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  1. I guess that depends on whether or not they are secure within the relationship?
  2. I usually do not go with the flow at all and will buck the entire system. I fight authority authority doesn't always win. I'm learning to let some things go rather than try and fix them if they are really out of my control but it remains difficult. I do not follow rules just because they are rules. Very, very dominant.
  3. Be who you are. You will never be a feeler type. If you want to appear to be a feeler when you're not then I agree with the above who said watch and study the feeler types so you can mimic. Feelers go on and on about mundane crap and details about the mundane crap that to me is so boring my mind goes elsewhere and I don't hear them. I am who I am.
  4. I read the OP and thought ok this person is NOT an INTJ if asking this question. Nope not. What do you mean by ignored? For weeks or hours? If the ignoring is disrespectful then I would dump them. If they are just busy then hooray...more time to myself!!
  5. Lol, no shit. Of course they want more. If a woman doesn't know that she's either just too young to have figured anything out yet or to naive to admit it. But for any who think that they don't just ask your male friends for sex and see how they respond. Men don't hold your hair back when you vomit because you're such a good friend...
  6. Women are more level headed? Seriously? Have you ever worked with women? There is more drama, lying, back stabbing and bullying than with any men I've ever worked with. Maybe if it were an INTJ female but those feely types are absolutely scary!
  7. If you do not believe narcissism exists then you haven't met one. Hopefully you won't. Try dating one. They do not call them emotional vampires for nothing. Most are not diagnosed because they do not see there is a problem and you cannot convince them there is a problem. The problem is always someone else. Never want to meet another. Eventually you do figure out what they are after the life has been sucked out of you. I never understood narcissism but I do now. It's like Alzheimer's if you think you may have it you don't.
  8. The law is no longer moral or even rational.
  9. No, talk almost daily. My mother is also an INTJ. We both give plenty of space.
  10. It is not near challenging enough. I work from home but travel a lot. I talk with patients and doctors all day. Meeting patients at their Physician appts and have to talk during the wait. I'm bored and exhausted. Thank goodness that I do not have to deal with office politics but my schedule is never the same. I love and miss routine.
  11. I love men too! I just don't want one in my house :O
  12. No that's an INTP. Knowing it just to know it. An INTJ only reads what they feel is pertinent. Of course women should get the same pay for the same job. How are the median salaries calculated? How long have those men and women been at their jobs? Years experience in their field? Why only white men? Throwing out some numbers does not mean they tell an accurate story. I've played with numbers and reports before myself and you have no idea unless you specified the perimeters whether you're comparing apples to apples or apples to oranges. Probably a report ran by someone who sees benefit in its outcome.
  13. So what if the majority is irrational? That has already happened...
  14. An ex is an ex for a reason...
  15. I've never worried about not being intelligent. I have worried about relating to other people especially when I'm supposed to be sympathetic. That one is difficult.