stands. Sometimes they happen, but I like to be fairly cautious because I don't want to catch anything. My sex drive near shuts down outside of a relationship. I usually end up patiently waiting for the next person to catch my interest, and it doesn't happen often. Until that happens, I usually put zero effort into impressing the opposite sex, apart from basic flirting, and sometimes not even that happens. Depends on my mood, the setting and the people. Vastly preferable to any of the alternatives. ISFP males are going to be more obviously masculine and females more feminine, due to the sensing preference. Males are going to be a bit more like your average male. Leaning more towards logic than the females. I think this is par for the course for most male F types, though. I suppose a male ISFP would be a bit more like an ISTP (although look out for Te use instead of Ti use in arguments) or like INTJs/ENTJs, depending on the person, though I guess they'd be more brief. Gender specific upbringing and conditioning aside, I suppose they're working with the same cognitive functions, but look out for it being flavoured by enneagram type. A lot of ISFPs are sixes and that makes them quite anxious and cautious (believe it or not). ---------- Post added 02-10-2015 at 11:56 PM ---------- First part, I guess just figure out if you're trying to be more black and white in opinions. If you're a moderate sort of person that doesn't form hard judgements, it may just mean that you've got a wider perspective and that in itself is a good thing. If that's not what you mean, be more specific and I'll see what I can drum up for you. Second part, figure out what you're good at and play to your strengths. Going against the grain too much won't do you any favours. If you hate business or algebra or science, there's no point doing it. You'll be wasting your momentum if you're running uphill. ---------- Post added 02-11-2015 at 12:05 AM ---------- Be concise, focus on the facts. Everything should be dead accurate. Make sure if you're quoting sources that they're not just dumb things like Thought Catalog articles that vaguely reference a source and taut it as fact. I've seen this in comment section arguments on blogs and it drives me insane. If you're using statistics, make sure the sample data is not skewed/self-selecting and if it's a survey, make sure the questions are not written in a way that will cause people to answer in a non-objective way. Sometimes we will check, and if it doesn't hold up, you're not going to like what happens next.
  8. I genuinely don't think I could have survived it.
  9. I dated a girl who had it for about 9 months and I became near-suicidal by the time it ended.
  10. You must be a sensor.