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  1. Hi

    Thankfully I dont need those!
  2. Actually aspartame is awful for you, it's amazing how this substance is allowed in stuff. You need sugar to burn fat so it's actually not bad like everyone make it seem to be. Too much of it is bad but you can say this for alot of things people consume on a daily basis. [edit]Oh and I forgot to say Hi, btw I hate 90% of the people I know in real life too. [edit #2] *smiley face added as an attempt to reduce the rudeness of this post*
  3. Hi

    Hi all, this looks like a nice forum from what i've read here so far. glad I took the personality test or else I would have never made it here. uh well hmm what can I say about me... english is not my main language so im usually a stalker in most forums I read and stuff. I get addicted to everything I put my mind to pretty easily and I like competitive videogames so im pretty good at those. I suck at this...