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  1. Ha ha ha ha!!!!! That's just sad. Probably should've asked Subway. Would have been less cliche.
  2. I don't understand why we need ANY more laws. Don't we have enough already? We don't even enforce the ones we already have. Why does each session of congress have to pass something or they're a lame duck congress? The more they pass the more they need to pass to fix the problems the ones they passed before caused. Job security? Dependence on government? We have already lost too much of our freedom and they keep pecking away at it. There is no accountability both sides just blame the other. They put on a show for the public while the public is suffering with the help of the media. Divide and conquer. We are in trouble.
  3. That's BS. My mother never made more than 30,000 per year and she worked 60+ hours per week to make that. She saves, goes without, and studies and invests her money wisely. Shes lived in the same house for 40 years. she still has the original 70s kitchen becauses she chooses to save and invest her money rather than spend it. She is worth many many times that now. She didn't earn it? It shouldn't go to her children without a big cut to those who didn't save and when she passes on? Her children should be looked down upon as spoiled brats for her sacrifices? ---------- Post added 03-06-2013 at 10:16 PM ---------- People who want something for nothing will always want more and will never be satisfied. Just because you show up for work everyday does not entitle you to anything other than the paycheck at the wage you agreed to when you took the job. This asinine view that the rich should pay more makes me sick. The only ones who do not pay more are those living off dividends of money invested. You cannot tax them more without taxing everyone who invests and receives a dividend more which means many that are not rich. The rich aren't the only ones who invest with the risk of losing their money. Raising those taxes will keep more from ever gaining economic freedom because the risk is to great for the possible reward. If you risk your money when you don't have much only to have what you do earn from an investment (there are losses not calculated in this) to be taxed at 40% then why would you risk? Why shouldn't your heirs even generations after benefit from your risks and successes?
  4. A president should NOT be giving the Supreme Court ANY direction. He just wants the credit or to be able to place blame in an area he has done nothing. Although I agree with anyone being able to marry in the eyes of the state. However, the state should not be giving out Holy Matrimony licenses. Couples should get those from their religious organization if they feel the need to have that. Interesting that you don't say instruction needs to be given to those justices that have stated they do not believe in the constitution they are supposed to uphold.
  5. I guess that depends on whether or not they are secure within the relationship?
  6. I usually do not go with the flow at all and will buck the entire system. I fight authority authority doesn't always win. I'm learning to let some things go rather than try and fix them if they are really out of my control but it remains difficult. I do not follow rules just because they are rules. Very, very dominant.
  7. Be who you are. You will never be a feeler type. If you want to appear to be a feeler when you're not then I agree with the above who said watch and study the feeler types so you can mimic. Feelers go on and on about mundane crap and details about the mundane crap that to me is so boring my mind goes elsewhere and I don't hear them. I am who I am.
  8. And why is that? If the law makers weren't so concerned with staying in power and collecting money rather than doing what is best for the country (meaning preserving liberty not making new laws all the time) then the evil corporations wouldn't have as much power over them would they. How am I dividing us even further? Leave me the hell alone with your "government has to protect me from myself mantra" and I could care less what you do. Nor do I want to pay for your bad decisions whether that is medically, socially, personally, or whatever. Figure it out for yourself...I had too. I didn't say the person who mentioned OWS is a good little robot. I said OWS members are good little robots and half of them (probably more than half) didnt have a clue what they were there for they just chanted whatever someone told them to. How is that NOT being a good little robot?
  9. I read the OP and thought ok this person is NOT an INTJ if asking this question. Nope not. What do you mean by ignored? For weeks or hours? If the ignoring is disrespectful then I would dump them. If they are just busy then hooray...more time to myself!!
  10. Lol, no shit. Of course they want more. If a woman doesn't know that she's either just too young to have figured anything out yet or to naive to admit it. But for any who think that they don't just ask your male friends for sex and see how they respond. Men don't hold your hair back when you vomit because you're such a good friend...
  11. Your entire premise is wrong. No one wants a revolution. Conservatives hope people wake up before a revolution is even close to happening. Do I think there should be? If we stand to lose the constitution then yes. What will I do? Probably pee my pants but I hope I have the courage to fight for freedom should the need ever arise but that doesn't mean it wouldn't scare the crap out of me. I saw OWS as part of the problem and they weren't standing up to government tyranny they were pointing fingers at evil corporations just like good little liberal robots. At least in Atlanta they left a huge mess in their wake so for me that really doesn't make me want to jump up and fight for them while they kick back drinking kool aid and destroying the area they were in. I really did not hear about police brutality toward them but then I don't really watch the news. It pisses me off too much. I find it hard to believe the left wasn't just going ape shit over it if it were true though. I do not know who Chris Dorner is. I do not agree with government espionage or any infringement on the constitution aka government power grabs whether that is federal, state or local government and whether that government claims to be conservative or liberal. Just because someone has a R beside their name does not mean they are conservative. I would also think a "liberal" who so passionately fights for woman's right to have an abortion using rape and incest as billboards wouldn't fight for that same woman's right to protect herself with whatever weapon she deems fit. Ironic, I think. Personally I believe the R's and D's right now are on the same side but they put on a good show for each audience then do what is best for them and their power grab. If they can keep us fighting each other we won't notice both sides of "the people" are losing and the government is gaining power while we all lose liberties.
  12. Women are more level headed? Seriously? Have you ever worked with women? There is more drama, lying, back stabbing and bullying than with any men I've ever worked with. Maybe if it were an INTJ female but those feely types are absolutely scary!
  13. We are just immune to the BS from both sides. It's a common sense approach and a stay out of my life attitude. I'm really surprised more self pro-claimed INTJs are not Libertarians. Libertarians believe no one can make a decision for us better than ourselves. We sure as hell dont go with the flow of the perceived majority. A real INTJ pushing for government controlled utopia does not make logical sense in any way.
  14. If you do not believe narcissism exists then you haven't met one. Hopefully you won't. Try dating one. They do not call them emotional vampires for nothing. Most are not diagnosed because they do not see there is a problem and you cannot convince them there is a problem. The problem is always someone else. Never want to meet another. Eventually you do figure out what they are after the life has been sucked out of you. I never understood narcissism but I do now. It's like Alzheimer's if you think you may have it you don't.
  15. So let me get this straight. You're advocating taking rights away from a law abiding citizen to stop people from killing themselves with a gun? I've heard it all now. I'm a single female living alone. I would not give up my gun for anyone or any law...period. In fact I'd better run out and get more before you nut jobs make it impossible for me to do so. Without the gun I am a sitting duck. There should be no infringement whatsoever on the right to bear arms. None. If you don't want a gun don't get one but leave me the hell alone and do not break into my house. What are you going to do with the guns? Melt them? They won't magically go away. Criminals won't give them up. Imagine a criminal not worrying about whether the house they are breaking into is occupied by a gun owner or not. No thanks! Allow gun control, any of it and little by little the 2nd amendment will be infringed. Gun control will turn many law abiding citizens into law breakers. Universal gun registration is also unconstitutional and will not be adhered to and you want this to try to stop impulsive suicides? Really? Wow... ---------- Post added 02-20-2013 at 08:37 PM ---------- You support killing an unborn baby but not a woman's right to protect herself? Also interesting. I cannot even follow your logic but maybe that's because there is no logic. ---------- Post added 02-20-2013 at 08:56 PM ---------- Clearly