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  1. What a load of absolute shit.
  2. Oh har har... you so funny. No, really, you need to work on your problem solving skills.
  3. You mean Melbourne, Australia? Welcome. I'm from far South-East suburbs of Melbourne... I also don't have a girlfriend but I think that's because I've been a dick lately.
  4. Its alright kid, you get through such moments to get onto better things. Alls well that ends well.

  5. So naturally occurring hormones are not natural... is that what you're saying? gtf outta here.
  6. Hey now I was never siding with the guy in this situation... he's lower than she is, as far as I'm concerned. But that's not the point. It's glaringly obvious that the majority of males out getting girls blind drunk just want to get some poon for themselves. Just because it's common, doesn't make it "right" to me.
  7. Yeowch... That's a shame. Better luck next time :(

  8. I know I've never been so drunk off my head that I got into such an irresponsible situation. I prefer to hold myself accountable for my actions, not others. How about you?
  9. Those are all points that INTJ would have considered... but surely you would have been sitting on the same couch watching television or something at some point? No playful banter or anything... ever?
  10. I don't have problem with "change", but I think I understand what you mean. I often get stressed when things don't "go to plan" and this can result in irrational non-INTJ behaviour... which is usually resolved by a reboot of the system (withdrawing, and spending time alone, introspection). Not your fault though, and if it happens you can ask to talk about it logically. That would make me happiest if it were me. INTJ's are not feelers, don't expect wishy washy love stories. On the other hand, we're not robots and we don't only see relationships as strategies profit from one another with "logical benefits" Statistically I'd like to say that's not going to be a concern given the rarity of the two categories (INTJ is uncommon, and asexuality is uncommon). On the whole, I'd like to say that INTJ's aren't particularly known for being sexually aggressive.. but really I can only speak for myself. My only advice is to be sincere and genuine in whatever moves you make in that direction. "Toying" with him, would probably not go down so well. I can't see why it would need salvaging... unless you do something totally disastrous to stuff things up between now and then, I can't see why it would end messy at all?? At worst he could say "Thanks, but no thanks"? Edit: I just read that you were previously housemates... Was there no approach on the topic before?? Seems odd that you've been living under the same roof and somehow avoided any previous opportunity altogether.
  11. Here's an idea. Ask him. If he's an INTJ he probably has a reason for everything, such as the use of email. Also, most of us prefer solid investments and avoid uncalculated risks... this includes investing in others who show signs of flakiness or instability, and the knowns of "unplanned dates". INTJ's take comfort in creating plans and following them for nearly everything. Even the things he appears to do spontanteously probably had been planned secretly.
  12. So now lithuanians are privileged because they got preference over rich people when you considered polling options.
  13. I think you should ask her out.